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Agriculture Marketing Information Service
Directorate of Agriculture (Economics & Marketing) Punjab, Lahore

Service is not available today due to non avialablity of prices on Sunday/Holiday(23/03,01/05,14/08,25/12)
CityNameCropNameToday's FQP/Average PriceYesterday's FQP/Average PriceChange in PricePrice Direction
KhanewalPotato Store18501400 +450Rise in price
KhanewalGarlic (China)2350023000 +500Rise in price
KhanewalGinger(China)3600037000 -1000Rise in price
KhanewalTomato27503250 -500Rise in price
KhanewalSpinach11001000 +100Rise in price
KhanewalBrinjal35003750 -250Rise in price
KhanewalBanana(DOZENS)6055 +5Rise in price
KhanewalGreen Fodder275375 -100Rise in price
KhanewalCucumber (Kheera)45005000 -500Rise in price
KhanewalApple (Gatcha)1050010000 +500Rise in price
KhanewalGreen Chilli35005250 -1750Rise in price
KhanewalPlum1200010000 +2000Rise in price
KhanewalMango Desi45003750 +750Rise in price
KhanewalApricot White1200011000 +1000Rise in price
KhanewalGrapes Sundekhani1800015000 +3000Rise in price
KhanewalJaman1800015000 +3000Rise in price
KhanewalSweet Potato(شکر قندی)32503800 -550Rise in price
KachaKhuPotato Store18501500 +350Rise in price
KachaKhuOnion42504300 -50Rise in price
KachaKhuGarlic (China)2350023000 +500Rise in price
KachaKhuTomato27503250 -500Rise in price
KachaKhuSpinach11001000 +100Rise in price
KachaKhuBrinjal35003800 -300Rise in price
KachaKhuBanana(DOZENS)6055 +5Rise in price
KachaKhuGuava35003000 +500Rise in price
KachaKhuGreen Fodder275375 -100Rise in price
KachaKhuCucumber (Kheera)45005000 -500Rise in price
KachaKhuApple (Gatcha)1050010000 +500Rise in price
KachaKhuGreen Chilli35005000 -1500Rise in price
KachaKhuPlum1200010000 +2000Rise in price
KachaKhuMango Desi45004000 +500Rise in price
KachaKhuApricot White1150011000 +500Rise in price
KachaKhuGrapes Sundekhani1800016000 +2000Rise in price
KachaKhuZucchini (گھیا توری)26501800 +850Rise in price
KachaKhuJaman1750016000 +1500Rise in price
KachaKhuCocoyam(اروی)65005500 +1000Rise in price
KachaKhuSweet Potato(شکر قندی)32503750 -500Rise in price
AbdulhakimPotato Fresh40502500 +1550Rise in price
AbdulhakimOnion49504750 +200Rise in price
AbdulhakimGinger(China)2925026100 +3150Rise in price
AbdulhakimTomato29502900 +50Rise in price
AbdulhakimSpinach15001700 -200Rise in price
AbdulhakimBrinjal34003350 +50Rise in price
AbdulhakimLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)15501700 -150Rise in price
AbdulhakimCauliflower49505650 -700Rise in price
AbdulhakimGuava40504300 -250Rise in price
AbdulhakimMango(Chounsa)40504300 -250Rise in price
AbdulhakimApple (Gatcha)1015010300 -150Rise in price
AbdulhakimGreen Chilli58506100 -250Rise in price
AbdulhakimLemon (China)67507650 -900Rise in price
AbdulhakimPeach1215013050 -900Rise in price
AbdulhakimGrapes Sundekhani1215012600 -450Rise in price
AbdulhakimCocoyam(اروی)47504700 +50Rise in price
AbdulhakimSweet Potato(شکر قندی)29503350 -400Rise in price
SanglahillPotato Fresh37003900 -200Rise in price
SanglahillOnion47004400 +300Rise in price
SanglahillGarlic (China)2035020150 +200Rise in price
SanglahillGinger(China)2985028000 +1850Rise in price
SanglahillTomato35004200 -700Rise in price
SanglahillLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)51004300 +800Rise in price
SanglahillCauliflower77008700 -1000Rise in price
SanglahillCarrot41003300 +800Rise in price
SanglahillBanana(DOZENS)5560 -5Rise in price
SanglahillGuava32002500 +700Rise in price
SanglahillMango(Chounsa)955010150 -600Rise in price
SanglahillCabbage42504300 -50Rise in price
SanglahillGarlic (Local)1545015200 +250Rise in price
SanglahillApple (Gatcha)1045010150 +300Rise in price
SanglahillGreen Chilli59506700 -750Rise in price
SanglahillLemon (Desi)870010150 -1450Rise in price
SanglahillPeach1050010250 +250Rise in price
SanglahillPear53004700 +600Rise in price
SanglahillZucchini (گھیا توری)37003300 +400Rise in price
SanglahillCocoyam(اروی)67006900 -200Rise in price
QadirpurrawanOnion40504500 -450Rise in price
QadirpurrawanGinger(China)3100030000 +1000Rise in price
QadirpurrawanTomato21502700 -550Rise in price
QadirpurrawanTinda75006500 +1000Rise in price
QadirpurrawanCauliflower45005500 -1000Rise in price
QadirpurrawanMango(Chounsa)65006000 +500Rise in price
QadirpurrawanCabbage55004500 +1000Rise in price
QadirpurrawanCucumber (Kheera)35004050 -550Rise in price
QadirpurrawanPlum1750017000 +500Rise in price
QadirpurrawanApricot White1600015000 +1000Rise in price
QadirpurrawanPomegranate Desi1300011000 +2000Rise in price
QadirpurrawanZucchini (گھیا توری)21002700 -600Rise in price
QadirpurrawanCocoyam(اروی)65006000 +500Rise in price