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Detailed forecast
Willa now 'extremely dangerous' Category 4 hurricane in Pacific
<p>Newly formed Hurricane Willa rapidly gained force and grew into an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm in the Pacific off Mexico on Sunday, with a potential to make landfall on a western stretch of coast between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta in the coming days.</p>
Persistent cold weather for October may be accompanied by storms, snow in northeastern US
With the exception of a day here and there, the overall weather pattern will remain chilly in the northeastern United States with opportunities for snow through the end of October.
'Leaf peeping' is big in New England. Will climate change alter tourism?
Take a stroll around Boston right now and there are plenty of trees to gawk at and admire. “The branches are turning kind of a brilliant yellow, orange and red, and that's what makes this tree so amazing,” says Richard Primack, a professor of plant ecology at Boston University, looking at a Norway maple in Newton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. “It doesn't just turn one kind of color, it turns lots...
Hurricane Victims’ Biggest Fear: ‘People Are Going to Start Forgetting’
Places hit hard by Hurricane Michael are slowly returning to normal, but residents worry that officials will be in too great a hurry to move on.
Melting glacier in China draws tourists, climate worries
Millions of people each year are drawn to Baishui Glacier No. 1 and its cold beauty in a region of Central Asia with the third-largest store of ice on the planet.
Weather Channel's simulation explains why wildfires are worse in West
It's shaping up to be another record-breaking year of wildfires in California, and a new Weather Channel simulation shows why hotter global temperatures are indisputably to blame.
The scent of a season: Explaining the aromas of fall
As it turns out, you can actually smell the change of seasons.
Land of extremes: California holds hottest and coldest records for 2018
California is a land of extremes, where barren valleys sink below sea level, tall peaks reach for the stars and trees live for thousands of years. This year it's also proving to be a land of temperature extremes, as newly released data from the National Weather Service reveals the state holds the record for both hottest and coldest places in the country in 2018. Looking at data between Jan. 1 and Sept. 31, the NWS notes Death Valley experienced...
Missing Florida woman's body recovered amid rubble
PANAMA CITY, Fla. — A family can begin to grieve after officials confirmed Friday the death of a 79-year-old Florida woman who had been missing since Hurricane Michael left her Mexico Beach home in rubble.Joanne Garone Behnke said it's been an agonizing wait to find out what happen to her aunt, Aggie Vicari.The Bay County medical examiner's office on Friday confirmed that it was Vicari's body that was recovered Monday. Her body had been under rubble for five days before rescuers found her, Garone Behnke said.The South Florida woman says she spoke to her Aunt Aggie — affectionately described as a "stubborn Italian woman" — just hours before...
El Niño Looks 'Imminent'—Here's What That Means For You
After nearly four months of waiting for El Niño, the switch is likely to be flipped on this winter. Rejoice, my fellow Ninoheads.
Mount Washington receives nearly 10 inches of new snow
Clear skies on Mount Washington Friday morning revealed nearly 10 inches of new snow, according to a tweet from the Mount Washington Observatory.&nbsp;
Good News! You Can Expect Warmer Temps Across Most of the US This Winter
Expect Warmer Temperatures This Winter
Week in Weather: 30 photos of nature at work
<p>The best photos from this week in weather.</p>
Study: 'Tornado Alley' may be moving to Southeast
<p>The part of the country famous for its "Tornado Alley" may be in jeopardy of losing that distinction. A new study says the tornado threat zone is spreading eastward, to the densely populated southeastern U.S., and that could lead to a "threefold increase" in disaster potential.</p>
As smog season begins, China warns against leaving residents without winter heat
Sometimes to win the war against pollution, you have to beat a tactical retreat.
Alaska's warm fall 'blob' could mean a wild winter in the Lower 48.
Scientists are unsure whether the blob will remain a fixture or fade away.
Post-Michael Florida: Fear, frustration and life on the edge
For residents of the hurricane-ravaged Florida Panhandle, everyday life is rife with fears, frustrations and the troubles of just trying to get by. Cellphone service is often spotty, looters can show up at any time and there are long lines to obtain gasoline, water and essentials more than a week after Hurricane Michael slammed into this coast.
It’s a Great Year for Monarch Butterflies. But Conditions Won’t Last.
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast The monarchs began their annual migration late this year, reaching New York City only in recent days. One considerable contingent paused on Sunday by a patch of goldenrod on the sandy shore of Rockaway opposite a stretch of Beach 92nd St. that has been named after firefighter who perished on 9/11. With the butterflies and the street sign “Steven ‘Bells’ Belson Beach Way” came a reminder that the monarchs...
Typhoons 'trick' Japan's cherry trees into blooming months early
<p>The arrival of Japan’s famed cherry blossoms is the cue for groups of office workers to eat and drink, cast off their inhibitions and ponder the transient nature of life against a backdrop of pale pink petals falling to the ground.</p>
West Coast quake warning system now operational, with limits
<p>Automated alerts from the fledgling West Coast earthquake early warning system are ready to be used broadly by businesses, utilities, schools and other entities but not for mass public notification, officials said Wednesday.</p>
Florida house stands like a fortress amid Michael's destruction
A Tennessee attorney's home stands on Mexico Beach surrounded by other homes in ruins, destroyed by Hurricane Michael.
East San Antonio residents still feeling the effects of the flood of 1998
Exactly 20 years ago Wednesday, hundreds of San Antonians waded through chest-high water to escape their flooding homes along Salado Creek. T
Wet and mild: Warm winter predicted for much of the US
The National Weather Service is predicting a warmer than normal winter for about three-quarters of the United States.&nbsp;
China orders evacuations after landslide blocks Tibet river
<p>Around 6,000 people have been evacuated following a landslide in Tibet that blocked the flow of one of the region's key rivers, China's emergency services said Thursday.</p>
Exposed by Michael: Climate Threat to Warplanes at Coastal Bases
The devastation of Tyndall Air Force Base, where 17 grounded F-22 stealth fighters were damaged in the storm, points to American air power’s vulnerability in major hurricanes.