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Agriculture Marketing Information Service
Directorate of Agriculture (Economics & Marketing) Punjab, Lahore

Daily change in commodity prices is as follows. All Prices in Rs/100KG unless noted otherwise.
Please note that data may be sorted by clicking on column headings.
Also note that this service is only available for commodities for which both yesterday's and today's prices are available.

CityNameCropNameToday's FQP/Average PriceYesterday's FQP/Average PriceChange in PricePrice Direction
LahorePotato Store11501250 -100Rise in price
LahoreOnion27002600 +100Rise in price
LahoreGarlic (China)83507850 +500Rise in price
LahoreGinger(China)1470014300 +400Rise in price
LahoreTomato42005700 -1500Rise in price
LahoreSpinach14501150 +300Rise in price
LahoreBrinjal27002900 -200Rise in price
LahoreLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)54005900 -500Rise in price
LahoreGuava27002900 -200Rise in price
LahorePomegranate(Kandhari)1180011300 +500Rise in price
LahoreMango(Chounsa)1120010800 +400Rise in price
LahoreMango(Anwer Ratol)1120010800 +400Rise in price
LahoreGarlic (Local)64005900 +500Rise in price
LahoreCucumber (Kheera)39004200 -300Rise in price
LahoreApple (Gatcha)93008850 +450Rise in price
LahoreGreen Chilli59005400 +500Rise in price
LahoreLemon (Desi)83507850 +500Rise in price
LahoreLemon (China)54005900 -500Rise in price
LahorePeach Special1130010800 +500Rise in price
LahoreApricot White1180011600 +200Rise in price
LahoreGrapes Gola88509300 -450Rise in price
LahoreGrapes Sundekhani1570015300 +400Rise in price
LahorePear57005400 +300Rise in price
LahoreBottle Gourd (کدو)34004700 -1300Rise in price
FaisalabadMasoor Pulse(local)80008750 -750Rise in price
FaisalabadPotato Fresh30503200 -150Rise in price
FaisalabadOnion27002600 +100Rise in price
FaisalabadGarlic (China)81507750 +400Rise in price
FaisalabadTomato44005750 -1350Rise in price
FaisalabadSpinach33503000 +350Rise in price
FaisalabadLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)50504800 +250Rise in price
FaisalabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)38006850 -3050Rise in price
FaisalabadTinda86509550 -900Rise in price
FaisalabadCauliflower73006850 +450Rise in price
FaisalabadPeas1395015750 -1800Rise in price
FaisalabadApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1265012000 +650Rise in price
FaisalabadBanana(DOZENS)7271 +1Rise in price
FaisalabadMango(Chounsa)86509550 -900Rise in price
FaisalabadWheat Straw645663 -18Rise in price
FaisalabadCabbage68507300 -450Rise in price
FaisalabadGram White(Imported)80638075 -12Rise in price
FaisalabadApple Kala Kullu (Madani)104009550 +850Rise in price
FaisalabadApple (Gatcha)80008150 -150Rise in price
FaisalabadCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)76507300 +350Rise in price
FaisalabadLemon (Desi)86509550 -900Rise in price
FaisalabadPeach67007050 -350Rise in price
FaisalabadPeach Special1040010900 -500Rise in price
FaisalabadPlum1305019000 -5950Rise in price
FaisalabadPomegranate Desi80007300 +700Rise in price
FaisalabadGrapes Gola139508150 +5800Rise in price
FaisalabadGrapes Sundekhani250013050 -10550Rise in price
FaisalabadSweet Musk Melon43002050 +2250Rise in price
FaisalabadBottle Gourd (کدو)38002600 +1200Rise in price
FaisalabadCocoyam(اروی)20002050 -50Rise in price
FaisalabadSweet Potato(شکر قندی)47004300 +400Rise in price
GujranwalaPotato Fresh27002600 +100Rise in price
GujranwalaPotato Store12001100 +100Rise in price
GujranwalaOnion26002650 -50Rise in price
GujranwalaGarlic (China)87508250 +500Rise in price
GujranwalaGinger(China)1500015500 -500Rise in price
GujranwalaTomato66006700 -100Rise in price
GujranwalaSpinach20002200 -200Rise in price
GujranwalaBrinjal22002000 +200Rise in price
GujranwalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)40504400 -350Rise in price
GujranwalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)48004600 +200Rise in price
GujranwalaTinda48005250 -450Rise in price
GujranwalaCauliflower62007250 -1050Rise in price
GujranwalaTurnip38003750 +50Rise in price
GujranwalaRadish28502600 +250Rise in price
GujranwalaCarrot34503050 +400Rise in price
GujranwalaApple (Ammre)62006050 +150Rise in price
GujranwalaMango(Chounsa)97509800 -50Rise in price
GujranwalaCabbage72507750 -500Rise in price
GujranwalaMasoor Whole (Imported)66006650 -50Rise in price
GujranwalaCucumber (Kheera)48004600 +200Rise in price
GujranwalaGreen Chilli62505250 +1000Rise in price
GujranwalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)52505600 -350Rise in price
GujranwalaPeach92509800 -550Rise in price
GujranwalaApricot White1325013300 -50Rise in price
GujranwalaPomegranate Desi1040010600 -200Rise in price
GujranwalaGrapes Gola95509650 -100Rise in price
GujranwalaGrapes Sundekhani1700017500 -500Rise in price
GujranwalaCocoyam(اروی)26002400 +200Rise in price
OkaraSugar51605170 -10Rise in price
OkaraMillet37633738 +25Rise in price
OkaraPotato Store12631288 -25Rise in price
OkaraGarlic (China)82508300 -50Rise in price
OkaraTomato47505750 -1000Rise in price
OkaraBrinjal27002900 -200Rise in price
OkaraLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)38003400 +400Rise in price
OkaraBitter Gourd (کریلا)42504750 -500Rise in price
OkaraCauliflower52505750 -500Rise in price
OkaraGuava37503250 +500Rise in price
OkaraCucumber (Kheera)33504250 -900Rise in price
OkaraApple (Gatcha)102509750 +500Rise in price
OkaraLemon (Desi)77508200 -450Rise in price
OkaraPeach62506750 -500Rise in price
OkaraPeach Special1225011750 +500Rise in price
OkaraMango Desi42503750 +500Rise in price
OkaraGrapes Sundekhani1625016750 -500Rise in price
OkaraSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)57505250 +500Rise in price
OkaraBottle Gourd (کدو)19002100 -200Rise in price
SargodhaWheat31443119 +25Rise in price
SargodhaSugar52305270 -40Rise in price
SargodhaGram Black83758250 +125Rise in price
SargodhaGram Pulse92509000 +250Rise in price
SargodhaMash67507250 -500Rise in price
SargodhaMash Pulse(Imported) washed81259375 -1250Rise in price
SargodhaTomato47504250 +500Rise in price
SargodhaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)66007750 -1150Rise in price
SargodhaBitter Gourd (کریلا)47505750 -1000Rise in price
SargodhaPumpkin37003400 +300Rise in price
SargodhaCauliflower57505700 +50Rise in price
SargodhaBanana(DOZENS)5053 -3Rise in price
SargodhaApple (Gatcha)75007600 -100Rise in price
SargodhaGreen Chilli47505700 -950Rise in price
SargodhaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)77507450 +300Rise in price
SargodhaLemon (Desi)95007600 +1900Rise in price
SargodhaGrapes Gola1050011250 -750Rise in price
RawalpindiOnion32503400 -150Rise in price
RawalpindiGarlic (China)76007900 -300Rise in price
RawalpindiGinger(China)1340013500 -100Rise in price
RawalpindiTomato40504100 -50Rise in price
RawalpindiBrinjal25502700 -150Rise in price
RawalpindiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)29003550 -650Rise in price
RawalpindiBitter Gourd (کریلا)27003050 -350Rise in price
RawalpindiTinda36004050 -450Rise in price
RawalpindiPumpkin20502100 -50Rise in price
RawalpindiTurnip36004100 -500Rise in price
RawalpindiGuava34004250 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiMango(Chounsa)1065010250 +400Rise in price
RawalpindiMango(Anwer Ratol)1065010250 +400Rise in price
RawalpindiCucumber (Kheera)37503200 +550Rise in price
RawalpindiApple (Gatcha)76506850 +800Rise in price
RawalpindiMango Desi44504900 -450Rise in price
RawalpindiApricot White1065010250 +400Rise in price
RawalpindiSweet Musk Melon44505300 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiZucchini (گھیا توری)32003900 -700Rise in price
RawalpindiCocoyam(اروی)25502700 -150Rise in price
RawalpindiCarrot China40504100 -50Rise in price
MultanRice Basmati Super (New)98759750 +125Rise in price
MultanSugar51255165 -40Rise in price
MultanGram Black86888438 +250Rise in price
MultanGram Pulse90638938 +125Rise in price
MultanMoong61886313 -125Rise in price
MultanMoong Pulse80638125 -62Rise in price
MultanMash Pulse(Imported) washed96259813 -188Rise in price
MultanMaize30634063 -1000Rise in price
MultanMillet45324313 +219Rise in price
MultanPotato Fresh35003300 +200Rise in price
MultanGarlic (China)90008500 +500Rise in price
MultanTomato33004050 -750Rise in price
MultanTinda80009000 -1000Rise in price
MultanRice Basmati (385)56885875 -187Rise in price
MultanGroundnut1637515625 +750Rise in price
MultanJaggery (گڑ)60006375 -375Rise in price
MultanGram White(Imported)1062511035 -410Rise in price
MultanMasoor Whole (Imported)58135938 -125Rise in price
MultanMasoor Pulse (Imported)60636188 -125Rise in price
MultanCucumber (Kheera)45004050 +450Rise in price
MultanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)70006500 +500Rise in price
MultanGram Flour (بیسن)95639063 +500Rise in price
MultanCoriander (دھنیا)900011000 -2000Rise in price
RahimYarKhanMango(Chounsa)72255525 +1700Rise in price
RahimYarKhanApple (Gatcha)63757225 -850Rise in price
BhakharPotato Fresh42504750 -500Rise in price
BhakharGarlic (China)85507650 +900Rise in price
BhakharTomato32003750 -550Rise in price
BhakharBrinjal32002750 +450Rise in price
BhakharBitter Gourd (کریلا)41004800 -700Rise in price
BhakharTinda48004750 +50Rise in price
BhakharCauliflower36504800 -1150Rise in price
BhakharGuava35002700 +800Rise in price
BhakharGreen Fodder230235 -5Rise in price
BhakharWheat Straw730740 -10Rise in price
BhakharGreen Chilli41004800 -700Rise in price
BhakharCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)64506850 -400Rise in price
BhakharLemon (Desi)85508700 -150Rise in price
BhakharLemon (China)55505150 +400Rise in price
BhakharMango Desi42503650 +600Rise in price
BhakharBottle Gourd (کدو)32002300 +900Rise in price
BhakharCocoyam(اروی)23002500 -200Rise in price
BhalwalPotato Fresh45004750 -250Rise in price
BhalwalTomato65007250 -750Rise in price
BhalwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)55004500 +1000Rise in price
BhalwalPeas1850016750 +1750Rise in price
BhalwalGuava45003500 +1000Rise in price
BhalwalGrapes (Other)950015500 -6000Rise in price
BhalwalGreen Chilli65006750 -250Rise in price
BhalwalMango Desi35004250 -750Rise in price
BhalwalBottle Gourd (کدو)17502750 -1000Rise in price
KasurPotato Fresh31503400 -250Rise in price
KasurOnion26003300 -700Rise in price
KasurGarlic (China)82007500 +700Rise in price
KasurGinger(China)1525015000 +250Rise in price
KasurTomato63507750 -1400Rise in price
KasurSpinach18502150 -300Rise in price
KasurBrinjal33003400 -100Rise in price
KasurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)34506550 -3100Rise in price
KasurBitter Gourd (کریلا)36003650 -50Rise in price
KasurCauliflower61005350 +750Rise in price
KasurPeas1120011100 +100Rise in price
KasurRadish31003400 -300Rise in price
KasurCarrot52006400 -1200Rise in price
KasurBanana(DOZENS)5165 -14Rise in price
KasurGuava25002400 +100Rise in price
KasurMango(Chounsa)1020010250 -50Rise in price
KasurMango(Anwer Ratol)1145010600 +850Rise in price
KasurCabbage81006500 +1600Rise in price
KasurGarlic (Local)61506000 +150Rise in price
KasurCucumber (Kheera)44004700 -300Rise in price
KasurApple (Gatcha)92509700 -450Rise in price
KasurGreen Chilli43501950 +2400Rise in price
KasurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)52507000 -1750Rise in price
KasurPeach87507300 +1450Rise in price
KasurPeach Special1140011750 -350Rise in price
KasurPlum1555013000 +2550Rise in price
KasurMango Desi46503900 +750Rise in price
KasurApricot White1400011450 +2550Rise in price
KasurPomegranate Desi905011500 -2450Rise in price
KasurGrapes Gola100009250 +750Rise in price
KasurGrapes Sundekhani1675016250 +500Rise in price
KasurBottle Gourd (کدو)12503350 -2100Rise in price
KasurZucchini (گھیا توری)18002500 -700Rise in price
KasurCocoyam(اروی)26001900 +700Rise in price
SahiwalSugar51755125 +50Rise in price
SahiwalGram White(local)1285012750 +100Rise in price
SahiwalGram Black90008950 +50Rise in price
SahiwalGram Pulse94009250 +150Rise in price
SahiwalMoong Pulse92509300 -50Rise in price
SahiwalMash Pulse(Imported) washed1310013150 -50Rise in price
SahiwalMaize24502425 +25Rise in price
SahiwalPotato Fresh38754150 -275Rise in price
SahiwalPotato Store14251550 -125Rise in price
SahiwalOnion32253200 +25Rise in price
SahiwalGarlic (China)86008250 +350Rise in price
SahiwalGinger(China)1505016000 -950Rise in price
SahiwalTomato58005750 +50Rise in price
SahiwalSpinach15251350 +175Rise in price
SahiwalBrinjal41503525 +625Rise in price
SahiwalRed Chilli Whole (Dry)1885019150 -300Rise in price
SahiwalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)43005750 -1450Rise in price
SahiwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)49505300 -350Rise in price
SahiwalCauliflower54005325 +75Rise in price
SahiwalGuava33003150 +150Rise in price
SahiwalMango(Chounsa)93009600 -300Rise in price
SahiwalSeed Cotton(Phutti)94009500 -100Rise in price
SahiwalRice Basmati Super (Old)1235012400 -50Rise in price
SahiwalMango(Anwer Ratol)87508250 +500Rise in price
SahiwalGram White(Imported)1650015700 +800Rise in price
SahiwalMasoor Whole (Imported)78507600 +250Rise in price
SahiwalMasoor Pulse (Imported)76007700 -100Rise in price
SahiwalCucumber (Kheera)39753950 +25Rise in price
SahiwalApple (Gatcha)77507800 -50Rise in price
SahiwalGreen Chilli55754850 +725Rise in price
SahiwalPeach88009000 -200Rise in price
SahiwalPeach Special1250012850 -350Rise in price
SahiwalPlum1660015600 +1000Rise in price
SahiwalApricot White1350013000 +500Rise in price
SahiwalGrapes Gola88008850 -50Rise in price
SahiwalGrapes Sundekhani1600015600 +400Rise in price
SahiwalGram Flour (بیسن)97509725 +25Rise in price
SahiwalBottle Gourd (کدو)20503975 -1925Rise in price
SahiwalZucchini (گھیا توری)39503750 +200Rise in price
SahiwalCocoyam(اروی)28502650 +200Rise in price
SahiwalRice Kainat (New)1325013300 -50Rise in price
SahiwalCoriander (دھنیا)10001100 -100Rise in price
VehariPotato Store11501300 -150Rise in price
VehariOnion30002850 +150Rise in price
VehariTomato52505500 -250Rise in price
VehariSpinach400450 -50Rise in price
VehariLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)55005250 +250Rise in price
VehariPumpkin16001400 +200Rise in price
VehariCauliflower75005250 +2250Rise in price
VehariPeas1550016500 -1000Rise in price
VehariBanana(DOZENS)5355 -2Rise in price
VehariGuava35004250 -750Rise in price
VehariGrapes (Other)1250011500 +1000Rise in price
VehariMango(Chounsa)75007000 +500Rise in price
VehariCucumber (Kheera)32503500 -250Rise in price
VehariGreen Chilli52504500 +750Rise in price
VehariApricot White105009500 +1000Rise in price
VehariGrapes Gola105008500 +2000Rise in price
VehariBottle Gourd (کدو)22502500 -250Rise in price
BurewalaPotato Fresh27003780 -1080Rise in price
BurewalaPotato Store12601210 +50Rise in price
BurewalaTomato44385100 -662Rise in price
BurewalaBrinjal26352975 -340Rise in price
BurewalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)24503188 -738Rise in price
BurewalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)53134463 +850Rise in price
BurewalaCauliflower63286163 +165Rise in price
BurewalaCarrot36134038 -425Rise in price
BurewalaMango(Chounsa)97759125 +650Rise in price
BurewalaCabbage64005465 +935Rise in price
BurewalaApple (Gatcha)91257750 +1375Rise in price
BurewalaGreen Chilli51003188 +1912Rise in price
BurewalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)51004463 +637Rise in price
BurewalaLemon (Desi)86007225 +1375Rise in price
BurewalaPeach1030010725 -425Rise in price
BurewalaPlum1030012050 -1750Rise in price
BurewalaPomegranate Desi935010300 -950Rise in price
BurewalaGrapes Gola81759350 -1175Rise in price
BurewalaBottle Gourd (کدو)15302763 -1233Rise in price
BurewalaZucchini (گھیا توری)23382763 -425Rise in price
BurewalaCocoyam(اروی)20002475 -475Rise in price
LayyahPotato Fresh42504750 -500Rise in price
LayyahTomato42504750 -500Rise in price
LayyahLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)36503750 -100Rise in price
LayyahTinda39003750 +150Rise in price
LayyahCauliflower33503750 -400Rise in price
LayyahApple (Gatcha)1075010250 +500Rise in price
LayyahGreen Chilli36503350 +300Rise in price
LayyahLemon (Desi)675010250 -3500Rise in price
LayyahGrapes Gola1175012250 -500Rise in price
LayyahGrapes Sundekhani1375014250 -500Rise in price
GujratWheat28502900 -50Rise in price
GujratGram White(local)82008400 -200Rise in price
GujratGram Black82008000 +200Rise in price
GujratMoong Pulse84008500 -100Rise in price
GujratPotato Fresh36004500 -900Rise in price
GujratOnion32003600 -400Rise in price
GujratGarlic (China)950010000 -500Rise in price
GujratGinger(China)1550015400 +100Rise in price
GujratTomato68006200 +600Rise in price
GujratSpinach22002700 -500Rise in price
GujratBrinjal27003600 -900Rise in price
GujratBitter Gourd (کریلا)50004500 +500Rise in price
GujratTinda54008000 -2600Rise in price
GujratCauliflower72009000 -1800Rise in price
GujratPeas1080013500 -2700Rise in price
GujratMango(Chounsa)1080012500 -1700Rise in price
GujratMango(Anwer Ratol)1000012500 -2500Rise in price
GujratCabbage78007700 +100Rise in price
GujratGarlic (Local)1000010800 -800Rise in price
GujratCucumber (Kheera)54006000 -600Rise in price
GujratGreen Chilli68006200 +600Rise in price
GujratCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)60008000 -2000Rise in price
GujratLemon (Desi)1000010800 -800Rise in price
GujratPeach90008000 +1000Rise in price
GujratPeach Special1180012500 -700Rise in price
GujratGrapes Gola1080011800 -1000Rise in price
GujratGrapes Sundekhani1720018000 -800Rise in price
GujratPear72006200 +1000Rise in price
GujratSweet Musk Melon45005400 -900Rise in price
GujratSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)62007200 -1000Rise in price
GujratBottle Gourd (کدو)36004500 -900Rise in price
GujratZucchini (گھیا توری)32004500 -1300Rise in price
GujratCocoyam(اروی)32003600 -400Rise in price
GujratCarrot China45006200 -1700Rise in price
KhanewalTomato60505150 +900Rise in price
KhanewalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)43503800 +550Rise in price
KhanewalCauliflower67506700 +50Rise in price
KhanewalBanana(DOZENS)3637 -1Rise in price
KhanewalSeed Cotton(Phutti)87508875 -125Rise in price
KhanewalMango(Anwer Ratol)54005850 -450Rise in price
KhanewalJaggery (گڑ)50004875 +125Rise in price
KhanewalGreen Chilli57004950 +750Rise in price
KhanewalLemon (Desi)950010000 -500Rise in price
KhanewalBottle Gourd (کدو)20002550 -550Rise in price
KhanewalZucchini (گھیا توری)25502000 +550Rise in price
KhanewalCocoyam(اروی)25502350 +200Rise in price
MuzafarGharPotato Fresh38004500 -700Rise in price
MuzafarGharOnion23502500 -150Rise in price
MuzafarGharTomato40003250 +750Rise in price
MuzafarGharSpinach11001700 -600Rise in price
MuzafarGharBrinjal35003750 -250Rise in price
MuzafarGharBitter Gourd (کریلا)52505500 -250Rise in price
MuzafarGharCauliflower40003250 +750Rise in price
MuzafarGharBanana(DOZENS)4855 -7Rise in price
MuzafarGharMango(Chounsa)55005000 +500Rise in price
MuzafarGharCabbage45005500 -1000Rise in price
MuzafarGharCucumber (Kheera)40003250 +750Rise in price
MuzafarGharApple (Gatcha)77508250 -500Rise in price
MuzafarGharGreen Chilli40003750 +250Rise in price
MuzafarGharLemon (Desi)900010000 -1000Rise in price
MuzafarGharGrapes Sundekhani1300015000 -2000Rise in price
MuzafarGharBottle Gourd (کدو)22502000 +250Rise in price
MuzafarGharCocoyam(اروی)14501750 -300Rise in price
BahawalPurRice (IRRI)31503750 -600Rise in price
BahawalPurGram Black72507750 -500Rise in price
BahawalPurGram Pulse72507750 -500Rise in price
BahawalPurMoong62506750 -500Rise in price
BahawalPurMoong Pulse72507750 -500Rise in price
BahawalPurMash62507150 -900Rise in price
BahawalPurMillet28503900 -1050Rise in price
BahawalPurPotato Store20005000 -3000Rise in price
BahawalPurOnion25004000 -1500Rise in price
BahawalPurGarlic (China)100006000 +4000Rise in price
BahawalPurGinger(China)1650018500 -2000Rise in price
BahawalPurTomato65005800 +700Rise in price
BahawalPurBrinjal45003500 +1000Rise in price
BahawalPurRed Chilli Whole (Dry)177508950 +8800Rise in price
BahawalPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)45006500 -2000Rise in price
BahawalPurCauliflower110008500 +2500Rise in price
BahawalPurBanana(DOZENS)7570 +5Rise in price
BahawalPurGuava47505500 -750Rise in price
BahawalPurWheat Straw1050950 +100Rise in price
BahawalPurCabbage750012000 -4500Rise in price
BahawalPurJaggery (گڑ)32504250 -1000Rise in price
BahawalPurCucumber (Kheera)40005500 -1500Rise in price
BahawalPurApple (Gatcha)1275011500 +1250Rise in price
BahawalPurGreen Chilli60007200 -1200Rise in price
BahawalPurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1000011000 -1000Rise in price
BahawalPurBottle Gourd (کدو)30004500 -1500Rise in price
TTSinghMaize30503150 -100Rise in price
TTSinghPotato Fresh42504600 -350Rise in price
TTSinghOnion30503250 -200Rise in price
TTSinghGarlic (China)85009500 -1000Rise in price
TTSinghTomato57506250 -500Rise in price
TTSinghBrinjal22502750 -500Rise in price
TTSinghBitter Gourd (کریلا)47505250 -500Rise in price
TTSinghBanana(DOZENS)555900 -5845Rise in price
TTSinghMango(Chounsa)57506500 -750Rise in price
TTSinghMango(Anwer Ratol)90008500 +500Rise in price
TTSinghGrapes Gola1250011500 +1000Rise in price
TTSinghBottle Gourd (کدو)22502750 -500Rise in price
PatokiCauliflower62505750 +500Rise in price
PatokiRadish34003350 +50Rise in price
PatokiBanana(DOZENS)4648 -2Rise in price
PatokiGuava29003800 -900Rise in price
PatokiApple (Gatcha)87509250 -500Rise in price
PatokiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)67507750 -1000Rise in price
PatokiLemon (Desi)1025010750 -500Rise in price
PatokiLemon (China)67507250 -500Rise in price
PatokiMango Desi62506750 -500Rise in price
PatokiApricot White1225012750 -500Rise in price
PatokiPomegranate Desi1075012750 -2000Rise in price
PatokiGrapes Gola1125012750 -1500Rise in price
PatokiGrapes Sundekhani1775018750 -1000Rise in price
PatokiCoriander (دھنیا)1425011750 +2500Rise in price
PatokiMint(پودینہ)78 -1Rise in price
ArifWalaWheat31443063 +81Rise in price
ArifWalaRice Basmati Super (New)100009800 +200Rise in price
ArifWalaRice (IRRI)45004450 +50Rise in price
ArifWalaSugar54005350 +50Rise in price
ArifWalaGram White(local)1225013000 -750Rise in price
ArifWalaGram Black93008500 +800Rise in price
ArifWalaGram Pulse101009250 +850Rise in price
ArifWalaMoong82507900 +350Rise in price
ArifWalaMoong Pulse87509000 -250Rise in price
ArifWalaMash1025011250 -1000Rise in price
ArifWalaMasoor Whole(local)95009750 -250Rise in price
ArifWalaMasoor Pulse(local)975010000 -250Rise in price
ArifWalaMaize22502469 -219Rise in price
ArifWalaMillet42503125 +1125Rise in price
ArifWalaSorghum41252750 +1375Rise in price
ArifWalaRapeSeed (Torya)68756375 +500Rise in price
ArifWalaPotato Fresh37504750 -1000Rise in price
ArifWalaTomato65005500 +1000Rise in price
ArifWalaBrinjal32503750 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaRed Chilli Whole (Dry)1812514375 +3750Rise in price
ArifWalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)52505750 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)75005750 +1750Rise in price
ArifWalaCarrot62505750 +500Rise in price
ArifWalaGuava45004750 -250Rise in price
ArifWalaMango(Chounsa)110006500 +4500Rise in price
ArifWalaSeed Cotton(Phutti)934410000 -656Rise in price
ArifWalaRice Basmati Super (Old)1300013500 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaCabbage1050011500 -1000Rise in price
ArifWalaMash Pulse(local)1200012500 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaCucumber (Kheera)45004750 -250Rise in price
ArifWalaGreen Chilli75007250 +250Rise in price
ArifWalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)62505500 +750Rise in price
ArifWalaPeach1450013500 +1000Rise in price
ArifWalaPlum1850019000 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaGrapes Sundekhani1900021000 -2000Rise in price
ArifWalaBottle Gourd (کدو)23502650 -300Rise in price
ArifWalaCocoyam(اروی)37503350 +400Rise in price
JaranwalaPotato Fresh49755000 -25Rise in price
JaranwalaPotato Store16551700 -45Rise in price
JaranwalaOnion32253200 +25Rise in price
JaranwalaGarlic (China)1710010000 +7100Rise in price
JaranwalaTomato70306500 +530Rise in price
JaranwalaSpinach16601800 -140Rise in price
JaranwalaBrinjal30552400 +655Rise in price
JaranwalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)65456000 +545Rise in price
JaranwalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)70156000 +1015Rise in price
JaranwalaPumpkin13051300 +5Rise in price
JaranwalaCauliflower76457000 +645Rise in price
JaranwalaPeas1802519250 -1225Rise in price
JaranwalaTurnip68456000 +845Rise in price
JaranwalaRadish22252300 -75Rise in price
JaranwalaCarrot74756200 +1275Rise in price
JaranwalaBanana(DOZENS)5650 +6Rise in price
JaranwalaGuava32253200 +25Rise in price
JaranwalaPomegranate(Kandhari)1319512000 +1195Rise in price
JaranwalaMango(Chounsa)70259000 -1975Rise in price
JaranwalaMango(Anwer Ratol)88559000 -145Rise in price
JaranwalaCabbage1015511000 -845Rise in price
JaranwalaApple (Gatcha)89458200 +745Rise in price
JaranwalaGrapes Gola1117510000 +1175Rise in price
PakPattanWheat31193163 -44Rise in price
PakPattanMaize21002438 -338Rise in price
PakPattanOnion31503600 -450Rise in price
PakPattanTomato59505100 +850Rise in price
PakPattanBrinjal29753400 -425Rise in price
PakPattanBitter Gourd (کریلا)51005950 -850Rise in price
PakPattanBanana(DOZENS)6468 -4Rise in price
PakPattanGuava42504675 -425Rise in price
PakPattanCucumber (Kheera)51004250 +850Rise in price
PakPattanApple (Gatcha)1080010350 +450Rise in price
PakPattanGreen Chilli68005950 +850Rise in price
PakPattanPomegranate Desi1170012600 -900Rise in price
PakPattanCocoyam(اروی)29752550 +425Rise in price
LodhranMoong66506600 +50Rise in price
LodhranMoong Pulse88008900 -100Rise in price
LodhranMash97009775 -75Rise in price
LodhranMash Pulse(Imported) washed1010010200 -100Rise in price
LodhranPotato Fresh40004500 -500Rise in price
LodhranPotato Store15001400 +100Rise in price
LodhranOnion29003000 -100Rise in price
LodhranGarlic (China)75008000 -500Rise in price
LodhranGinger(China)1600015500 +500Rise in price
LodhranTomato50005850 -850Rise in price
LodhranBrinjal20002200 -200Rise in price
LodhranLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)35004300 -800Rise in price
LodhranBitter Gourd (کریلا)65006000 +500Rise in price
LodhranTinda76007800 -200Rise in price
LodhranPumpkin18002000 -200Rise in price
LodhranCauliflower56006400 -800Rise in price
LodhranBanana(DOZENS)4645 +1Rise in price
LodhranGuava30002750 +250Rise in price
LodhranRice Basmati Super (Old)1275012500 +250Rise in price
LodhranMango(Anwer Ratol)85007500 +1000Rise in price
LodhranMasoor Pulse (Imported)66506600 +50Rise in price
LodhranCucumber (Kheera)25002700 -200Rise in price
LodhranDates (Aseel)70007500 -500Rise in price
LodhranApple (Gatcha)77007650 +50Rise in price
LodhranGreen Chilli55005800 -300Rise in price
LodhranCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)70008000 -1000Rise in price
LodhranPomegranate Desi90008500 +500Rise in price
LodhranGrapes Sundekhani1770017800 -100Rise in price
LodhranSweet Musk Melon35004000 -500Rise in price
LodhranCocoyam(اروی)28002700 +100Rise in price
LodhranCoriander (دھنیا)1500016000 -1000Rise in price
HaroonAbadTomato50005228 -228Rise in price
HaroonAbadCauliflower61375000 +1137Rise in price
HaroonAbadBanana(DOZENS)5043 +7Rise in price
HaroonAbadMango(Anwer Ratol)86377728 +909Rise in price
HaroonAbadGarlic (Local)40914318 -227Rise in price
HaroonAbadCucumber (Kheera)43184773 -455Rise in price
HaroonAbadGreen Chilli54556819 -1364Rise in price
HaroonAbadPeach122738637 +3636Rise in price
HaroonAbadGrapes Sundekhani1909117273 +1818Rise in price
HaroonAbadZucchini (گھیا توری)34094546 -1137Rise in price
HaroonAbadCocoyam(اروی)34092636 +773Rise in price
MailsiPotato Fresh37804275 -495Rise in price
MailsiTomato44634038 +425Rise in price
MailsiBrinjal29922958 +34Rise in price
MailsiBitter Gourd (کریلا)36964048 -352Rise in price
MailsiTinda55005560 -60Rise in price
MailsiCauliflower57205940 -220Rise in price
MailsiCucumber (Kheera)36963344 +352Rise in price
MailsiGreen Chilli55005560 -60Rise in price
MailsiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)74406525 +915Rise in price
MailsiBottle Gourd (کدو)19362112 -176Rise in price
MailsiZucchini (گھیا توری)33443025 +319Rise in price
ChichawatniGarlic (China)85007500 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniTomato72506500 +750Rise in price
ChichawatniBrinjal32504250 -1000Rise in price
ChichawatniBitter Gourd (کریلا)55006500 -1000Rise in price
ChichawatniPumpkin32502650 +600Rise in price
ChichawatniCauliflower65007500 -1000Rise in price
ChichawatniGuava42504500 -250Rise in price
ChichawatniMango(Chounsa)55007250 -1750Rise in price
ChichawatniGarlic (Local)55005250 +250Rise in price
ChichawatniCucumber (Kheera)22504750 -2500Rise in price
ChichawatniApple (Gatcha)850010500 -2000Rise in price
ChichawatniGreen Chilli55005250 +250Rise in price
ChichawatniCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75007250 +250Rise in price
ChichawatniPeach105008500 +2000Rise in price
ChichawatniPear75006500 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniSweet Musk Melon65004250 +2250Rise in price
ChichawatniSweet Potato(شکر قندی)37504250 -500Rise in price
DunyaPurPotato Fresh47254925 -200Rise in price
DunyaPurPotato Store15251725 -200Rise in price
DunyaPurOnion25252100 +425Rise in price
DunyaPurSpinach13751475 -100Rise in price
DunyaPurBrinjal25252900 -375Rise in price
DunyaPurBitter Gourd (کریلا)43756100 -1725Rise in price
DunyaPurBanana(DOZENS)537558 +5317Rise in price
DunyaPurMango(Chounsa)71007375 -275Rise in price
DunyaPurMango(Anwer Ratol)63506100 +250Rise in price
DunyaPurApple (Gatcha)81007375 +725Rise in price
DunyaPurGreen Chilli41003425 +675Rise in price
DunyaPurBottle Gourd (کدو)19001875 +25Rise in price
DGKHANPotato Fresh35003900 -400Rise in price
DGKHANPotato Store13001500 -200Rise in price
DGKHANGinger(China)1750016500 +1000Rise in price
DGKHANTomato35002500 +1000Rise in price
DGKHANSpinach700900 -200Rise in price
DGKHANBitter Gourd (کریلا)42503500 +750Rise in price
DGKHANBanana(DOZENS)5358 -5Rise in price
DGKHANMango(Chounsa)85008750 -250Rise in price
DGKHANGram White(Imported)1150011750 -250Rise in price
DGKHANCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)65005750 +750Rise in price
DGKHANLemon (Desi)95008500 +1000Rise in price
DGKHANPomegranate Desi85008750 -250Rise in price
DGKHANGrapes Gola1050011500 -1000Rise in price
DGKHANZucchini (گھیا توری)25001900 +600Rise in price
LalaMusaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)40005000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaTurnip60005000 +1000Rise in price
LalaMusaBanola36153665 -50Rise in price
LalaMusaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)80007000 +1000Rise in price
LalaMusaBottle Gourd (کدو)30005000 -2000Rise in price
LalaMusaCocoyam(اروی)40003000 +1000Rise in price
LalaMusaCarrot China60005000 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinPotato Fresh34004250 -850Rise in price
MandiBahaudinOnion34003000 +400Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGarlic (China)950010250 -750Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGinger(China)1425015250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinTomato52504750 +500Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBrinjal34002500 +900Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBitter Gourd (کریلا)42503400 +850Rise in price
MandiBahaudinTinda72507750 -500Rise in price
MandiBahaudinPeas1625018250 -2000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinRadish34004250 -850Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCarrot42505250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGinger (Thai)1025011250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinApple (Gatcha)85009500 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGreen Chilli62505250 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)62507250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinLemon (Desi)77507250 +500Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGrapes Gola85009500 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBottle Gourd (کدو)11501700 -550Rise in price
MandiBahaudinZucchini (گھیا توری)21002500 -400Rise in price
KamaliaOnion29003000 -100Rise in price
KamaliaTomato55006500 -1000Rise in price
KamaliaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)34002750 +650Rise in price
KamaliaBitter Gourd (کریلا)45004250 +250Rise in price
KamaliaCauliflower75007250 +250Rise in price
KamaliaPeas1850018250 +250Rise in price
KamaliaApple (Gatcha)102509500 +750Rise in price
KamaliaGreen Chilli62505250 +1000Rise in price
KamaliaLemon (Desi)92508500 +750Rise in price
KamaliaApricot White1350012500 +1000Rise in price
KamaliaGrapes Gola105009500 +1000Rise in price
KamaliaPear37503250 +500Rise in price
KamaliaSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)42503500 +750Rise in price
KamaliaBottle Gourd (کدو)27502900 -150Rise in price
KamaliaZucchini (گھیا توری)34003300 +100Rise in price
KamaliaCocoyam(اروی)34003250 +150Rise in price
KamaliaCarrot China45004250 +250Rise in price
PirMahalOnion32003400 -200Rise in price
PirMahalGinger(China)1670016600 +100Rise in price
PirMahalTomato62005700 +500Rise in price
PirMahalSpinach13601300 +60Rise in price
PirMahalBrinjal33003375 -75Rise in price
PirMahalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)53004700 +600Rise in price
PirMahalBitter Gourd (کریلا)57004700 +1000Rise in price
PirMahalCauliflower88008200 +600Rise in price
PirMahalBanana(DOZENS)5862 -4Rise in price
PirMahalGuava27003300 -600Rise in price
PirMahalApple (Gatcha)96009700 -100Rise in price
PirMahalGreen Chilli47004600 +100Rise in price
PirMahalGrapes Gola970012700 -3000Rise in price
PirMahalGrapes Sundekhani1470017700 -3000Rise in price
ShujaAbadGrapes Gola1000015500 -5500Rise in price
MianChannuRice (IRRI)56505680 -30Rise in price
MianChannuSugar51405240 -100Rise in price
MianChannuMoong48504875 -25Rise in price
MianChannuPotato Fresh37804180 -400Rise in price
MianChannuOnion29803080 -100Rise in price
MianChannuGarlic (China)84808980 -500Rise in price
MianChannuGinger(China)1298013980 -1000Rise in price
MianChannuTomato35804080 -500Rise in price
MianChannuSpinach14801280 +200Rise in price
MianChannuBrinjal18802080 -200Rise in price
MianChannuRed Chilli Whole (Dry)1275013750 -1000Rise in price
MianChannuLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)25803380 -800Rise in price
MianChannuBitter Gourd (کریلا)49805775 -795Rise in price
MianChannuPumpkin27802480 +300Rise in price
MianChannuCauliflower69806780 +200Rise in price
MianChannuPeas1498016980 -2000Rise in price
MianChannuCarrot44804980 -500Rise in price
MianChannuBanana(DOZENS)5045 +5Rise in price
MianChannuMango(Chounsa)64807980 -1500Rise in price
MianChannuSeed Cotton(Phutti)88759650 -775Rise in price
MianChannuBanola14501538 -88Rise in price
MianChannuMango(Anwer Ratol)44806080 -1600Rise in price
MianChannuGarlic (Local)24802780 -300Rise in price
MianChannuCucumber (Kheera)41804980 -800Rise in price
MianChannuDates (Aseel)798013980 -6000Rise in price
MianChannuGreen Chilli43803880 +500Rise in price
MianChannuCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)69805680 +1300Rise in price
MianChannuPeach89807980 +1000Rise in price
MianChannuPlum1298013980 -1000Rise in price
MianChannuMango Desi44802680 +1800Rise in price
MianChannuPomegranate Desi149809980 +5000Rise in price
MianChannuGrapes Gola99807780 +2200Rise in price
MianChannuGrapes Sundekhani1548016680 -1200Rise in price
MianChannuBottle Gourd (کدو)16801780 -100Rise in price
MianChannuZucchini (گھیا توری)31803480 -300Rise in price
MianChannuCocoyam(اروی)24802280 +200Rise in price
MianChannuSweet Potato(شکر قندی)19802480 -500Rise in price
MianChannuCoriander (دھنیا)149801780 +13200Rise in price
AhmadPurEastPotato Fresh48004300 +500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastPotato Store16001550 +50Rise in price
AhmadPurEastOnion28503250 -400Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGarlic (China)82508700 -450Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGinger(China)1400016500 -2500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastTomato57505250 +500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastSpinach15501600 -50Rise in price
AhmadPurEastBrinjal19502750 -800Rise in price
AhmadPurEastLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)57505250 +500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastBitter Gourd (کریلا)62504250 +2000Rise in price
AhmadPurEastCauliflower62503250 +3000Rise in price
AhmadPurEastBanana(DOZENS)72507000 +250Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGrapes (Other)1425013700 +550Rise in price
AhmadPurEastMango(Chounsa)52509000 -3750Rise in price
AhmadPurEastMelon23002750 -450Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGreen Chilli62505250 +1000Rise in price
AhmadPurEastCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)92509600 -350Rise in price
AhmadPurEastLemon (Desi)82506000 +2250Rise in price
AhmadPurEastPeach92508700 +550Rise in price
AhmadPurEastPomegranate Desi62507250 -1000Rise in price
AhmadPurEastBottle Gourd (کدو)14002600 -1200Rise in price
AhmadPurEastZucchini (گھیا توری)19002200 -300Rise in price
KotChuttaPotato Fresh41004250 -150Rise in price
KotChuttaPotato Store17001800 -100Rise in price
KotChuttaGinger(China)1825017250 +1000Rise in price
KotChuttaTomato41002750 +1350Rise in price
KotChuttaSpinach9001300 -400Rise in price
KotChuttaBitter Gourd (کریلا)47504100 +650Rise in price
KotChuttaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)72506250 +1000Rise in price
KotChuttaLemon (Desi)102509250 +1000Rise in price
KotChuttaGrapes Gola1150012250 -750Rise in price
KotChuttaGrapes Sundekhani1450015250 -750Rise in price
KotChuttaZucchini (گھیا توری)27502250 +500Rise in price
SialkotGram Pulse91009150 -50Rise in price
SialkotMoong83008200 +100Rise in price
SialkotMoong Pulse86008700 -100Rise in price
SialkotMash97509500 +250Rise in price
SialkotMaize32503200 +50Rise in price
SialkotGarlic (China)66007800 -1200Rise in price
SialkotGinger(China)1325013750 -500Rise in price
SialkotTomato48003900 +900Rise in price
SialkotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)35003900 -400Rise in price
SialkotBitter Gourd (کریلا)58004400 +1400Rise in price
SialkotCauliflower69005800 +1100Rise in price
SialkotTurnip45004000 +500Rise in price
SialkotBanana(DOZENS)5358 -5Rise in price
SialkotGuava44005300 -900Rise in price
SialkotMango(Chounsa)66006200 +400Rise in price
SialkotMasoor Pulse (Imported)72007250 -50Rise in price
SialkotGarlic (Local)75006200 +1300Rise in price
SialkotCucumber (Kheera)41004400 -300Rise in price
SialkotApple (Gatcha)98008950 +850Rise in price
SialkotGreen Chilli35001900 +1600Rise in price
SialkotPeach980010250 -450Rise in price
SialkotPomegranate Desi1175011700 +50Rise in price
SialkotGrapes Sundekhani1225013750 -1500Rise in price
SialkotPear53005800 -500Rise in price
SialkotSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)48003800 +1000Rise in price
SialkotBottle Gourd (کدو)23002500 -200Rise in price
SialkotCocoyam(اروی)28002100 +700Rise in price
SialkotCarrot China48004400 +400Rise in price
NarowalWheat24502500 -50Rise in price
NarowalMoong72507500 -250Rise in price
NarowalMoong Pulse77507250 +500Rise in price
NarowalPotato Fresh35004750 -1250Rise in price
NarowalPotato Store17501900 -150Rise in price
NarowalOnion25003750 -1250Rise in price
NarowalGinger(China)1350014500 -1000Rise in price
NarowalSpinach32504000 -750Rise in price
NarowalBrinjal27503750 -1000Rise in price
NarowalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)52505750 -500Rise in price
NarowalBitter Gourd (کریلا)65004750 +1750Rise in price
NarowalTinda47505750 -1000Rise in price
NarowalCauliflower75005750 +1750Rise in price
NarowalPeas1900021000 -2000Rise in price
NarowalTurnip55004750 +750Rise in price
NarowalCabbage75008500 -1000Rise in price
NarowalMasoor Pulse (Imported)67507000 -250Rise in price
NarowalGreen Chilli67506500 +250Rise in price
NarowalPeach Special1150012500 -1000Rise in price
NarowalGrapes Sundekhani1650017000 -500Rise in price
NarowalBottle Gourd (کدو)22503750 -1500Rise in price
ChakwalGinger(China)1450013750 +750Rise in price
ChakwalSpinach19501900 +50Rise in price
ChakwalBrinjal28503100 -250Rise in price
ChakwalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)27502800 -50Rise in price
ChakwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)27003100 -400Rise in price
ChakwalCauliflower38503750 +100Rise in price
ChakwalPeas1225013150 -900Rise in price
ChakwalGuava42504750 -500Rise in price
ChakwalCabbage49003650 +1250Rise in price
ChakwalApple (Gatcha)77508750 -1000Rise in price
ChakwalGreen Chilli34003250 +150Rise in price
ChakwalLemon (China)1030010500 -200Rise in price
ChakwalPear36504750 -1100Rise in price
ChakwalZucchini (گھیا توری)28002700 +100Rise in price
JhelumPotato Fresh35003750 -250Rise in price
JhelumOnion25002750 -250Rise in price
JhelumGinger(China)1350014000 -500Rise in price
JhelumTomato55003500 +2000Rise in price
JhelumSpinach18502100 -250Rise in price
JhelumBrinjal22503250 -1000Rise in price
JhelumLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)50004500 +500Rise in price
JhelumTinda35003750 -250Rise in price
JhelumCauliflower52505500 -250Rise in price
JhelumPeas1600014000 +2000Rise in price
JhelumTurnip50003500 +1500Rise in price
JhelumApple (Golden)80009500 -1500Rise in price
JhelumBanana(DOZENS)6560 +5Rise in price
JhelumGuava35003000 +500Rise in price
JhelumMango(Anwer Ratol)1200012500 -500Rise in price
JhelumCucumber (Kheera)42503500 +750Rise in price
JhelumApple (Gatcha)72506500 +750Rise in price
JhelumGreen Chilli45002750 +1750Rise in price
JhelumLemon (Desi)1100010000 +1000Rise in price
JhelumPlum1750013500 +4000Rise in price
JhelumMango Desi75005750 +1750Rise in price
JhelumGrapes Sundekhani1800016000 +2000Rise in price
JhelumBottle Gourd (کدو)32503500 -250Rise in price
JhelumZucchini (گھیا توری)45003500 +1000Rise in price
JhelumCocoyam(اروی)35002400 +1100Rise in price
MianwaliSpinach37503150 +600Rise in price
MianwaliBrinjal22502750 -500Rise in price
MianwaliLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)31503250 -100Rise in price
MianwaliBitter Gourd (کریلا)31502550 +600Rise in price
MianwaliBanana(DOZENS)6568 -3Rise in price
MianwaliGuava67506250 +500Rise in price
MianwaliMango(Chounsa)110008500 +2500Rise in price
MianwaliMango(Anwer Ratol)97509250 +500Rise in price
MianwaliJaggery (گڑ)77007750 -50Rise in price
MianwaliCucumber (Kheera)42505150 -900Rise in price
MianwaliApple (Gatcha)1000010250 -250Rise in price
MianwaliGreen Chilli51504400 +750Rise in price
MianwaliLemon (China)62506150 +100Rise in price
MianwaliPeach1075011750 -1000Rise in price
MianwaliMango Desi40004250 -250Rise in price
MianwaliSweet Musk Melon47504250 +500Rise in price
MianwaliZucchini (گھیا توری)14501650 -200Rise in price
RajanPurTomato46003550 +1050Rise in price
RajanPurBrinjal280033 +2767Rise in price
RajanPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)38004500 -700Rise in price
RajanPurTinda47005300 -600Rise in price
RajanPurMango(Chounsa)1060011250 -650Rise in price
RajanPurCucumber (Kheera)53504200 +1150Rise in price
RajanPurDates (Aseel)75008500 -1000Rise in price
RajanPurApple (Gatcha)68006300 +500Rise in price
RajanPurGreen Chilli47005300 -600Rise in price
RajanPurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)800085 +7915Rise in price
RajanPurLemon (Desi)65007500 -1000Rise in price
RajanPurGrapes Gola110009500 +1500Rise in price
RajanPurGram Flour (بیسن)83508500 -150Rise in price
RajanPurBottle Gourd (کدو)140017 +1383Rise in price
RajanPurCocoyam(اروی)22002000 +200Rise in price
JhangPotato Fresh44004100 +300Rise in price
JhangOnion28502700 +150Rise in price
JhangGarlic (China)54508200 -2750Rise in price
JhangTomato64005450 +950Rise in price
JhangSpinach18002200 -400Rise in price
JhangBrinjal22002700 -500Rise in price
JhangLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)45005450 -950Rise in price
JhangTinda64005450 +950Rise in price
JhangCauliflower73005450 +1850Rise in price
JhangBanana(DOZENS)3645 -9Rise in price
JhangGuava36002700 +900Rise in price
JhangMango(Chounsa)100009100 +900Rise in price
JhangCucumber (Kheera)36004500 -900Rise in price
JhangApple (Gatcha)1000010850 -850Rise in price
JhangCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)73005450 +1850Rise in price
JhangPeach92009100 +100Rise in price
JhangPlum1270013600 -900Rise in price
JhangGrapes Gola910010900 -1800Rise in price
JhangZucchini (گھیا توری)13502300 -950Rise in price
SadiqAbadPotato Fresh47254185 +540Rise in price
SadiqAbadSpinach595765 -170Rise in price
SadiqAbadBrinjal31882763 +425Rise in price
SadiqAbadLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)44634037 +426Rise in price
SadiqAbadTinda85008288 +212Rise in price
SadiqAbadCauliflower74385738 +1700Rise in price
SadiqAbadCabbage72256588 +637Rise in price
SadiqAbadCucumber (Kheera)36134888 -1275Rise in price
SadiqAbadGreen Chilli65886800 -212Rise in price
SadiqAbadCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)40384888 -850Rise in price
SadiqAbadLemon (Desi)65886375 +213Rise in price
SadiqAbadZucchini (گھیا توری)19132337 -424Rise in price
SadiqAbadCocoyam(اروی)23381913 +425Rise in price
KhanpurOnion24752025 +450Rise in price
KhanpurGinger(China)1777515975 +1800Rise in price
KhanpurTomato46003800 +800Rise in price
KhanpurSpinach18001520 +280Rise in price
KhanpurBrinjal22003000 -800Rise in price
KhanpurBitter Gourd (کریلا)62004200 +2000Rise in price
KhanpurTinda54005800 -400Rise in price
KhanpurCauliflower42005000 -800Rise in price
KhanpurPeas1580014200 +1600Rise in price
KhanpurCarrot54004600 +800Rise in price
KhanpurBanana(DOZENS)5358 -5Rise in price
KhanpurGuava30002200 +800Rise in price
KhanpurCabbage62007400 -1200Rise in price
KhanpurGarlic (Local)69756075 +900Rise in price
KhanpurCucumber (Kheera)38004200 -400Rise in price
KhanpurMelon18002200 -400Rise in price
KhanpurApple (Gatcha)105759675 +900Rise in price
KhanpurGreen Chilli58007000 -1200Rise in price
KhanpurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)54003800 +1600Rise in price
KhanpurLemon (Desi)70005800 +1200Rise in price
KhanpurPeach1420015000 -800Rise in price
KhanpurPomegranate Desi70006200 +800Rise in price
KhanpurGrapes Gola1060011800 -1200Rise in price
KhanpurZucchini (گھیا توری)18002200 -400Rise in price
KotAduTomato55004500 +1000Rise in price
KotAduBrinjal17502250 -500Rise in price
KotAduCauliflower65004500 +2000Rise in price
KotAduBanana(DOZENS)5065 -15Rise in price
KotAduPomegranate(Kandhari)90008500 +500Rise in price
KotAduMango(Anwer Ratol)77506500 +1250Rise in price
KotAduCabbage850010500 -2000Rise in price
KotAduPlum55007500 -2000Rise in price
KotAduGrapes Gola1200011000 +1000Rise in price
KotAduGrapes Sundekhani1800019000 -1000Rise in price
KotAduBottle Gourd (کدو)7501250 -500Rise in price
KotAduCocoyam(اروی)27502250 +500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdPotato Fresh32503825 -575Rise in price
RenalaKhurdPotato Store15001400 +100Rise in price
RenalaKhurdOnion27003000 -300Rise in price
RenalaKhurdGarlic (China)82008750 -550Rise in price
RenalaKhurdGinger(China)1475015250 -500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdTomato52006250 -1050Rise in price
RenalaKhurdSpinach1415 -1Rise in price
RenalaKhurdBrinjal26003300 -700Rise in price
RenalaKhurdLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)38503300 +550Rise in price
RenalaKhurdBitter Gourd (کریلا)47505250 -500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdCauliflower62506750 -500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdTurnip47505250 -500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdCarrot52005250 -50Rise in price
RenalaKhurdGuava32003400 -200Rise in price
RenalaKhurdCucumber (Kheera)52506250 -1000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdApple (Gatcha)92509600 -350Rise in price
RenalaKhurdGreen Chilli62005750 +450Rise in price
RenalaKhurdMango Desi42004250 -50Rise in price
RenalaKhurdGrapes Gola97509250 +500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdGrapes Sundekhani1725017750 -500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdPear62506750 -500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdSweet Musk Melon54005750 -350Rise in price
RenalaKhurdBottle Gourd (کدو)22003200 -1000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdCocoyam(اروی)19502200 -250Rise in price
LiaqatPurPotato Fresh41853870 +315Rise in price
LiaqatPurGinger(China)1657515725 +850Rise in price
LiaqatPurTomato48884038 +850Rise in price
LiaqatPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)40383613 +425Rise in price
LiaqatPurBitter Gourd (کریلا)57384888 +850Rise in price
LiaqatPurGuava31882338 +850Rise in price
LiaqatPurGrapes (Other)1317514025 -850Rise in price
LiaqatPurMango(Chounsa)57385313 +425Rise in price
LiaqatPurCucumber (Kheera)40384463 -425Rise in price
LiaqatPurApple (Gatcha)80757225 +850Rise in price
LiaqatPurPomegranate Desi57384038 +1700Rise in price
LiaqatPurZucchini (گھیا توری)80751913 +6162Rise in price
ChackJhumraOnion31002900 +200Rise in price
ChackJhumraTomato56007150 -1550Rise in price
ChackJhumraSpinach31003150 -50Rise in price
ChackJhumraBrinjal21001050 +1050Rise in price
ChackJhumraLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)61005100 +1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraTinda825010250 -2000Rise in price
ChackJhumraTurnip51004100 +1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraCarrot51006100 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1425012750 +1500Rise in price
ChackJhumraApple (Ammre)76007100 +500Rise in price
ChackJhumraBanana(DOZENS)4264 -22Rise in price
ChackJhumraCucumber (Kheera)61005100 +1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraApple (Gatcha)92508750 +500Rise in price
ChackJhumraCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)82508100 +150Rise in price
ChackJhumraPeach72507100 +150Rise in price
ChackJhumraPeach Special1190011250 +650Rise in price
ChackJhumraApricot White92507750 +1500Rise in price
ChackJhumraGrapes Gola102509250 +1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraGrapes Sundekhani1625015250 +1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraSweet Musk Melon31502100 +1050Rise in price
ChackJhumraZucchini (گھیا توری)61505150 +1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraCocoyam(اروی)24502100 +350Rise in price
YazmanGinger(China)1830017300 +1000Rise in price
YazmanTomato68007050 -250Rise in price
YazmanApple (Ammre)1105011550 -500Rise in price
YazmanBanana(DOZENS)6068 -8Rise in price
YazmanGuava55505300 +250Rise in price
YazmanCucumber (Kheera)39004050 -150Rise in price
YazmanApple (Gatcha)98008550 +1250Rise in price
YazmanGreen Chilli68007550 -750Rise in price
YazmanPeach1405014300 -250Rise in price
YazmanApricot Yellow1830018800 -500Rise in price
YazmanApricot White1305013300 -250Rise in price
YazmanGrapes Gola1305011300 +1750Rise in price
YazmanPear90509550 -500Rise in price
YazmanSweet Musk Melon85509300 -750Rise in price
YazmanBottle Gourd (کدو)11001300 -200Rise in price
YazmanCocoyam(اروی)36503050 +600Rise in price
ChiniotPotato Store11501300 -150Rise in price
ChiniotOnion32003100 +100Rise in price
ChiniotGarlic (China)72507000 +250Rise in price
ChiniotGinger(China)1425014500 -250Rise in price
ChiniotTomato67506250 +500Rise in price
ChiniotSpinach20002350 -350Rise in price
ChiniotBrinjal20002600 -600Rise in price
ChiniotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)43505800 -1450Rise in price
ChiniotBitter Gourd (کریلا)32003600 -400Rise in price
ChiniotTinda62506600 -350Rise in price
ChiniotCauliflower67507250 -500Rise in price
ChiniotTurnip62005800 +400Rise in price
ChiniotBanana(DOZENS)430044 +4256Rise in price
ChiniotGuava28004100 -1300Rise in price
ChiniotMango(Chounsa)1120011250 -50Rise in price
ChiniotCabbage77506500 +1250Rise in price
ChiniotCucumber (Kheera)43505000 -650Rise in price
ChiniotApple (Gatcha)1120010750 +450Rise in price
ChiniotGreen Chilli52005000 +200Rise in price
ChiniotLemon (Desi)1125010750 +500Rise in price
ChiniotPeach82008250 -50Rise in price
ChiniotPeach Special1275013250 -500Rise in price
ChiniotApricot White1125010750 +500Rise in price
ChiniotGrapes Sundekhani1925019500 -250Rise in price
ChiniotPear62006250 -50Rise in price
ChiniotSweet Musk Melon58005400 +400Rise in price
ChiniotBottle Gourd (کدو)26003000 -400Rise in price
ChiniotZucchini (گھیا توری)32003000 +200Rise in price
ChiniotMint(پودینہ)800700 +100Rise in price
ShorkotPotato Fresh41004500 -400Rise in price
ShorkotOnion29002700 +200Rise in price
ShorkotGinger(China)1360014600 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotTomato64005500 +900Rise in price
ShorkotSpinach20501850 +200Rise in price
ShorkotBrinjal24502700 -250Rise in price
ShorkotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)46005500 -900Rise in price
ShorkotBitter Gourd (کریلا)46004100 +500Rise in price
ShorkotTinda60005500 +500Rise in price
ShorkotCauliflower60005500 +500Rise in price
ShorkotBanana(DOZENS)4146 -5Rise in price
ShorkotGuava36002700 +900Rise in price
ShorkotMango(Chounsa)100009100 +900Rise in price
ShorkotCucumber (Kheera)36004400 -800Rise in price
ShorkotApple (Gatcha)100009100 +900Rise in price
ShorkotGreen Chilli50003300 +1700Rise in price
ShorkotCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)70005500 +1500Rise in price
ShorkotPeach1090010450 +450Rise in price
ShorkotPlum1270014500 -1800Rise in price
ShorkotGrapes Gola1090012700 -1800Rise in price
ShorkotSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)8200730 +7470Rise in price
ShorkotBottle Gourd (کدو)16502250 -600Rise in price
ShorkotZucchini (گھیا توری)20502700 -650Rise in price
MuridkePotato Store11501250 -100Rise in price
MuridkeOnion27002600 +100Rise in price
MuridkeLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)54005900 -500Rise in price
MuridkeGuava27002900 -200Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemOnion27502700 +50Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemTomato70006975 +25Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemSpinach17001800 -100Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemBrinjal56501700 +3950Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)56504300 +1350Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemBitter Gourd (کریلا)56505625 +25Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCauliflower56505625 +25Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCarrot56505625 +25Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemBanana(DOZENS)4443 +1Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemMango(Chounsa)61008550 -2450Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCabbage75007425 +75Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemGarlic (Local)52005250 -50Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCucumber (Kheera)47504800 -50Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemApple (Gatcha)79007875 +25Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemGreen Chilli56504525 +1125Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)56505625 +25Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemPlum1305011700 +1350Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemGrapes Sundekhani1755017650 -100Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemPear70006975 +25Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemBottle Gourd (کدو)20502400 -350Rise in price
AbdulhakimPotato Store17001600 +100Rise in price
AbdulhakimOnion36004300 -700Rise in price
AbdulhakimGarlic (China)108008800 +2000Rise in price
AbdulhakimTomato830010800 -2500Rise in price
AbdulhakimSpinach20503600 -1550Rise in price
AbdulhakimLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)53007300 -2000Rise in price
AbdulhakimTinda45505300 -750Rise in price
AbdulhakimCauliflower63007300 -1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimBanana(DOZENS)4443 +1Rise in price
AbdulhakimGuava43003600 +700Rise in price
AbdulhakimCabbage73008300 -1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimGinger (Thai)1880015300 +3500Rise in price
AbdulhakimCucumber (Kheera)53004300 +1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1430013300 +1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)103008800 +1500Rise in price
AbdulhakimLemon (China)1030014300 -4000Rise in price
AbdulhakimPlum103009300 +1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimGrapes Sundekhani1730016300 +1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimBottle Gourd (کدو)36005300 -1700Rise in price
AbdulhakimZucchini (گھیا توری)25503600 -1050Rise in price
AbdulhakimJaman43006300 -2000Rise in price
AbdulhakimCocoyam(اروی)35503600 -50Rise in price
SanglahillPotato Fresh31002800 +300Rise in price
SanglahillOnion25002550 -50Rise in price
SanglahillGinger(China)1515015000 +150Rise in price
SanglahillSpinach25002700 -200Rise in price
SanglahillBrinjal21002300 -200Rise in price
SanglahillLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)51505300 -150Rise in price
SanglahillBitter Gourd (کریلا)67005900 +800Rise in price
SanglahillCauliflower58006500 -700Rise in price
SanglahillCarrot47005300 -600Rise in price
SanglahillGuava26002700 -100Rise in price
SanglahillMango(Chounsa)91508800 +350Rise in price
SanglahillCabbage65005950 +550Rise in price
SanglahillCucumber (Kheera)40004750 -750Rise in price
SanglahillApple (Gatcha)89009000 -100Rise in price
SanglahillGreen Chilli53005450 -150Rise in price
SanglahillCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)50005300 -300Rise in price
SanglahillLemon (Desi)93009150 +150Rise in price
SanglahillPeach Special1090011150 -250Rise in price
SanglahillGrapes Sundekhani1805016700 +1350Rise in price
SanglahillBottle Gourd (کدو)37004000 -300Rise in price
SanglahillZucchini (گھیا توری)32003300 -100Rise in price
HasanabdalOnion33503500 -150Rise in price
HasanabdalGarlic (China)77008000 -300Rise in price
HasanabdalGinger(China)1350013600 -100Rise in price
HasanabdalTomato41504200 -50Rise in price
HasanabdalBrinjal26502800 -150Rise in price
HasanabdalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)30003650 -650Rise in price
HasanabdalBitter Gourd (کریلا)28003150 -350Rise in price
HasanabdalTinda37004150 -450Rise in price
HasanabdalTurnip37004200 -500Rise in price
HasanabdalGuava35004350 -850Rise in price
HasanabdalMango(Chounsa)1075010350 +400Rise in price
HasanabdalMango(Anwer Ratol)1075010350 +400Rise in price
HasanabdalCucumber (Kheera)38503300 +550Rise in price
HasanabdalApple (Gatcha)77506950 +800Rise in price
HasanabdalMango Desi45505000 -450Rise in price
HasanabdalApricot White1075010350 +400Rise in price
HasanabdalSweet Musk Melon45505400 -850Rise in price
HasanabdalZucchini (گھیا توری)33004000 -700Rise in price
HasanabdalCocoyam(اروی)26502800 -150Rise in price
HasanabdalCarrot China41504200 -50Rise in price
HafizabadPotato Fresh38504200 -350Rise in price
HafizabadPotato Store24002325 +75Rise in price
HafizabadOnion38503800 +50Rise in price
HafizabadGinger(China)1475014250 +500Rise in price
HafizabadTomato67006250 +450Rise in price
HafizabadSpinach22503350 -1100Rise in price
HafizabadBrinjal27503250 -500Rise in price
HafizabadLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)37504750 -1000Rise in price
HafizabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)42503250 +1000Rise in price
HafizabadCauliflower47505250 -500Rise in price
HafizabadPeas1775014750 +3000Rise in price
HafizabadBanana(DOZENS)6870 -2Rise in price
HafizabadCucumber (Kheera)47004250 +450Rise in price
HafizabadGreen Chilli52505750 -500Rise in price
HafizabadLemon (Desi)107509750 +1000Rise in price
HafizabadPeach Special1175011250 +500Rise in price
HafizabadApricot White87509750 -1000Rise in price
HafizabadGrapes Gola1275013250 -500Rise in price
HafizabadGrapes Sundekhani1675019500 -2750Rise in price
HafizabadBottle Gourd (کدو)32504250 -1000Rise in price
HafizabadZucchini (گھیا توری)32503200 +50Rise in price
HafizabadCocoyam(اروی)46003250 +1350Rise in price
WazirabadSugar39005275 -1375Rise in price
WazirabadMash84508500 -50Rise in price
WazirabadPotato Fresh27002600 +100Rise in price
WazirabadPotato Store12001100 +100Rise in price
WazirabadOnion26002650 -50Rise in price
WazirabadGarlic (China)87508250 +500Rise in price
WazirabadGinger(China)1500015500 -500Rise in price
WazirabadTomato66006700 -100Rise in price
WazirabadSpinach20002200 -200Rise in price
WazirabadBrinjal22002000 +200Rise in price
WazirabadLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)40504400 -350Rise in price
WazirabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)48004600 +200Rise in price
WazirabadTinda48005250 -450Rise in price
WazirabadCauliflower62007250 -1050Rise in price
WazirabadTurnip38003750 +50Rise in price
WazirabadRadish28502600 +250Rise in price
WazirabadCarrot34503050 +400Rise in price
WazirabadApple (Ammre)62006050 +150Rise in price
WazirabadMango(Chounsa)97509800 -50Rise in price
WazirabadCabbage72507750 -500Rise in price
WazirabadCucumber (Kheera)48004600 +200Rise in price
WazirabadGreen Chilli62505250 +1000Rise in price
WazirabadCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)52505600 -350Rise in price
WazirabadPeach92509800 -550Rise in price
WazirabadApricot White1325013300 -50Rise in price
WazirabadPomegranate Desi1040010600 -200Rise in price
WazirabadGrapes Gola95509650 -100Rise in price
WazirabadGrapes Sundekhani1700017500 -500Rise in price
WazirabadCocoyam(اروی)26002400 +200Rise in price
NarangmandiOnion30003100 -100Rise in price
NarangmandiTomato66006250 +350Rise in price
NarangmandiBrinjal39004250 -350Rise in price
NarangmandiBitter Gourd (کریلا)55005250 +250Rise in price
NarangmandiPumpkin14001300 +100Rise in price
NarangmandiCauliflower54005200 +200Rise in price
NarangmandiTurnip41003500 +600Rise in price
NarangmandiBanana(DOZENS)6355 +8Rise in price
NarangmandiGuava27502500 +250Rise in price
NarangmandiMango(Anwer Ratol)1150012500 -1000Rise in price
NarangmandiCabbage72507500 -250Rise in price
NarangmandiApple (Gatcha)95009400 +100Rise in price
NarangmandiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75007250 +250Rise in price
NarangmandiLemon (Desi)87508500 +250Rise in price
NarangmandiGrapes Gola95009400 +100Rise in price
NarangmandiBottle Gourd (کدو)47505200 -450Rise in price
NarangmandiZucchini (گھیا توری)55005200 +300Rise in price
NarangmandiCocoyam(اروی)35003250 +250Rise in price
NarangmandiMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)27502500 +250Rise in price
NarangmandiCarrot China43504250 +100Rise in price
KanganpurPotato Fresh41003850 +250Rise in price
KanganpurOnion33003150 +150Rise in price
KanganpurGarlic (China)1140010850 +550Rise in price
KanganpurTomato54005850 -450Rise in price
KanganpurSpinach28002900 -100Rise in price
KanganpurBrinjal23002450 -150Rise in price
KanganpurBitter Gourd (کریلا)36004300 -700Rise in price
KanganpurCauliflower68506350 +500Rise in price
KanganpurPeas1485015400 -550Rise in price
KanganpurRadish30503350 -300Rise in price
KanganpurCarrot49004800 +100Rise in price
KanganpurPomegranate(Kandhari)2380023850 -50Rise in price
KanganpurMango(Chounsa)128008250 +4550Rise in price
KanganpurCabbage88007850 +950Rise in price
KanganpurGarlic (Local)58005350 +450Rise in price
KanganpurApple (Gatcha)1080011350 -550Rise in price
KanganpurGreen Chilli43504450 -100Rise in price
KanganpurLemon (Desi)108509350 +1500Rise in price
KanganpurLemon (China)53004900 +400Rise in price
KanganpurPeach Special1285012800 +50Rise in price
KanganpurApricot White1380013850 -50Rise in price
KanganpurPomegranate Desi1480014900 -100Rise in price
KanganpurGrapes Gola985012850 -3000Rise in price
KanganpurGrapes Sundekhani1980020850 -1050Rise in price
KanganpurPear49005350 -450Rise in price
KanganpurSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)69006850 +50Rise in price
KanganpurBottle Gourd (کدو)25502350 +200Rise in price
KanganpurZucchini (گھیا توری)24002700 -300Rise in price
KhudianPotato Fresh37003800 -100Rise in price
KhudianGinger(China)1600016500 -500Rise in price
KhudianTomato52007100 -1900Rise in price
KhudianSpinach22002700 -500Rise in price
KhudianBrinjal42503800 +450Rise in price
KhudianLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)37006700 -3000Rise in price
KhudianBitter Gourd (کریلا)42503700 +550Rise in price
KhudianPumpkin18003200 -1400Rise in price
KhudianCauliflower62006250 -50Rise in price
KhudianPeas1200012700 -700Rise in price
KhudianGuava23502200 +150Rise in price
KhudianMango(Anwer Ratol)1150012000 -500Rise in price
KhudianCabbage82007700 +500Rise in price
KhudianGarlic (Local)58006200 -400Rise in price
KhudianCucumber (Kheera)47005700 -1000Rise in price
KhudianGreen Chilli52003950 +1250Rise in price
KhudianCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)57007950 -2250Rise in price
KhudianLemon (Desi)950010000 -500Rise in price
KhudianPeach90008000 +1000Rise in price
KhudianPeach Special1250012000 +500Rise in price
KhudianMango Desi47503750 +1000Rise in price
KhudianApricot White1350011250 +2250Rise in price
KhudianGrapes Gola115009500 +2000Rise in price
KhudianGrapes Sundekhani1800017500 +500Rise in price
KhudianBottle Gourd (کدو)18003200 -1400Rise in price
KhudianFenugreek(میتھی)95009750 -250Rise in price
KhudianCocoyam(اروی)14502200 -750Rise in price
KhudianMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)22003200 -1000Rise in price
KhudianCarrot China57006700 -1000Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanWheat32383275 -37Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanSugar39005275 -1375Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanMoong84508500 -50Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanMash86008500 +100Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanMash Pulse(Imported) washed107509750 +1000Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanPotato Fresh27002600 +100Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanPotato Store12001100 +100Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanOnion26002650 -50Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanGarlic (China)87508250 +500Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanGinger(China)1500015500 -500Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanTomato66006700 -100Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanSpinach20002200 -200Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanBrinjal22002000 +200Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)40504400 -350Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanBitter Gourd (کریلا)48004600 +200Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanTinda48005250 -450Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanCauliflower62007250 -1050Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanTurnip38003750 +50Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanRadish28502600 +250Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanCarrot34503050 +400Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanApple (Ammre)62006050 +150Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanMango(Chounsa)97509800 -50Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanCabbage72507750 -500Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanCucumber (Kheera)48004600 +200Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanGreen Chilli62505250 +1000Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)52505600 -350Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanPeach92509800 -550Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanApricot White1325013300 -50Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanPomegranate Desi1040010600 -200Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanGrapes Gola95509650 -100Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanGrapes Sundekhani1700017500 -500Rise in price
NoshehrawirkanCocoyam(اروی)26002400 +200Rise in price
HazroOnion33503500 -150Rise in price
HazroGarlic (China)77008000 -300Rise in price
HazroGinger(China)1350013600 -100Rise in price
HazroTomato41504200 -50Rise in price
HazroBrinjal27002850 -150Rise in price
HazroLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)30503700 -650Rise in price
HazroBitter Gourd (کریلا)28503200 -350Rise in price
HazroTinda37504200 -450Rise in price
HazroCauliflower63506300 +50Rise in price
HazroTurnip37504200 -450Rise in price
HazroGuava35004350 -850Rise in price
HazroMango(Chounsa)1075010350 +400Rise in price
HazroMango(Anwer Ratol)1075010350 +400Rise in price
HazroCabbage58505900 -50Rise in price
HazroCucumber (Kheera)39003350 +550Rise in price
HazroApple (Gatcha)77506950 +800Rise in price
HazroCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)76007650 -50Rise in price
HazroMango Desi45505000 -450Rise in price
HazroApricot White1075010350 +400Rise in price
HazroSweet Musk Melon45505400 -850Rise in price
HazroZucchini (گھیا توری)33504050 -700Rise in price
HazroCocoyam(اروی)27002850 -150Rise in price
SraialamgirSugar53505300 +50Rise in price
SraialamgirPotato Store20001500 +500Rise in price
SraialamgirTomato65006000 +500Rise in price
SraialamgirSpinach25001500 +1000Rise in price
SraialamgirBrinjal35002500 +1000Rise in price
SraialamgirLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)45005000 -500Rise in price
SraialamgirTinda65005000 +1500Rise in price
SraialamgirTurnip55005000 +500Rise in price
SraialamgirCarrot60004500 +1500Rise in price
SraialamgirMango(Chounsa)1300012000 +1000Rise in price
SraialamgirBanola28003000 -200Rise in price
SraialamgirApple (Gatcha)110009000 +2000Rise in price
SraialamgirLemon (Other)900011000 -2000Rise in price
SraialamgirGreen Chilli50004500 +500Rise in price
SraialamgirCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)70006000 +1000Rise in price
SraialamgirPeach65009000 -2500Rise in price
SraialamgirApricot White1250014000 -1500Rise in price
SraialamgirPear50006000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirSweet Musk Melon60007000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirCocoyam(اروی)25003000 -500Rise in price
PinanwalPotato Fresh35003650 -150Rise in price
PinanwalPotato Store18001700 +100Rise in price
PinanwalTomato50003700 +1300Rise in price
PinanwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)28003450 -650Rise in price
PinanwalPeas1200011500 +500Rise in price
PinanwalGuava30503400 -350Rise in price
PinanwalGarlic (Local)130003400 +9600Rise in price
PinanwalApricot White1200011000 +1000Rise in price
PinanwalBottle Gourd (کدو)20502000 +50Rise in price
PinanwalZucchini (گھیا توری)16001800 -200Rise in price
PinanwalCocoyam(اروی)28503600 -750Rise in price
JauharabadRice (IRRI)48004500 +300Rise in price
JauharabadGram Black81257688 +437Rise in price
JauharabadMoong78756875 +1000Rise in price
JauharabadSorghum35003625 -125Rise in price
JauharabadTomato54004500 +900Rise in price
JauharabadBrinjal27003200 -500Rise in price
JauharabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)36004100 -500Rise in price
JauharabadCauliflower41004500 -400Rise in price
JauharabadGreen Chilli45005400 -900Rise in price
JauharabadGrapes Gola1090011800 -900Rise in price
JauharabadZucchini (گھیا توری)27003200 -500Rise in price
JauharabadCocoyam(اروی)36004100 -500Rise in price
MithatiwanaRice (IRRI)48004500 +300Rise in price
MithatiwanaGram Black81257688 +437Rise in price
MithatiwanaMoong78756875 +1000Rise in price
MithatiwanaSorghum35003625 -125Rise in price
MithatiwanaTomato54004500 +900Rise in price
MithatiwanaBrinjal27003200 -500Rise in price
MithatiwanaBitter Gourd (کریلا)36004100 -500Rise in price
MithatiwanaCauliflower41004500 -400Rise in price
MithatiwanaGreen Chilli45005400 -900Rise in price
MithatiwanaGrapes Gola1090011800 -900Rise in price
MithatiwanaZucchini (گھیا توری)27003200 -500Rise in price
MithatiwanaCocoyam(اروی)36004100 -500Rise in price
QadirpurrawanPotato Fresh35003300 +200Rise in price
QadirpurrawanGarlic (China)90008500 +500Rise in price
QadirpurrawanTomato40503300 +750Rise in price
QadirpurrawanBitter Gourd (کریلا)60003300 +2700Rise in price
QadirpurrawanCucumber (Kheera)45004050 +450Rise in price
QadirpurrawanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)50006500 -1500Rise in price
QadirpurrawanCoriander (دھنیا)900011000 -2000Rise in price
TaunsasharifPotato Fresh41004250 -150Rise in price
TaunsasharifPotato Store17001800 -100Rise in price
TaunsasharifGinger(China)1825017250 +1000Rise in price
TaunsasharifTomato41002750 +1350Rise in price
TaunsasharifSpinach11001300 -200Rise in price
TaunsasharifBitter Gourd (کریلا)47504100 +650Rise in price
TaunsasharifBanana(DOZENS)6368 -5Rise in price
TaunsasharifApple (Gatcha)92509750 -500Rise in price
TaunsasharifCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)72506250 +1000Rise in price
TaunsasharifLemon (Desi)102509250 +1000Rise in price
TaunsasharifPeach92509750 -500Rise in price
TaunsasharifGrapes Gola1150012250 -750Rise in price
TaunsasharifGrapes Sundekhani1450015250 -750Rise in price
TaunsasharifSweet Musk Melon52504750 +500Rise in price
TaunsasharifZucchini (گھیا توری)27502250 +500Rise in price
kotmomanPotato Fresh34003800 -400Rise in price
kotmomanGarlic (China)71006500 +600Rise in price
kotmomanTomato61505500 +650Rise in price
kotmomanSpinach22003400 -1200Rise in price
kotmomanBrinjal34003800 -400Rise in price
kotmomanLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)68507750 -900Rise in price
kotmomanBitter Gourd (کریلا)65004500 +2000Rise in price
kotmomanCauliflower65005500 +1000Rise in price
kotmomanGuava32503800 -550Rise in price
kotmomanMango(Chounsa)98006750 +3050Rise in price
kotmomanCucumber (Kheera)58006000 -200Rise in price
kotmomanGreen Chilli71006500 +600Rise in price
kotmomanLemon (Desi)980011000 -1200Rise in price
kotmomanGrapes Sundekhani1575017000 -1250Rise in price
kotmomanSweet Musk Melon55004750 +750Rise in price
kotmomanBottle Gourd (کدو)18002200 -400Rise in price
kotmomanZucchini (گھیا توری)34003300 +100Rise in price
kotmomanCocoyam(اروی)55003800 +1700Rise in price