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Seattle's air quality 'worse than Beijing' as wildfires continue
As wildfires continue to rage throughout eastern Washington, officials said on Tuesday that air quality in Seattle was worse than that of Beijing.
California's largest fire ever keeps growing
The largest fire in California history continued to grow Wednesday while firefighters worked to protect threatened communities. As of Wednesday morning, the Ranch fire had consumed 314,925 acres and was 64% contained. It has destroyed 147 homes so far. One firefighter, Matthew Burchett, 42, of Draper City, Utah, has died battling the fire. The Ranch fire is one of two fires that form the Mendocino Complex fire. Firefighters were still monitoring...
Storms blamed for deaths in Kansas, damage roads in Oklahoma
A storm system moving across the central Plains left a father and son dead in Kansas, damaged roads in Oklahoma and led to several rescues of people from high waters in both states. Montgomery County, Kansas, Sheriff Bobby Dierks said Wednesday that 72-year-old Dennis Clark Catron Sr. and 39-year-old Dennis Clark Catron Jr., both of rural Elk City, drowned Tuesday night when their vehicle was swept off a county road. Rains also damaged the shoulder of Interstate 44 in southwestern Oklahoma City.
Not just land heat waves: Oceans are in hot water, too
Even the seas are seeing heat waves. A new study finds the number of "marine heat waves" roughly doubled between 1982 and 2016. Scientists say such events will likely become more common and intense as the planet warms. Prolonged periods of extreme heat in the oceans can damage kelp forests and coral reefs, and harm fish and other marine life. The study was published Wednesday in the journal Nature.
Costliest hurricanes of all time
Stacker explores the costliest hurricanes of all time
Scientists seek new ways to combat Florida's growing 'red tide'
<p>Scientists in Florida are on the cusp of developing promising methods to control toxic algae blooms like the "red tide" that has been killing marine life along a 150-mile (240-km) stretch of the Gulf Coast, the head of a leading marine lab said on Wednesday.</p>
Lightning storms mass over Calif., Oregon as wildfires blaze
<p>Storm clouds gathered over southern Oregon and northern California early on Wednesday, threatening to spark more wildfires with lightning strikes as emergency crews battled several deadly blazes, forecasters said.</p>
Scientists Predict 'Anomalously Warm' Climate Until 2022
Forget about cooling down -- according to a new scientific forecast, the years-long warm streak we've been enduring is likely to continue until at least 2022.&nbsp;
Climate Change Is Cooking the Oceans
Heat waves aren’t just for land lubbers. Climate change has turned the oceans into cauldrons of scalding water, upending marine ecosystems around the world.
Here's what we know about Florida's Red Tide
Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency
Yosemite reopens to a surreal scene of smoke, tourists and flames in the distance
As Rob Walker drove into Yosemite, he briefly reconsidered the camping trip he was about to take with a small group of friends and family. The outing is a tradition. Walker’s family always stays at the North Pines Campground near the Merced River, with Kaleigh Burn and her family. But on Tuesday, the group had a moment when, impressed by the power of the Ferguson fire, they were unsure. “We came through on Highway 140 — active fire is still going...
Subtropical depression five forms over central Atlantic
Sub-tropical depression five has formed over the central Atlantic and is expected to develop into a subtropical storm later on Wednesday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.
Official: People trapped by flooding OK, assessing damage
Flash floods caused by pre-dawn downpours in upstate New York washed out bridges, submerged vehicles, clogged yards and roads with debris and temporarily trapped dozens of people in their homes. No deaths were reported from Tuesday's flooding, however. Officials say recovery work is underway to repair damaged roads, washed out bridges and tree-clogged waterways. A woman sleeping in her camper was trapped inside as floodwaters swept it into one of the lakes, but she was rescued.
Experts: Hail damage is worse, but climate role uncertain
Climate and weather scientists say hailstorms inflict billions of dollars in damage each year, and the cost will rise as the growing population builds more homes, offices and factories.&nbsp;
4.4-magnitude quake strikes Southern California
A magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck the Inland Empire Tuesday afternoon.&nbsp;
Thunderstorms extend flash flood warnings in New York, Pa.
Heavy floodwaters have engulfed parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
NHC says 60 percent chance of cyclone south of Newfoundland
A low pressure system located about 800 miles south-southeast of Cape Race, Newfoundland, has a 60 percent chance of developing into a tropical or subtropical cyclone in the next 48 hours, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in an advisory on Tuesday.
California’s Wildfires Are an Ominous Portent of Things to Come
The intensity and length of fires has grown significantly because of climate change – and it could get worse.
10 of the hottest cities in the US
<p>Some of the most populated cities across the United States are also some of the hottest places to be during the summer with temperatures regularly climbing above 100 F.</p>
Downpours, flooding to pummel the central US this week
<p>While many across the Midwest have enjoyed a string of warm and dry days, heavy rain inundating the central Plains will soon overspread the region.</p>
'It can’t get hotter ... can it?' How heat became national problem
Heat now kills more Americans than floods, hurricanes or other natural disasters – but cities are facing it almost entirely alone
Teen Survives Lightning Strike in Ariz. Park: 'I Feel Like I'm Superman'
An Arizona teen was struck by lightning and lived to tell the tale. A surveillance camera caught the moment lightning struck 13-year-old Josiah Wiedman and his friend in a park. A witness administered CPR until Josiah could be brought to a hospital. Doctors put him in a medically induced coma for three days. He says he woke up in the hospital not knowing what happened.'s Mara Montalbano ( has more.
Fire in Glacier National Park leads to evacuations, lost structures
The Howe Ridge Fire, which started Aug. 11, 2018, burned structures on the north end of Lake McDonald in western Glacier National Park.
1912 newspaper clipping mentions link between coal and a warmer planet
The headline reads: "Coal Consumption Affecting Climate Change"
Evacuations, rescues as 'historic' floods hit northeastern U.S.
New Jersey declared a partial state of emergency on Tuesday as forecasts for further heavy rainfall posed new danger in parts of that state, New York and Pennsylvania, where rescuers hauled people from waterways, flooded cars and homes.