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Daily change in commodity prices is as follows. All Prices in Rs/100KG unless noted otherwise.
Please note that data may be sorted by clicking on column headings.
Also note that this service is only available for commodities for which both yesterday's and today's prices are available.

CityNameCropNameToday's FQP/Average PriceYesterday's FQP/Average PriceChange in PricePrice Direction
LahoreGinger(China)2100020500 +500Rise in price
LahoreSpinach19502400 -450Rise in price
LahoreBrinjal45004900 -400Rise in price
LahoreLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)78006850 +950Rise in price
LahoreTinda Desi1560014650 +950Rise in price
LahorePumpkin43003700 +600Rise in price
LahoreCauliflower68505850 +1000Rise in price
LahorePeas1755016600 +950Rise in price
LahoreTurnip68507800 -950Rise in price
LahoreCarrot78008800 -1000Rise in price
LahoreApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2685026650 +200Rise in price
LahoreMango(Chounsa)1715016850 +300Rise in price
LahoreGrapefruit(100Pcs)43004200 +100Rise in price
LahoreGinger (Thai)2150022200 -700Rise in price
LahoreCucumber (Kheera)73507800 -450Rise in price
LahoreWatermelon32003100 +100Rise in price
LahoreApple (Gatcha)1765017850 -200Rise in price
LahoreGreen Chilli1415014650 -500Rise in price
LahoreCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1075011100 -350Rise in price
LahoreLemon (Desi)2050019500 +1000Rise in price
LahorePeach Special1660017850 -1250Rise in price
LahorePlum3075029750 +1000Rise in price
LahorePear975010250 -500Rise in price
LahoreBottle Gourd (کدو)97508300 +1450Rise in price
FaisalabadRice (IRRI)62506750 -500Rise in price
FaisalabadMoong Pulse1462515775 -1150Rise in price
FaisalabadOnion66506450 +200Rise in price
FaisalabadGarlic (China)2750025500 +2000Rise in price
FaisalabadGinger(China)2000020250 -250Rise in price
FaisalabadTomato71507550 -400Rise in price
FaisalabadSpinach32503000 +250Rise in price
FaisalabadLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)73007650 -350Rise in price
FaisalabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)1065011950 -1300Rise in price
FaisalabadPumpkin30003050 -50Rise in price
FaisalabadPeas1625017500 -1250Rise in price
FaisalabadMango(Chounsa)1440014300 +100Rise in price
FaisalabadGinger (Thai)2000020750 -750Rise in price
FaisalabadMasoor Pulse (Imported)2775027800 -50Rise in price
FaisalabadGarlic (Local)1350021250 -7750Rise in price
FaisalabadApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1880018550 +250Rise in price
FaisalabadLychee3650036750 -250Rise in price
FaisalabadGreen Chilli1365014750 -1100Rise in price
FaisalabadLemon (Desi)1950020500 -1000Rise in price
FaisalabadApricot White1240012500 -100Rise in price
FaisalabadCocoyam(اروی)80008250 -250Rise in price
FaisalabadSuger Beet(چقندر)58505700 +150Rise in price
GujranwalaPotato Fresh55505450 +100Rise in price
GujranwalaOnion62506450 -200Rise in price
GujranwalaGarlic (China)2850027950 +550Rise in price
GujranwalaGinger(China)2050020350 +150Rise in price
GujranwalaTomato59506250 -300Rise in price
GujranwalaBrinjal41004400 -300Rise in price
GujranwalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)67506400 +350Rise in price
GujranwalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)92509700 -450Rise in price
GujranwalaCauliflower60005450 +550Rise in price
GujranwalaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2700025500 +1500Rise in price
GujranwalaMango(Chounsa)1400013500 +500Rise in price
GujranwalaMango(Desahri)1250012000 +500Rise in price
GujranwalaCabbage82508500 -250Rise in price
GujranwalaGinger (Thai)2250022250 +250Rise in price
GujranwalaGarlic (Local)1625015350 +900Rise in price
GujranwalaCucumber (Kheera)47504400 +350Rise in price
GujranwalaGreen Chilli1450014150 +350Rise in price
GujranwalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)72507000 +250Rise in price
GujranwalaPeach Special1750018000 -500Rise in price
GujranwalaMango Desi504950 -4900Rise in price
GujranwalaBottle Gourd (کدو)92508450 +800Rise in price
GujranwalaCocoyam(اروی)67507000 -250Rise in price
OkaraMaize55005713 -213Rise in price
OkaraMillet60636113 -50Rise in price
OkaraSorghum68006813 -13Rise in price
OkaraPotato Fresh71507050 +100Rise in price
OkaraPotato Store30003150 -150Rise in price
OkaraOnion71507650 -500Rise in price
OkaraTomato71508050 -900Rise in price
OkaraBrinjal42503800 +450Rise in price
OkaraCauliflower67505750 +1000Rise in price
OkaraGreen Chilli1325012750 +500Rise in price
OkaraBottle Gourd (کدو)107509250 +1500Rise in price
OkaraZucchini (گھیا توری)52504750 +500Rise in price
RawalpindiOnion66006750 -150Rise in price
RawalpindiTomato56505700 -50Rise in price
RawalpindiSpinach16501500 +150Rise in price
RawalpindiBrinjal38503650 +200Rise in price
RawalpindiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)57505400 +350Rise in price
RawalpindiBitter Gourd (کریلا)54006250 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiTinda Desi84008850 -450Rise in price
RawalpindiMango(Chounsa)1115011350 -200Rise in price
RawalpindiMango(Desahri)85007600 +900Rise in price
RawalpindiCabbage980010200 -400Rise in price
RawalpindiCucumber (Kheera)41504350 -200Rise in price
RawalpindiWatermelon24502600 -150Rise in price
RawalpindiGreen Chilli1200012850 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiLemon (Desi)2090020550 +350Rise in price
RawalpindiPear76008050 -450Rise in price
RawalpindiCocoyam(اروی)88508400 +450Rise in price
RawalpindiCarrot China54006250 -850Rise in price
MultanSugar80558070 -15Rise in price
MultanGram Black1017218375 -8203Rise in price
MultanMoong Pulse1562515750 -125Rise in price
MultanMaize58755625 +250Rise in price
MultanMillet63756313 +62Rise in price
MultanPotato Fresh65006300 +200Rise in price
MultanOnion71006700 +400Rise in price
MultanGarlic (China)2390022900 +1000Rise in price
MultanRed Chilli Whole (Dry)3312533750 -625Rise in price
MultanLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)65006100 +400Rise in price
MultanBitter Gourd (کریلا)1190011500 +400Rise in price
MultanBanana(DOZENS)125115 +10Rise in price
MultanMango(Chounsa)1270013100 -400Rise in price
MultanWheat Straw11871188 -1Rise in price
MultanMango(Desahri)1290011900 +1000Rise in price
MultanMango(Sindhri)1050010900 -400Rise in price
MultanMango(Anwer Ratol)1570014500 +1200Rise in price
MultanGram White(Imported)2387523625 +250Rise in price
MultanGinger (Thai)2090019900 +1000Rise in price
MultanMasoor Whole (Imported)2537525625 -250Rise in price
MultanMasoor Pulse (Imported)2612526375 -250Rise in price
MultanApple (Gatcha)1950018900 +600Rise in price
MultanGreen Chilli1490013100 +1800Rise in price
MultanPeach1390013700 +200Rise in price
MultanPeach Special3990036900 +3000Rise in price
MultanPlum3190029900 +2000Rise in price
MultanApricot White1790016700 +1200Rise in price
MultanJaman1090010500 +400Rise in price
MultanCocoyam(اروی)75006900 +600Rise in price
RahimYarKhanPotato Fresh62006000 +200Rise in price
RahimYarKhanOnion63506150 +200Rise in price
RahimYarKhanGinger(China)2075021500 -750Rise in price
RahimYarKhanTomato67006900 -200Rise in price
RahimYarKhanCauliflower81007600 +500Rise in price
RahimYarKhanLemon (Desi)1925017500 +1750Rise in price
RahimYarKhanBottle Gourd (کدو)67006250 +450Rise in price
BhakharWheat68506950 -100Rise in price
BhalwalOnion72007150 +50Rise in price
BhalwalGarlic (China)2730027500 -200Rise in price
BhalwalGinger(China)2200021500 +500Rise in price
BhalwalTomato65506600 -50Rise in price
BhalwalSpinach23002100 +200Rise in price
BhalwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)83009250 -950Rise in price
BhalwalTinda Desi1325013750 -500Rise in price
BhalwalApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2650026000 +500Rise in price
BhalwalBanana(DOZENS)9500100 +9400Rise in price
BhalwalMango(Chounsa)1200012500 -500Rise in price
BhalwalMango(Sindhri)1200012500 -500Rise in price
BhalwalMango(Anwer Ratol)1150012000 -500Rise in price
BhalwalCabbage93009750 -450Rise in price
BhalwalGinger (Thai)2150022500 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalCucumber (Kheera)48005000 -200Rise in price
BhalwalGreen Chilli1430010400 +3900Rise in price
BhalwalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)89008400 +500Rise in price
BhalwalPeach1150012500 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalZucchini (گھیا توری)19001700 +200Rise in price
SahiwalMoong1315013200 -50Rise in price
SahiwalMasoor Pulse(local)2920024600 +4600Rise in price
SahiwalMaize4800048750 -750Rise in price
SahiwalPotato Fresh67507150 -400Rise in price
SahiwalOnion67507750 -1000Rise in price
SahiwalTomato67507650 -900Rise in price
SahiwalBrinjal38504200 -350Rise in price
SahiwalBanana(DOZENS)95100 -5Rise in price
SahiwalRice Basmati Super (Old)1965020650 -1000Rise in price
SahiwalMango(Anwer Ratol)1320012350 +850Rise in price
SahiwalCabbage975010350 -600Rise in price
SahiwalGinger (Thai)2125022200 -950Rise in price
SahiwalCucumber (Kheera)42003750 +450Rise in price
SahiwalGreen Chilli82508650 -400Rise in price
SahiwalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)965010650 -1000Rise in price
SahiwalLemon (Desi)2120019650 +1550Rise in price
SahiwalPeach97009650 +50Rise in price
SahiwalPeach Special1960019650 -50Rise in price
SahiwalGram Flour (بیسن)1675016700 +50Rise in price
SahiwalZucchini (گھیا توری)66504650 +2000Rise in price
VehariMaize48755250 -375Rise in price
VehariPotato Fresh62505950 +300Rise in price
VehariPotato Store33503100 +250Rise in price
VehariGarlic (China)2350022500 +1000Rise in price
VehariSpinach1100900 +200Rise in price
VehariBitter Gourd (کریلا)105006250 +4250Rise in price
VehariTinda Desi850010500 -2000Rise in price
VehariCauliflower67507750 -1000Rise in price
VehariBanana(DOZENS)105115 -10Rise in price
VehariSeed Cotton(Phutti)1775019375 -1625Rise in price
VehariMango(Anwer Ratol)1550014500 +1000Rise in price
VehariGinger (Thai)2050020250 +250Rise in price
VehariApple (Gatcha)1850017500 +1000Rise in price
VehariGreen Chilli85007250 +1250Rise in price
VehariLemon (Desi)1850017500 +1000Rise in price
VehariPeach1350018500 -5000Rise in price
BurewalaWheat67816750 +31Rise in price
BurewalaPotato Fresh61006000 +100Rise in price
BurewalaOnion66006550 +50Rise in price
BurewalaGarlic (China)2275022250 +500Rise in price
BurewalaSpinach8001000 -200Rise in price
BurewalaRed Chilli Whole (Dry)2562526250 -625Rise in price
BurewalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)102506000 +4250Rise in price
BurewalaCauliflower62507400 -1150Rise in price
BurewalaBanana(DOZENS)101100 +1Rise in price
BurewalaMango(Chounsa)1280013150 -350Rise in price
BurewalaSeed Cotton(Phutti)1850018250 +250Rise in price
BurewalaBanola Cake66526920 -268Rise in price
BurewalaGreen Fodder525488 +37Rise in price
BurewalaMango(Desahri)1125011000 +250Rise in price
BurewalaMango(Sindhri)1125011000 +250Rise in price
BurewalaGinger (Thai)2075019250 +1500Rise in price
BurewalaApple (Gatcha)1775017250 +500Rise in price
BurewalaGreen Chilli1275012000 +750Rise in price
BurewalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)975010250 -500Rise in price
BurewalaLemon (Desi)1775016750 +1000Rise in price
BurewalaPeach950015750 -6250Rise in price
BurewalaPeach Special1325018100 -4850Rise in price
BurewalaPlum1325013750 -500Rise in price
BurewalaGrapes Sundekhani2350019250 +4250Rise in price
BurewalaBottle Gourd (کدو)83008200 +100Rise in price
BurewalaJaman1475013500 +1250Rise in price
BurewalaCoriander (دھنیا)1150010500 +1000Rise in price
BurewalaSesame(تِل)2475025000 -250Rise in price
BurewalaMustard seed1587515625 +250Rise in price
LayyahWheat71507100 +50Rise in price
LayyahGram Black1610016125 -25Rise in price
LayyahMoong1335013375 -25Rise in price
LayyahPotato Fresh46504700 -50Rise in price
LayyahOnion55005650 -150Rise in price
LayyahTomato58005950 -150Rise in price
LayyahCauliflower67507000 -250Rise in price
LayyahBanana(DOZENS)8180 +1Rise in price
LayyahMango(Chounsa)1400013750 +250Rise in price
LayyahMango(Sindhri)1300012000 +1000Rise in price
LayyahMango(Anwer Ratol)1200011750 +250Rise in price
LayyahGreen Chilli85008150 +350Rise in price
LayyahPeach1400015250 -1250Rise in price
LayyahApricot Yellow1700016000 +1000Rise in price
MuzafarGharSpinach17501850 -100Rise in price
MuzafarGharBrinjal21001850 +250Rise in price
MuzafarGharBitter Gourd (کریلا)67506700 +50Rise in price
MuzafarGharCauliflower73507400 -50Rise in price
MuzafarGharBanana(DOZENS)9590 +5Rise in price
MuzafarGharMango(Chounsa)1130010850 +450Rise in price
MuzafarGharMango(Desahri)935010000 -650Rise in price
MuzafarGharCabbage91509350 -200Rise in price
MuzafarGharGarlic (Local)1885019100 -250Rise in price
MuzafarGharGreen Chilli76007200 +400Rise in price
MuzafarGharLemon (Desi)1740016550 +850Rise in price
MuzafarGharPeach1695015000 +1950Rise in price
MuzafarGharApricot White1565016950 -1300Rise in price
MuzafarGharBottle Gourd (کدو)36503750 -100Rise in price
MuzafarGharZucchini (گھیا توری)26002300 +300Rise in price
MuzafarGharCocoyam(اروی)59005650 +250Rise in price
KabirWalaPotato Fresh69006700 +200Rise in price
KabirWalaOnion77007300 +400Rise in price
KabirWalaGarlic (China)2590024900 +1000Rise in price
KabirWalaSpinach25002700 -200Rise in price
KabirWalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)73006500 +800Rise in price
KabirWalaCauliflower95009300 +200Rise in price
KabirWalaBanana(DOZENS)135125 +10Rise in price
KabirWalaGrapes (Other)1590013900 +2000Rise in price
KabirWalaMango(Desahri)1390012900 +1000Rise in price
KabirWalaMango(Anwer Ratol)1690015900 +1000Rise in price
KabirWalaCabbage1230012900 -600Rise in price
KabirWalaGinger (Thai)2260014900 +7700Rise in price
KabirWalaGarlic (Local)1590014900 +1000Rise in price
KabirWalaCucumber (Kheera)43004100 +200Rise in price
KabirWalaDates (Aseel)1690017900 -1000Rise in price
KabirWalaApple (Gatcha)2190019900 +2000Rise in price
KabirWalaGreen Chilli103009900 +400Rise in price
KabirWalaLemon (Desi)2090020500 +400Rise in price
KabirWalaPeach Special4290039900 +3000Rise in price
KabirWalaPlum3390031900 +2000Rise in price
KabirWalaApricot White1890017900 +1000Rise in price
KabirWalaCocoyam(اروی)79007500 +400Rise in price
KabirWalaSweet Potato(شکر قندی)75007900 -400Rise in price
PatokiPotato Fresh60006100 -100Rise in price
PatokiGinger(China)2100020500 +500Rise in price
PatokiTomato78507750 +100Rise in price
PatokiSpinach25002900 -400Rise in price
PatokiBrinjal38504500 -650Rise in price
PatokiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)45006300 -1800Rise in price
PatokiBitter Gourd (کریلا)48006650 -1850Rise in price
PatokiPumpkin43004100 +200Rise in price
PatokiCauliflower55005850 -350Rise in price
PatokiPeas1865018550 +100Rise in price
PatokiRadish67508200 -1450Rise in price
PatokiBanana(DOZENS)8279 +3Rise in price
PatokiMango(Sindhri)1725017750 -500Rise in price
PatokiCabbage59006650 -750Rise in price
PatokiGinger (Thai)2150022200 -700Rise in price
PatokiCucumber (Kheera)42005400 -1200Rise in price
PatokiApple (Gatcha)1500018750 -3750Rise in price
PatokiGreen Chilli1185012000 -150Rise in price
PatokiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)65508100 -1550Rise in price
PatokiLemon (Desi)2100019500 +1500Rise in price
PatokiPeach1650015500 +1000Rise in price
PatokiPlum2600025500 +500Rise in price
PatokiApricot White1655016450 +100Rise in price
PatokiGrapes Gola2050019500 +1000Rise in price
PatokiGrapes Sundekhani2950027000 +2500Rise in price
PatokiSweet Musk Melon102508400 +1850Rise in price
PatokiBottle Gourd (کدو)1075011250 -500Rise in price
PatokiZucchini (گھیا توری)33002900 +400Rise in price
PatokiCoriander (دھنیا)72006550 +650Rise in price
PatokiPapaya(پپیتا)1375012750 +1000Rise in price
PatokiPotato Sugar free36503750 -100Rise in price
ArifWalaOnion72507750 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaGarlic (China)2750026500 +1000Rise in price
ArifWalaTomato72508250 -1000Rise in price
ArifWalaBrinjal47505250 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaCauliflower95007500 +2000Rise in price
ArifWalaBanana(DOZENS)105120 -15Rise in price
ArifWalaMango(Desahri)1450013500 +1000Rise in price
ArifWalaMango(Anwer Ratol)1450013500 +1000Rise in price
ArifWalaApple (Gatcha)1850017500 +1000Rise in price
ArifWalaLemon (Desi)2250020500 +2000Rise in price
ArifWalaApricot White2050019500 +1000Rise in price
PakPattanWheat69136938 -25Rise in price
PakPattanPaddy (IRRI)45755200 -625Rise in price
PakPattanMasoor Pulse(local)2150022500 -1000Rise in price
PakPattanMaize50255338 -313Rise in price
PakPattanOnion70457500 -455Rise in price
PakPattanTomato67397609 -870Rise in price
PakPattanBrinjal50004131 +869Rise in price
PakPattanLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)56525435 +217Rise in price
PakPattanBanana(DOZENS)109118 -9Rise in price
PakPattanMango(Desahri)1347813913 -435Rise in price
PakPattanGinger (Thai)1545521364 -5909Rise in price
PakPattanGarlic (Local)2045518636 +1819Rise in price
PakPattanDates (Aseel)1136415454 -4090Rise in price
PakPattanGreen Chilli1259511739 +856Rise in price
PakPattanSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)73918261 -870Rise in price
PakPattanBottle Gourd (کدو)100008261 +1739Rise in price
PakPattanJaman1130412608 -1304Rise in price
PakPattanTindian100009130 +870Rise in price
LodhranRice Basmati Super (New)1620016100 +100Rise in price
LodhranMash Pulse(Imported) washed2575025700 +50Rise in price
LodhranPotato Fresh61005250 +850Rise in price
LodhranOnion65006000 +500Rise in price
LodhranTomato57006850 -1150Rise in price
LodhranBrinjal35004550 -1050Rise in price
LodhranBitter Gourd (کریلا)87507150 +1600Rise in price
LodhranTinda Desi90008000 +1000Rise in price
LodhranPumpkin30008000 -5000Rise in price
LodhranCauliflower67507000 -250Rise in price
LodhranBanana(DOZENS)8684 +2Rise in price
LodhranMango(Chounsa)1075010000 +750Rise in price
LodhranMango(Desahri)97508900 +850Rise in price
LodhranMango(Sindhri)92509000 +250Rise in price
LodhranRice Basmati Super (Old)1900019500 -500Rise in price
LodhranMango(Anwer Ratol)105009750 +750Rise in price
LodhranCabbage1050010400 +100Rise in price
LodhranGinger (Thai)2000019450 +550Rise in price
LodhranCucumber (Kheera)30003250 -250Rise in price
LodhranApple (Gatcha)1700016850 +150Rise in price
LodhranGreen Chilli1025011000 -750Rise in price
LodhranCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1000010400 -400Rise in price
LodhranLemon (Desi)1875017000 +1750Rise in price
LodhranPeach1400013900 +100Rise in price
LodhranPlum1900019600 -600Rise in price
LodhranMango Desi60005450 +550Rise in price
LodhranApricot White1375013250 +500Rise in price
LodhranGrapes Gola1300015000 -2000Rise in price
LodhranZucchini (گھیا توری)35503000 +550Rise in price
ChistianPotato Fresh62106030 +180Rise in price
ChistianPotato Store35103060 +450Rise in price
ChistianTomato67156673 +42Rise in price
ChistianSpinach13051260 +45Rise in price
ChistianBrinjal44103510 +900Rise in price
ChistianLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)70656210 +855Rise in price
ChistianBitter Gourd (کریلا)70657965 -900Rise in price
ChistianCauliflower79656210 +1755Rise in price
ChistianBanana(DOZENS)9283 +9Rise in price
ChistianMango(Chounsa)1327512375 +900Rise in price
ChistianMango(Desahri)123758775 +3600Rise in price
ChistianMango(Sindhri)132759675 +3600Rise in price
ChistianMango(Anwer Ratol)1327511475 +1800Rise in price
ChistianGarlic (Local)1597515075 +900Rise in price
ChistianGreen Chilli97658865 +900Rise in price
ChistianLemon (Desi)1687516425 +450Rise in price
ChistianPeach1507515975 -900Rise in price
ChistianPlum2857530375 -1800Rise in price
ChistianApricot White2047517775 +2700Rise in price
GujarKhanOnion73257330 -5Rise in price
GujarKhanMango(Chounsa)1331314950 -1637Rise in price
GujarKhanMango(Sindhri)1410013150 +950Rise in price
GujarKhanGinger (Thai)2140021300 +100Rise in price
GujarKhanGarlic (Local)1230013313 -1013Rise in price
GujarKhanApple (Gatcha)1770013250 +4450Rise in price
GujarKhanGreen Chilli960014100 -4500Rise in price
GujarKhanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)78006000 +1800Rise in price
GujarKhanPlum2395011425 +12525Rise in price
GujarKhanMango Desi213006000 +15300Rise in price
GujarKhanApricot White1550014100 +1400Rise in price
GujarKhanJaman1410012300 +1800Rise in price
GujarKhanCocoyam(اروی)78009600 -1800Rise in price
GujarKhanCarrot China105009600 +900Rise in price
MailsiPotato Fresh62006000 +200Rise in price
MailsiOnion67006600 +100Rise in price
MailsiGarlic (China)2250021500 +1000Rise in price
MailsiBitter Gourd (کریلا)95006200 +3300Rise in price
MailsiCauliflower67507200 -450Rise in price
MailsiCabbage1050010200 +300Rise in price
MailsiGinger (Thai)1950018500 +1000Rise in price
MailsiLemon (Desi)1750016500 +1000Rise in price
MailsiPeach1350017500 -4000Rise in price
MailsiBottle Gourd (کدو)67006200 +500Rise in price
MailsiZucchini (گھیا توری)27002650 +50Rise in price
KahrorpaccaPotato Fresh61005900 +200Rise in price
KahrorpaccaOnion67006200 +500Rise in price
KahrorpaccaTomato57007100 -1400Rise in price
KahrorpaccaBrinjal35004500 -1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)51004900 +200Rise in price
KahrorpaccaBanana(DOZENS)10085 +15Rise in price
KahrorpaccaMango(Chounsa)1300012000 +1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaMango(Desahri)1200011000 +1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaMango(Sindhri)1200011000 +1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaMango(Anwer Ratol)1300012000 +1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaCabbage110009900 +1100Rise in price
KahrorpaccaGinger (Thai)2000019000 +1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaCucumber (Kheera)29003300 -400Rise in price
KahrorpaccaGreen Chilli1300011000 +2000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaLemon (Desi)1800017000 +1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaPlum2500024000 +1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaGrapes Gola1300014000 -1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaZucchini (گھیا توری)31002900 +200Rise in price
ChichawatniWheat69506819 +131Rise in price
ChichawatniMoong1150011225 +275Rise in price
ChichawatniMaize54755625 -150Rise in price
ChichawatniOnion60006750 -750Rise in price
ChichawatniTomato60007000 -1000Rise in price
ChichawatniBrinjal50004500 +500Rise in price
ChichawatniPumpkin100009000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniBanana(DOZENS)9895 +3Rise in price
ChichawatniMango(Chounsa)1600015000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniSeed Cotton(Phutti)1837517125 +1250Rise in price
ChichawatniBanola62506213 +37Rise in price
ChichawatniMango(Desahri)1400013000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniMango(Sindhri)1600015000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniGinger (Thai)2400023000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniCucumber (Kheera)40006000 -2000Rise in price
ChichawatniMelon90008000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniGreen Chilli100009000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniLemon (Desi)2400020000 +4000Rise in price
ChichawatniApricot White1900018000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniCocoyam(اروی)90008000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniSweet Potato(شکر قندی)100009000 +1000Rise in price
ChichawatniSesame(تِل)2687526813 +62Rise in price
ChichawatniMustard seed1575015938 -188Rise in price
DunyaPurPotato Fresh61005900 +200Rise in price
DunyaPurOnion66506900 -250Rise in price
DunyaPurTomato73757500 -125Rise in price
DunyaPurBrinjal43003700 +600Rise in price
DunyaPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)50504125 +925Rise in price
DunyaPurBitter Gourd (کریلا)81256125 +2000Rise in price
DunyaPurCauliflower69006125 +775Rise in price
DunyaPurCabbage102508125 +2125Rise in price
DunyaPurCucumber (Kheera)34503050 +400Rise in price
DunyaPurApple (Gatcha)1675015750 +1000Rise in price
DunyaPurGreen Chilli1075011750 -1000Rise in price
DunyaPurLemon (Desi)1675014750 +2000Rise in price
DunyaPurBottle Gourd (کدو)74254575 +2850Rise in price
DunyaPurZucchini (گھیا توری)33002900 +400Rise in price
DunyaPurCocoyam(اروی)63756500 -125Rise in price
DGKHANWheat73756600 +775Rise in price
DGKHANRice Basmati Super (New)2020020175 +25Rise in price
DGKHANMoong1500014750 +250Rise in price
DGKHANMash Pulse(Imported) washed3240032250 +150Rise in price
DGKHANPotato Fresh45004400 +100Rise in price
DGKHANPotato Store28002950 -150Rise in price
DGKHANOnion52505450 -200Rise in price
DGKHANGarlic (China)2080019800 +1000Rise in price
DGKHANTomato44004900 -500Rise in price
DGKHANBrinjal22502350 -100Rise in price
DGKHANBitter Gourd (کریلا)53503900 +1450Rise in price
DGKHANTinda Desi45004300 +200Rise in price
DGKHANCauliflower44004900 -500Rise in price
DGKHANCarrot55507300 -1750Rise in price
DGKHANBanana(DOZENS)9089 +1Rise in price
DGKHANMango(Chounsa)1230012800 -500Rise in price
DGKHANMango(Desahri)87008500 +200Rise in price
DGKHANMango(Sindhri)75006150 +1350Rise in price
DGKHANRice Basmati Super (Old)2125021150 +100Rise in price
DGKHANCabbage49004700 +200Rise in price
DGKHANGinger (Thai)2080020000 +800Rise in price
DGKHANCucumber (Kheera)35003600 -100Rise in price
DGKHANWatermelon35003400 +100Rise in price
DGKHANGreen Chilli870010000 -1300Rise in price
DGKHANCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)61506650 -500Rise in price
DGKHANLemon (Desi)1690014850 +2050Rise in price
DGKHANPeach1535015400 -50Rise in price
DGKHANPlum1540013950 +1450Rise in price
DGKHANMango Desi42004750 -550Rise in price
DGKHANGrapes Gola51505350 -200Rise in price
DGKHANBottle Gourd (کدو)23001850 +450Rise in price
DGKHANZucchini (گھیا توری)39003200 +700Rise in price
DGKHANJaman1230014850 -2550Rise in price
DGKHANCocoyam(اروی)56504900 +750Rise in price
PhoolNagarPotato Fresh62506400 -150Rise in price
PhoolNagarBrinjal46004700 -100Rise in price
PhoolNagarLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)45006300 -1800Rise in price
PhoolNagarBitter Gourd (کریلا)49006950 -2050Rise in price
PhoolNagarBanana(DOZENS)86008400 +200Rise in price
PhoolNagarCucumber (Kheera)45005300 -800Rise in price
PhoolNagarPeach1875017750 +1000Rise in price
PhoolNagarZucchini (گھیا توری)33002900 +400Rise in price
LalaMusaGram White(local)2620026250 -50Rise in price
LalaMusaGram Pulse1970019000 +700Rise in price
LalaMusaMash2750027000 +500Rise in price
LalaMusaMash Pulse(Imported) washed3250022500 +10000Rise in price
LalaMusaMasoor Whole(local)3250032000 +500Rise in price
LalaMusaMasoor Pulse(local)3450034000 +500Rise in price
LalaMusaPotato Fresh64005000 +1400Rise in price
LalaMusaOnion71006000 +1100Rise in price
LalaMusaGarlic (China)3000031000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaGinger(China)2450024000 +500Rise in price
LalaMusaTomato66006000 +600Rise in price
LalaMusaSpinach31003000 +100Rise in price
LalaMusaBrinjal41005200 -1100Rise in price
LalaMusaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)62007200 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaBitter Gourd (کریلا)52008000 -2800Rise in price
LalaMusaTinda Desi1230012000 +300Rise in price
LalaMusaPeas2350022000 +1500Rise in price
LalaMusaTurnip62006000 +200Rise in price
LalaMusaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2520025000 +200Rise in price
LalaMusaBanana(DOZENS)10780 +27Rise in price
LalaMusaMango(Sindhri)1700016000 +1000Rise in price
LalaMusaCabbage930010000 -700Rise in price
LalaMusaJaggery (گڑ)1025010000 +250Rise in price
LalaMusaGram White(Imported)2650026000 +500Rise in price
LalaMusaGarlic (Local)2600027000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaCucumber (Kheera)41004200 -100Rise in price
LalaMusaMelon45004050 +450Rise in price
LalaMusaWatermelon30002000 +1000Rise in price
LalaMusaGreen Chilli1630012000 +4300Rise in price
LalaMusaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)930010000 -700Rise in price
LalaMusaLemon (Desi)2200023000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaPeach850013000 -4500Rise in price
LalaMusaPlum2100022000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaApricot White1800019000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaGram Flour (بیسن)1900018000 +1000Rise in price
LalaMusaBottle Gourd (کدو)1030010000 +300Rise in price
LalaMusaZucchini (گھیا توری)41004000 +100Rise in price
LalaMusaCocoyam(اروی)83008000 +300Rise in price
LalaMusaCarrot China93008000 +1300Rise in price
LalaMusaCoriander (دھنیا)103009000 +1300Rise in price
LalaMusaTindian62006000 +200Rise in price
MandiBahaudinPotato Fresh62506000 +250Rise in price
MandiBahaudinOnion71507000 +150Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGarlic (China)2850027500 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinTomato69007250 -350Rise in price
MandiBahaudinSpinach29002700 +200Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBrinjal59005250 +650Rise in price
MandiBahaudinLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)85008250 +250Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBitter Gourd (کریلا)850010500 -2000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinTinda Desi1050011500 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBanana(DOZENS)10595 +10Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCabbage1150010500 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinMelon52502500 +2750Rise in price
MandiBahaudinLemon (Desi)1750018500 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBottle Gourd (کدو)105008500 +2000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinZucchini (گھیا توری)45503700 +850Rise in price
JalalPurJattanPotato Fresh65006000 +500Rise in price
JalalPurJattanGinger(China)2460025350 -750Rise in price
JalalPurJattanTomato65007200 -700Rise in price
JalalPurJattanSpinach27003100 -400Rise in price
JalalPurJattanBrinjal41004600 -500Rise in price
JalalPurJattanBitter Gourd (کریلا)88009200 -400Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCauliflower71006100 +1000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanPeas2350022500 +1000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2550026000 -500Rise in price
JalalPurJattanMango(Chounsa)1730018500 -1200Rise in price
JalalPurJattanMango(Desahri)1320011500 +1700Rise in price
JalalPurJattanMango(Sindhri)1700017250 -250Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCabbage93009100 +200Rise in price
JalalPurJattanGarlic (Local)2500025500 -500Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCucumber (Kheera)41004600 -500Rise in price
JalalPurJattanGreen Chilli1612516800 -675Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)900010200 -1200Rise in price
JalalPurJattanLemon (Desi)2320023500 -300Rise in price
JalalPurJattanPeach Special1840018200 +200Rise in price
JalalPurJattanApricot White1950019000 +500Rise in price
JalalPurJattanBottle Gourd (کدو)92509800 -550Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCarrot China95009300 +200Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCocunut2080021500 -700Rise in price
DaskaPotato Fresh59005750 +150Rise in price
DaskaGarlic (China)2775028100 -350Rise in price
DaskaTomato66007000 -400Rise in price
DaskaSpinach20501800 +250Rise in price
DaskaBrinjal42504200 +50Rise in price
DaskaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)70006450 +550Rise in price
DaskaBitter Gourd (کریلا)94509900 -450Rise in price
DaskaTinda Desi1450014250 +250Rise in price
DaskaCauliflower59005500 +400Rise in price
DaskaBanana(DOZENS)103110 -7Rise in price
DaskaMango(Chounsa)1415013750 +400Rise in price
DaskaMango(Desahri)1215011750 +400Rise in price
DaskaCabbage85008300 +200Rise in price
DaskaCucumber (Kheera)48004500 +300Rise in price
DaskaGreen Chilli1415013750 +400Rise in price
DaskaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)70006950 +50Rise in price
DaskaLemon (Desi)2015017150 +3000Rise in price
DaskaPeach1715017500 -350Rise in price
DaskaPlum2775017600 +10150Rise in price
DaskaMango Desi52005050 +150Rise in price
DaskaPear94009300 +100Rise in price
DaskaSweet Musk Melon62506750 -500Rise in price
DaskaBottle Gourd (کدو)92008400 +800Rise in price
DaskaZucchini (گھیا توری)39503800 +150Rise in price
KamaliaPotato Fresh56005400 +200Rise in price
KamaliaOnion60005900 +100Rise in price
KamaliaGarlic (China)2590024900 +1000Rise in price
KamaliaTomato63006150 +150Rise in price
KamaliaSpinach28002600 +200Rise in price
KamaliaBitter Gourd (کریلا)99009700 +200Rise in price
KamaliaMango(Chounsa)1310012500 +600Rise in price
KamaliaMango(Desahri)99007600 +2300Rise in price
KamaliaMango(Sindhri)1160011700 -100Rise in price
KamaliaCabbage1070010100 +600Rise in price
KamaliaGinger (Thai)1990018900 +1000Rise in price
KamaliaCucumber (Kheera)49004400 +500Rise in price
KamaliaGreen Chilli1250010700 +1800Rise in price
KamaliaLemon (Desi)1890017900 +1000Rise in price
KamaliaPeach890013400 -4500Rise in price
KamaliaPeach Special1325015900 -2650Rise in price
KamaliaPlum1530016900 -1600Rise in price
KamaliaSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)59006150 -250Rise in price
KamaliaCocoyam(اروی)77007600 +100Rise in price
KamaliaSweet Potato(شکر قندی)61506100 +50Rise in price
KamaliaCoriander (دھنیا)79007100 +800Rise in price
PirMahalPotato Fresh63006100 +200Rise in price
PirMahalPotato Store37003500 +200Rise in price
PirMahalOnion67006500 +200Rise in price
PirMahalGarlic (China)2910028700 +400Rise in price
PirMahalTomato71006900 +200Rise in price
PirMahalBrinjal31003290 -190Rise in price
PirMahalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)58005900 -100Rise in price
PirMahalBitter Gourd (کریلا)1080010890 -90Rise in price
PirMahalTinda Desi1089010800 +90Rise in price
PirMahalBanana(DOZENS)124126 -2Rise in price
PirMahalMango(Chounsa)1430015300 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalMango(Desahri)1130011800 -500Rise in price
PirMahalMango(Sindhri)1280013300 -500Rise in price
PirMahalCabbage1190011300 +600Rise in price
PirMahalGinger (Thai)2230020800 +1500Rise in price
PirMahalCucumber (Kheera)59005400 +500Rise in price
PirMahalApple (Gatcha)1880014900 +3900Rise in price
PirMahalLemon (Desi)2080019800 +1000Rise in price
PirMahalPeach987514900 -5025Rise in price
PirMahalPeach Special1490017900 -3000Rise in price
PirMahalBottle Gourd (کدو)64006300 +100Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaOnion71006700 +400Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaTomato77007900 -200Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaSpinach19001700 +200Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1190011500 +400Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaMango(Desahri)1290011900 +1000Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaApple (Gatcha)1950018900 +600Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaBottle Gourd (کدو)69005900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianPotato Fresh69006700 +200Rise in price
JahanianOnion77007300 +400Rise in price
JahanianGarlic (China)2590024900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianCauliflower95009300 +200Rise in price
JahanianBanana(DOZENS)135125 +10Rise in price
JahanianMango(Desahri)1390012900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianMango(Anwer Ratol)1690015900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianCabbage1230012900 -600Rise in price
JahanianGinger (Thai)2290021900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianGarlic (Local)1590014900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianDates (Aseel)1690017900 -1000Rise in price
JahanianGreen Chilli103009900 +400Rise in price
JahanianLemon (Desi)2090020500 +400Rise in price
JahanianApricot White1890017900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianCocoyam(اروی)79007500 +400Rise in price
HasalPurBanana(DOZENS)115110 +5Rise in price
JamPurOnion59005700 +200Rise in price
JamPurSpinach13001400 -100Rise in price
JamPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)57005500 +200Rise in price
JamPurMango(Sindhri)1210010100 +2000Rise in price
JamPurJaman1510013100 +2000Rise in price
SialkotPotato Fresh58005500 +300Rise in price
SialkotOnion58006400 -600Rise in price
SialkotTomato62506500 -250Rise in price
SialkotSpinach20001800 +200Rise in price
SialkotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)67506000 +750Rise in price
SialkotBitter Gourd (کریلا)87509250 -500Rise in price
SialkotTinda Desi1375013250 +500Rise in price
SialkotCauliflower58005250 +550Rise in price
SialkotCabbage77508000 -250Rise in price
SialkotGinger (Thai)2075020250 +500Rise in price
SialkotCucumber (Kheera)48004250 +550Rise in price
SialkotMango (Malda)975010250 -500Rise in price
SialkotGreen Chilli1375012750 +1000Rise in price
SialkotLemon (Desi)1875016750 +2000Rise in price
SialkotPlum2575024750 +1000Rise in price
SialkotMango Desi48005050 -250Rise in price
SialkotPear87508250 +500Rise in price
SialkotSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)62006750 -550Rise in price
SialkotBottle Gourd (کدو)87508000 +750Rise in price
SialkotZucchini (گھیا توری)38006750 -2950Rise in price
SialkotCocoyam(اروی)58006750 -950Rise in price
NarowalGram Black1575016000 -250Rise in price
NarowalGram Pulse1575015500 +250Rise in price
NarowalMash Pulse(Imported) washed2825027500 +750Rise in price
NarowalPotato Fresh55005650 -150Rise in price
NarowalOnion68506500 +350Rise in price
NarowalTomato59006850 -950Rise in price
NarowalBrinjal37503800 -50Rise in price
NarowalBitter Gourd (کریلا)950010250 -750Rise in price
NarowalApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2300022000 +1000Rise in price
NarowalBanana(DOZENS)10395 +8Rise in price
NarowalMango(Chounsa)1650015000 +1500Rise in price
NarowalCabbage77508750 -1000Rise in price
NarowalGarlic (Local)1650015750 +750Rise in price
NarowalCucumber (Kheera)42504150 +100Rise in price
NarowalLemon (Desi)1875019500 -750Rise in price
NarowalApricot White1750017750 -250Rise in price
NarowalGram Flour (بیسن)1575015500 +250Rise in price
NarowalBottle Gourd (کدو)75008750 -1250Rise in price
ChakwalOnion69007100 -200Rise in price
ChakwalTomato69007900 -1000Rise in price
ChakwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)74007200 +200Rise in price
ChakwalMango(Chounsa)1290013400 -500Rise in price
ChakwalMango(Sindhri)1290012400 +500Rise in price
ChakwalApple (Gatcha)1435013750 +600Rise in price
ChakwalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)54005450 -50Rise in price
ChakwalLemon (Desi)2150021400 +100Rise in price
JhelumOnion65006350 +150Rise in price
JhelumTomato65006350 +150Rise in price
JhelumTinda Desi68506900 -50Rise in price
JhelumCauliflower54505250 +200Rise in price
JhelumPeas1500014500 +500Rise in price
JhelumMango(Chounsa)1250013500 -1000Rise in price
JhelumMango(Desahri)85008750 -250Rise in price
JhelumMango(Sindhri)1150012500 -1000Rise in price
JhelumCabbage92508500 +750Rise in price
JhelumMasoor Whole (Imported)2135021000 +350Rise in price
JhelumMasoor Pulse (Imported)2090021350 -450Rise in price
JhelumLychee2700027500 -500Rise in price
JhelumGreen Chilli100009500 +500Rise in price
JhelumLemon (Desi)2050019550 +950Rise in price
JhelumPeach850014000 -5500Rise in price
JhelumPlum2050023000 -2500Rise in price
JhelumMango Desi72506750 +500Rise in price
JhelumApricot White1400013500 +500Rise in price
JhelumPear82508750 -500Rise in price
JhelumBottle Gourd (کدو)68505900 +950Rise in price
JhelumZucchini (گھیا توری)42503250 +1000Rise in price
JhelumCocoyam(اروی)78507750 +100Rise in price
MianwaliGarlic (China)2490025100 -200Rise in price
MianwaliGinger(China)2040018400 +2000Rise in price
MianwaliTomato56005750 -150Rise in price
MianwaliSpinach24002900 -500Rise in price
MianwaliBitter Gourd (کریلا)61007100 -1000Rise in price
MianwaliCauliflower61006150 -50Rise in price
MianwaliBanana(DOZENS)8187 -6Rise in price
MianwaliMango(Chounsa)1230013200 -900Rise in price
MianwaliMango(Sindhri)1230013100 -800Rise in price
MianwaliMango(Anwer Ratol)1035010300 +50Rise in price
MianwaliGreen Chilli1230011900 +400Rise in price
MianwaliLemon (Desi)2130020900 +400Rise in price
MianwaliPlum1790019700 -1800Rise in price
MianwaliApricot White1410013100 +1000Rise in price
MianwaliSweet Musk Melon61006150 -50Rise in price
MianwaliBottle Gourd (کدو)61007100 -1000Rise in price
MianwaliZucchini (گھیا توری)39003500 +400Rise in price
JhangPotato Fresh64006600 -200Rise in price
JhangPotato Store36004000 -400Rise in price
JhangOnion72007000 +200Rise in price
JhangTomato68007600 -800Rise in price
JhangBrinjal30003500 -500Rise in price
JhangBitter Gourd (کریلا)1100010750 +250Rise in price
JhangBanana(DOZENS)120128 -8Rise in price
JhangMango(Desahri)1300012000 +1000Rise in price
JhangMango(Sindhri)1400013000 +1000Rise in price
JhangCabbage1200011000 +1000Rise in price
JhangGinger (Thai)2150022000 -500Rise in price
JhangGarlic (Local)400014000 -10000Rise in price
JhangGreen Chilli1400015000 -1000Rise in price
JhangCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)900010000 -1000Rise in price
JhangPeach1400015000 -1000Rise in price
JhangPlum1800019000 -1000Rise in price
JhangMango Desi53005500 -200Rise in price
JhangApricot White1400015000 -1000Rise in price
JhangSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)65007000 -500Rise in price
SadiqAbadMango(Chounsa)1423815088 -850Rise in price
SadiqAbadMango(Sindhri)1508815938 -850Rise in price
SadiqAbadLemon (Desi)1848816788 +1700Rise in price
SadiqAbadMango Desi167887438 +9350Rise in price
SadiqAbadBottle Gourd (کدو)82886588 +1700Rise in price
KhanpurPotato Fresh63906210 +180Rise in price
KhanpurPotato Store31504725 -1575Rise in price
KhanpurOnion65256390 +135Rise in price
KhanpurGinger(China)2025021150 -900Rise in price
KhanpurTomato63206480 -160Rise in price
KhanpurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)76007800 -200Rise in price
KhanpurTinda Desi70007800 -800Rise in price
KhanpurMango(Chounsa)84009400 -1000Rise in price
KhanpurMango(Sindhri)1100010200 +800Rise in price
KhanpurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1000010200 -200Rise in price
KhanpurLemon (Desi)1720015600 +1600Rise in price
KhanpurPeach1020013400 -3200Rise in price
KhanpurPeach Special1580016400 -600Rise in price
KhanpurApricot White1420015000 -800Rise in price
KhanpurPomegranate Desi1340015600 -2200Rise in price
KhanpurGrapes Gola1400011800 +2200Rise in price
KhanpurPear1340012600 +800Rise in price
KhanpurSweet Musk Melon42004400 -200Rise in price
KhanpurCocoyam(اروی)70006600 +400Rise in price
KhanpurPotato Sugar free47251800 +2925Rise in price
KotAduPotato Fresh57506250 -500Rise in price
KotAduOnion65006250 +250Rise in price
KotAduTomato62507250 -1000Rise in price
KotAduBrinjal45003750 +750Rise in price
KotAduLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)65006750 -250Rise in price
KotAduCauliflower75006500 +1000Rise in price
KotAduBanana(DOZENS)8590 -5Rise in price
KotAduMango(Sindhri)950010500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduGinger (Thai)2450023500 +1000Rise in price
KotAduCucumber (Kheera)47504250 +500Rise in price
KotAduGreen Chilli1050011000 -500Rise in price
KotAduPeach Special1550017500 -2000Rise in price
KotAduApricot Yellow1150012500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduApricot White1350014500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduGrapes Sundekhani1950019000 +500Rise in price
KotAduSweet Musk Melon47505750 -1000Rise in price
KotAduBottle Gourd (کدو)45004750 -250Rise in price
RenalaKhurdBanana(DOZENS)100110 -10Rise in price
RenalaKhurdMango(Chounsa)1430013300 +1000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdMango(Anwer Ratol)1280013300 -500Rise in price
RenalaKhurdApple (Gatcha)2005020800 -750Rise in price
RenalaKhurdLemon (Desi)2080019800 +1000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdMango Desi73008300 -1000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdSweet Musk Melon68007300 -500Rise in price
NankanaGarlic (China)2900029150 -150Rise in price
NankanaGinger(China)2185021400 +450Rise in price
NankanaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)62005700 +500Rise in price
NankanaBitter Gourd (کریلا)92008700 +500Rise in price
NankanaCauliflower60005500 +500Rise in price
NankanaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2125021500 -250Rise in price
NankanaBanana(DOZENS)80112 -32Rise in price
NankanaGrapes (Other)1140010400 +1000Rise in price
NankanaMango(Chounsa)1540016000 -600Rise in price
NankanaGinger (Thai)2240023000 -600Rise in price
NankanaGreen Chilli1420014700 -500Rise in price
NankanaLemon (Desi)2140020400 +1000Rise in price
NankanaBottle Gourd (کدو)82007700 +500Rise in price
NankanaCocoyam(اروی)72007700 -500Rise in price
LiaqatPurPotato Fresh63906120 +270Rise in price
LiaqatPurOnion65256300 +225Rise in price
LiaqatPurGinger(China)2025021150 -900Rise in price
LiaqatPurTomato71107200 -90Rise in price
LiaqatPurCabbage1215010350 +1800Rise in price
LiaqatPurLemon (Desi)1890017550 +1350Rise in price
LiaqatPurBottle Gourd (کدو)67506300 +450Rise in price
ChackJhumraPotato Fresh62006400 -200Rise in price
ChackJhumraPotato Store39003800 +100Rise in price
ChackJhumraGarlic (China)2875031250 -2500Rise in price
ChackJhumraTomato70007500 -500Rise in price
ChackJhumraLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)75007800 -300Rise in price
ChackJhumraBitter Gourd (کریلا)1125012750 -1500Rise in price
ChackJhumraCauliflower59006500 -600Rise in price
ChackJhumraPeas1675018750 -2000Rise in price
ChackJhumraMango(Anwer Ratol)1425014750 -500Rise in price
ChackJhumraGinger (Thai)2175022750 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraMelon75007600 -100Rise in price
ChackJhumraGreen Chilli1225013250 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraLemon (Desi)2075021750 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraSweet Musk Melon59006500 -600Rise in price
ChackJhumraBottle Gourd (کدو)87509250 -500Rise in price
ChackJhumraCocoyam(اروی)82508750 -500Rise in price
SummandriOnion67506660 +90Rise in price
SummandriGarlic (China)2655028575 -2025Rise in price
SummandriGinger(China)1998020925 -945Rise in price
SummandriTomato68857470 -585Rise in price
SummandriBrinjal35103375 +135Rise in price
SummandriLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)65256885 -360Rise in price
SummandriBitter Gourd (کریلا)1057511700 -1125Rise in price
SummandriCauliflower58506175 -325Rise in price
SummandriPeas1665017550 -900Rise in price
SummandriBanana(DOZENS)114116 -2Rise in price
SummandriMango(Sindhri)1147511925 -450Rise in price
SummandriApple (Gatcha)1597516650 -675Rise in price
SummandriGreen Chilli1327514625 -1350Rise in price
SummandriCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)96758775 +900Rise in price
SummandriLemon (Desi)1926020385 -1125Rise in price
SummandriApricot White1282513275 -450Rise in price
SummandriBottle Gourd (کدو)85509000 -450Rise in price
SummandriZucchini (گھیا توری)38254140 -315Rise in price
SummandriCocoyam(اروی)78758280 -405Rise in price
SummandriCoriander (دھنیا)83257875 +450Rise in price
TandlianwalaPotato Store35304030 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaGarlic (China)2903031530 -2500Rise in price
TandlianwalaGinger(China)2153023030 -1500Rise in price
TandlianwalaTomato75308030 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)60305030 +1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaCauliflower60306530 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaPeas1703019030 -2000Rise in price
TandlianwalaMango(Anwer Ratol)1453015030 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaCabbage1003012030 -2000Rise in price
TandlianwalaGinger (Thai)2203022530 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaGreen Chilli1403015030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaLemon (Desi)2103022030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaPeach80309030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaPeach Special1603016530 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaMango Desi50306030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaCocoyam(اروی)80309030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaCarrot China80307530 +500Rise in price
FatehpurWheat62506300 -50Rise in price
FatehpurMoong91509200 -50Rise in price
FatehpurOnion54005500 -100Rise in price
FatehpurTomato56505500 +150Rise in price
FatehpurBrinjal40002200 +1800Rise in price
FatehpurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)50004500 +500Rise in price
FatehpurTinda Desi50006000 -1000Rise in price
FatehpurBanana(DOZENS)80009000 -1000Rise in price
FatehpurMango(Sindhri)1180012500 -700Rise in price
FatehpurApricot White1250011500 +1000Rise in price
FatehpurCocoyam(اروی)75008000 -500Rise in price
SheikhupuraGinger(China)2050019500 +1000Rise in price
SheikhupuraTomato75507200 +350Rise in price
SheikhupuraCauliflower57505250 +500Rise in price
SheikhupuraBanana(DOZENS)108113 -5Rise in price
SheikhupuraLemon (Desi)1850015750 +2750Rise in price
ChiniotOnion66006450 +150Rise in price
ChiniotGinger(China)2025020450 -200Rise in price
ChiniotTomato57505800 -50Rise in price
ChiniotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)66007050 -450Rise in price
ChiniotBitter Gourd (کریلا)88509550 -700Rise in price
ChiniotCauliflower61505700 +450Rise in price
ChiniotApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2405023850 +200Rise in price
ChiniotBanana(DOZENS)8589 -4Rise in price
ChiniotMango(Chounsa)1115011600 -450Rise in price
ChiniotMango(Sindhri)1225012500 -250Rise in price
ChiniotMango(Anwer Ratol)1160011150 +450Rise in price
ChiniotCabbage1070010250 +450Rise in price
ChiniotCucumber (Kheera)49004700 +200Rise in price
ChiniotApple (Gatcha)1685017750 -900Rise in price
ChiniotPeach1045011350 -900Rise in price
ChiniotMango Desi49005300 -400Rise in price
ChiniotGrapes Gola1115010250 +900Rise in price
ChiniotZucchini (گھیا توری)43503650 +700Rise in price
ChiniotCocoyam(اروی)79508850 -900Rise in price
ChiniotCoriander (دھنیا)79508400 -450Rise in price
ChiniotPapaya(پپیتا)102509750 +500Rise in price
ShorkotOnion75007000 +500Rise in price
ShorkotTomato84008000 +400Rise in price
ShorkotBrinjal30004000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotBitter Gourd (کریلا)1100010000 +1000Rise in price
ShorkotTinda Desi1100012000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotPumpkin34503400 +50Rise in price
ShorkotCauliflower75007000 +500Rise in price
ShorkotBanana(DOZENS)120130 -10Rise in price
ShorkotMango(Desahri)1400012000 +2000Rise in price
ShorkotMango(Sindhri)1400013000 +1000Rise in price
ShorkotCabbage1200011000 +1000Rise in price
ShorkotGinger (Thai)2300024000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotGarlic (Local)1300014000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotCucumber (Kheera)55005000 +500Rise in price
ShorkotCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)900011000 -2000Rise in price
ShorkotLemon (Desi)2100023000 -2000Rise in price
ShorkotPeach1400015000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotPlum1800019000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotBottle Gourd (کدو)110008000 +3000Rise in price
ShorkotZucchini (گھیا توری)33002400 +900Rise in price
KalurkotGram Black1495014700 +250Rise in price
KalurkotMoong98509600 +250Rise in price
KalurkotGarlic (China)2430024700 -400Rise in price
KalurkotGinger(China)2010019700 +400Rise in price
KalurkotTomato56006100 -500Rise in price
KalurkotSpinach34003500 -100Rise in price
KalurkotBrinjal34003700 -300Rise in price
KalurkotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)56005800 -200Rise in price
KalurkotCauliflower70007500 -500Rise in price
KalurkotBanana(DOZENS)81008400 -300Rise in price
KalurkotMango(Chounsa)1490014025 +875Rise in price
KalurkotGreen Fodder13001250 +50Rise in price
KalurkotMango(Desahri)1040010100 +300Rise in price
KalurkotMango(Sindhri)1260012200 +400Rise in price
KalurkotGarlic (Local)1470014900 -200Rise in price
KalurkotGreen Chilli86009000 -400Rise in price
KalurkotLemon (Desi)1470013700 +1000Rise in price
KalurkotPeach1490014000 +900Rise in price
KalurkotApricot White1290014300 -1400Rise in price
KalurkotSweet Musk Melon69505900 +1050Rise in price
KalurkotBottle Gourd (کدو)67003700 +3000Rise in price
KalurkotZucchini (گھیا توری)34003200 +200Rise in price
KalurkotMustard seed950015500 -6000Rise in price
FortabasPotato Fresh69006700 +200Rise in price
FortabasPotato Store39003400 +500Rise in price
FortabasTomato69007850 -950Rise in price
FortabasSpinach14501350 +100Rise in price
FortabasBrinjal49003900 +1000Rise in price
FortabasLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)78506900 +950Rise in price
FortabasBitter Gourd (کریلا)78508850 -1000Rise in price
FortabasBanana(DOZENS)10898 +10Rise in price
FortabasMango(Chounsa)1475013750 +1000Rise in price
FortabasMango(Sindhri)1475010750 +4000Rise in price
FortabasMango(Anwer Ratol)1475012750 +2000Rise in price
FortabasGarlic (Local)1775016750 +1000Rise in price
FortabasPeach Special1675017750 -1000Rise in price
FortabasPlum2475023750 +1000Rise in price
FortabasApricot White2275019750 +3000Rise in price
FortabasBottle Gourd (کدو)78506900 +950Rise in price
TALAGANGPotato Store37004100 -400Rise in price
TALAGANGOnion67006400 +300Rise in price
TALAGANGGinger(China)2390023400 +500Rise in price
TALAGANGTomato69007400 -500Rise in price
TALAGANGLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)65005400 +1100Rise in price
TALAGANGBitter Gourd (کریلا)75007100 +400Rise in price
TALAGANGCauliflower55004900 +600Rise in price
TALAGANGMango(Chounsa)1190011400 +500Rise in price
TALAGANGMango(Sindhri)1190012900 -1000Rise in price
TALAGANGGinger (Thai)2350023400 +100Rise in price
TALAGANGCucumber (Kheera)51004600 +500Rise in price
TALAGANGLychee2780027700 +100Rise in price
TALAGANGGreen Chilli1370013400 +300Rise in price
TALAGANGCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)61006000 +100Rise in price
TALAGANGLemon (Desi)2330021300 +2000Rise in price
TALAGANGPeach1550015300 +200Rise in price
TALAGANGPlum1350013900 -400Rise in price
TALAGANGBottle Gourd (کدو)55005300 +200Rise in price
TALAGANGCarrot China71006500 +600Rise in price
TALAGANGCoriander (دھنیا)75007300 +200Rise in price
SillanwaliOnion72007150 +50Rise in price
SillanwaliGarlic (China)2730027500 -200Rise in price
SillanwaliGinger(China)2200021500 +500Rise in price
SillanwaliTomato65506600 -50Rise in price
SillanwaliSpinach23002100 +200Rise in price
SillanwaliBitter Gourd (کریلا)83009250 -950Rise in price
SillanwaliTinda Desi1325013750 -500Rise in price
SillanwaliApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2650026000 +500Rise in price
SillanwaliBanana(DOZENS)9510000 -9905Rise in price
SillanwaliMango(Chounsa)1200012500 -500Rise in price
SillanwaliMango(Sindhri)1200012500 -500Rise in price
SillanwaliMango(Anwer Ratol)1150012000 -500Rise in price
SillanwaliCabbage93009750 -450Rise in price
SillanwaliGinger (Thai)2150022500 -1000Rise in price
SillanwaliCucumber (Kheera)48005000 -200Rise in price
SillanwaliGreen Chilli1430010400 +3900Rise in price
SillanwaliCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)89008400 +500Rise in price
SillanwaliPeach1150012500 -1000Rise in price
SillanwaliZucchini (گھیا توری)19001700 +200Rise in price
AbdulhakimPotato Fresh52506100 -850Rise in price
AbdulhakimOnion70006600 +400Rise in price
AbdulhakimGarlic (China)2335022450 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimSpinach23002500 -200Rise in price
AbdulhakimLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)66005900 +700Rise in price
AbdulhakimBitter Gourd (کریلا)1075011650 -900Rise in price
AbdulhakimPumpkin32003000 +200Rise in price
AbdulhakimCauliflower86008400 +200Rise in price
AbdulhakimBanana(DOZENS)122113 +9Rise in price
AbdulhakimMango(Desahri)1255011650 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimMango(Anwer Ratol)1525014350 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimCabbage1110014350 -3250Rise in price
AbdulhakimGinger (Thai)2065019750 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimGarlic (Local)1435013450 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimCucumber (Kheera)39003700 +200Rise in price
AbdulhakimDates (Aseel)1525016150 -900Rise in price
AbdulhakimApple (Gatcha)1975017950 +1800Rise in price
AbdulhakimGreen Chilli93008950 +350Rise in price
AbdulhakimLemon (Desi)1885018500 +350Rise in price
AbdulhakimPlum3055028750 +1800Rise in price
AbdulhakimApricot White1705016150 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimSweet Musk Melon86008550 +50Rise in price
SanglahillLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)55005100 +400Rise in price
SanglahillApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2480025300 -500Rise in price
SanglahillBanana(DOZENS)8583 +2Rise in price
SanglahillGrapes (Other)87009600 -900Rise in price
SanglahillMango(Chounsa)1410015000 -900Rise in price
SanglahillMango(Anwer Ratol)1315012800 +350Rise in price
SanglahillCabbage73006900 +400Rise in price
SanglahillCucumber (Kheera)51005500 -400Rise in price
SanglahillApricot White1315012900 +250Rise in price
SanglahillPear91508700 +450Rise in price
SanglahillSweet Musk Melon60005600 +400Rise in price
SanglahillBottle Gourd (کدو)74006900 +500Rise in price
HasanabdalPotato Fresh40003500 +500Rise in price
HasanabdalGarlic (China)2700024000 +3000Rise in price
HasanabdalBitter Gourd (کریلا)60006250 -250Rise in price
HasanabdalCarrot95008000 +1500Rise in price
HasanabdalMango(Sindhri)1450015000 -500Rise in price
HasanabdalCabbage95008000 +1500Rise in price
HasanabdalGreen Chilli950010000 -500Rise in price
HasanabdalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75007000 +500Rise in price
HasanabdalLemon (China)1900019500 -500Rise in price
HasanabdalCocoyam(اروی)90008000 +1000Rise in price
BasirpurOnion77508250 -500Rise in price
BasirpurTomato77508750 -1000Rise in price
BasirpurCauliflower72507750 -500Rise in price
BasirpurBanana(DOZENS)1250013500 -1000Rise in price
BasirpurMango(Chounsa)1550013500 +2000Rise in price
BasirpurGreen Chilli95009750 -250Rise in price
BasirpurBottle Gourd (کدو)115009750 +1750Rise in price
BasirpurZucchini (گھیا توری)57505250 +500Rise in price
HafizabadPotato Fresh60006300 -300Rise in price
HafizabadGarlic (China)2450023500 +1000Rise in price
HafizabadBrinjal31504000 -850Rise in price
HafizabadLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)500005250 +44750Rise in price
HafizabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)87509250 -500Rise in price
HafizabadPeas1600017500 -1500Rise in price
HafizabadBanana(DOZENS)1150012000 -500Rise in price
HafizabadMango(Desahri)95009750 -250Rise in price
HafizabadMango(Sindhri)1300012500 +500Rise in price
HafizabadCabbage52506950 -1700Rise in price
HafizabadGreen Chilli1375014500 -750Rise in price
HafizabadCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)65006250 +250Rise in price
HafizabadLemon (Desi)1800017500 +500Rise in price
HafizabadApricot White1600016500 -500Rise in price
HafizabadBottle Gourd (کدو)77508250 -500Rise in price
HafizabadZucchini (گھیا توری)38003850 -50Rise in price
HafizabadCocoyam(اروی)82507250 +1000Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreGinger(China)2100020500 +500Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreBrinjal45004400 +100Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)78007400 +400Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreBitter Gourd (کریلا)97508800 +950Rise in price
MultanRoadLahorePumpkin43003700 +600Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreCauliflower68505850 +1000Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2135021400 -50Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreMango(Chounsa)1715016850 +300Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreGrapefruit(100Pcs)43004200 +100Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreCabbage97509250 +500Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreGinger (Thai)2150022200 -700Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreWatermelon32003100 +100Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreGreen Chilli1200012750 -750Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreLemon (Desi)2050019500 +1000Rise in price
MultanRoadLahorePeach1325013850 -600Rise in price
MultanRoadLahorePlum3075022250 +8500Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreBottle Gourd (کدو)97509250 +500Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreCocoyam(اروی)63506850 -500Rise in price
SafdarabadGinger(China)2150020500 +1000Rise in price
SafdarabadTomato83508000 +350Rise in price
SafdarabadCauliflower63505800 +550Rise in price
SafdarabadBanana(DOZENS)118123 -5Rise in price
SafdarabadLemon (Desi)1950016750 +2750Rise in price
KotradhakishanPotato Fresh62006425 -225Rise in price
KotradhakishanOnion72007300 -100Rise in price
KotradhakishanTomato79508000 -50Rise in price
KotradhakishanSpinach22003100 -900Rise in price
KotradhakishanBrinjal33004400 -1100Rise in price
KotradhakishanLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)44006400 -2000Rise in price
KotradhakishanBitter Gourd (کریلا)47006350 -1650Rise in price
KotradhakishanCauliflower54005900 -500Rise in price
KotradhakishanMango(Desahri)1320014200 -1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanMango(Sindhri)1720018200 -1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanCabbage59006900 -1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanCucumber (Kheera)46005100 -500Rise in price
KotradhakishanApple (Gatcha)1820021200 -3000Rise in price
KotradhakishanGreen Chilli1220013200 -1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)71008200 -1100Rise in price
KotradhakishanLemon (Desi)2020019200 +1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanPeach1920017200 +2000Rise in price
KotradhakishanMango Desi77507650 +100Rise in price
KotradhakishanGrapes Gola2120020200 +1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanSweet Musk Melon102008800 +1400Rise in price
KotradhakishanBottle Gourd (کدو)102009700 +500Rise in price
KotradhakishanZucchini (گھیا توری)33002900 +400Rise in price
KotradhakishanCoriander (دھنیا)71506500 +650Rise in price
KotradhakishanPapaya(پپیتا)1420013200 +1000Rise in price
KhudianPotato Fresh65006600 -100Rise in price
KhudianGarlic (China)2850021000 +7500Rise in price
KhudianGinger(China)2150021000 +500Rise in price
KhudianTomato82008300 -100Rise in price
KhudianSpinach23003000 -700Rise in price
KhudianBrinjal47004800 -100Rise in price
KhudianLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)44006400 -2000Rise in price
KhudianBitter Gourd (کریلا)46007100 -2500Rise in price
KhudianTinda Desi1450014800 -300Rise in price
KhudianPumpkin1100011500 -500Rise in price
KhudianCauliflower54006050 -650Rise in price
KhudianPeas1910019000 +100Rise in price
KhudianRadish85008400 +100Rise in price
KhudianBanana(DOZENS)110105 +5Rise in price
KhudianMango(Sindhri)1750018000 -500Rise in price
KhudianMango(Anwer Ratol)1550016000 -500Rise in price
KhudianCabbage60006050 -50Rise in price
KhudianGinger (Thai)2175022800 -1050Rise in price
KhudianCucumber (Kheera)46005400 -800Rise in price
KhudianApple (Gatcha)1820022000 -3800Rise in price
KhudianGreen Chilli1300013300 -300Rise in price
KhudianCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)66508300 -1650Rise in price
KhudianLemon (Desi)2150020000 +1500Rise in price
KhudianPeach1900017500 +1500Rise in price
KhudianPlum3400033000 +1000Rise in price
KhudianApricot Yellow1700016500 +500Rise in price
KhudianApricot White1680016700 +100Rise in price
KhudianGrapes Gola2100020000 +1000Rise in price
KhudianGrapes Sundekhani3000027500 +2500Rise in price
KhudianBottle Gourd (کدو)1100011500 -500Rise in price
KhudianZucchini (گھیا توری)34002900 +500Rise in price
KhudianFenugreek(میتھی)1500015700 -700Rise in price
KhudianCocoyam(اروی)60005850 +150Rise in price
KhudianCoriander (دھنیا)73006650 +650Rise in price
KhudianPapaya(پپیتا)1400013000 +1000Rise in price
MalakwalPotato Fresh67506650 +100Rise in price
MalakwalPotato Store26502500 +150Rise in price
MalakwalBrinjal54504750 +700Rise in price
MalakwalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)62504500 +1750Rise in price
MalakwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)85009500 -1000Rise in price
MalakwalPeas2250021500 +1000Rise in price
MalakwalBanana(DOZENS)105103 +2Rise in price
MalakwalMango(Chounsa)1550014500 +1000Rise in price
MalakwalMango(Desahri)1050011500 -1000Rise in price
MalakwalMango(Sindhri)1550013500 +2000Rise in price
MalakwalCabbage1125011500 -250Rise in price
MalakwalGinger (Thai)2350022500 +1000Rise in price
MalakwalGarlic (Local)1450014250 +250Rise in price
MalakwalCucumber (Kheera)55504750 +800Rise in price
MalakwalMelon65006250 +250Rise in price
MalakwalDates (Aseel)2250021500 +1000Rise in price
MalakwalApple (Gatcha)1950018500 +1000Rise in price
MalakwalGreen Chilli1450013250 +1250Rise in price
MalakwalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)105008250 +2250Rise in price
MalakwalLemon (Desi)2050022500 -2000Rise in price
MalakwalPeach Special1550016500 -1000Rise in price
MalakwalPlum2750026400 +1100Rise in price
MalakwalMango Desi92508500 +750Rise in price
MalakwalApricot White1950017500 +2000Rise in price
MalakwalGrapes Gola2250023500 -1000Rise in price
MalakwalBottle Gourd (کدو)95007500 +2000Rise in price
MalakwalJaman2050011500 +9000Rise in price
ShakargarhGram Black1575016000 -250Rise in price
ShakargarhGram Pulse1575015500 +250Rise in price
ShakargarhMash Pulse(Imported) washed2825027500 +750Rise in price
ShakargarhPotato Fresh55005650 -150Rise in price
ShakargarhOnion68506500 +350Rise in price
ShakargarhTomato59006850 -950Rise in price
ShakargarhBrinjal37503800 -50Rise in price
ShakargarhBitter Gourd (کریلا)950010250 -750Rise in price
ShakargarhApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2300022000 +1000Rise in price
ShakargarhBanana(DOZENS)10395 +8Rise in price
ShakargarhMango(Chounsa)1650015000 +1500Rise in price
ShakargarhCabbage77508750 -1000Rise in price
ShakargarhGarlic (Local)1650015750 +750Rise in price
ShakargarhCucumber (Kheera)42504150 +100Rise in price
ShakargarhLemon (Desi)1875019500 -750Rise in price
ShakargarhApricot White1750017750 -250Rise in price
ShakargarhGram Flour (بیسن)1575015500 +250Rise in price
ShakargarhBottle Gourd (کدو)75008750 -1250Rise in price
SraialamgirPotato Fresh68006500 +300Rise in price
SraialamgirPotato Store45004200 +300Rise in price
SraialamgirGarlic (China)3200033000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirGinger(China)2650026000 +500Rise in price
SraialamgirTomato74008000 -600Rise in price
SraialamgirLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)70008000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirBitter Gourd (کریلا)60006500 -500Rise in price
SraialamgirCauliflower80007000 +1000Rise in price
SraialamgirPeas2300024000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirTurnip70007500 -500Rise in price
SraialamgirCabbage1000011000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirGinger (Thai)2550026000 -500Rise in price
SraialamgirGarlic (Local)2800029000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirGreen Chilli1000011000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirApricot White1900020000 -1000Rise in price
SraialamgirBottle Gourd (کدو)1200011500 +500Rise in price
SraialamgirCarrot China100009000 +1000Rise in price
SraialamgirTindian60006500 -500Rise in price
JauharabadGram Black1505015850 -800Rise in price
JauharabadTinda Desi1180011400 +400Rise in price
JauharabadCauliflower64005900 +500Rise in price
JauharabadBanana(DOZENS)8691 -5Rise in price
JauharabadMango(Chounsa)1270013600 -900Rise in price
JauharabadMasoor Whole (Imported)2425024500 -250Rise in price
JauharabadCucumber (Kheera)45005100 -600Rise in price
JauharabadLemon (Desi)2360022700 +900Rise in price
JauharabadPeach1360014500 -900Rise in price
JauharabadBottle Gourd (کدو)82007300 +900Rise in price
JauharabadJaman1090011800 -900Rise in price
PiplanGinger(China)2025019350 +900Rise in price
PiplanTomato59856075 -90Rise in price
PiplanSpinach24752925 -450Rise in price
PiplanBitter Gourd (کریلا)58506750 -900Rise in price
PiplanBanana(DOZENS)95105 -10Rise in price
PiplanMango(Chounsa)1215013050 -900Rise in price
PiplanMango(Sindhri)1215013050 -900Rise in price
PiplanPlum1755018450 -900Rise in price
PiplanApricot White1395013050 +900Rise in price
PiplanBottle Gourd (کدو)58506750 -900Rise in price
kotmomanGarlic (China)2630026500 -200Rise in price
kotmomanGinger(China)2100020500 +500Rise in price
kotmomanTomato61506200 -50Rise in price
kotmomanBitter Gourd (کریلا)75008250 -750Rise in price
kotmomanTinda Desi1225012750 -500Rise in price
kotmomanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2550025000 +500Rise in price
kotmomanBanana(DOZENS)8085 -5Rise in price
kotmomanMango(Chounsa)1100011500 -500Rise in price
kotmomanMango(Sindhri)1100011500 -500Rise in price
kotmomanMango(Anwer Ratol)1050011000 -500Rise in price
kotmomanCabbage86008750 -150Rise in price
kotmomanCucumber (Kheera)44004600 -200Rise in price
kotmomanGreen Chilli1330013500 -200Rise in price
kotmomanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)82507750 +500Rise in price
kotmomanPeach1050011500 -1000Rise in price
kotmomanJaman950010000 -500Rise in price