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Agriculture Marketing Information Service
Directorate of Agriculture (Economics & Marketing) Punjab, Lahore

Daily change in commodity prices is as follows. All Prices in Rs/100KG unless noted otherwise.
Please note that data may be sorted by clicking on column headings.
Also note that this service is only available for commodities for which both yesterday's and today's prices are available.

CityNameCropNameToday's FQP/Average PriceYesterday's FQP/Average PriceChange in PricePrice Direction
LahoreTomato51005500 -400Rise in price
LahoreSpinach17501550 +200Rise in price
LahoreBitter Gourd (کریلا)59006400 -500Rise in price
LahoreTinda78508350 -500Rise in price
LahoreCauliflower24002900 -500Rise in price
LahoreRadish1150950 +200Rise in price
LahoreCarrot29003400 -500Rise in price
LahoreApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1100010800 +200Rise in price
LahoreApple (Ammre)64005900 +500Rise in price
LahoreGuava54004900 +500Rise in price
LahoreMusambi(100Pcs)715785 -70Rise in price
LahoreGreen Chilli64005900 +500Rise in price
LahoreLemon (China)49005400 -500Rise in price
LahoreGrapes Gola88509800 -950Rise in price
LahoreGrapes Sundekhani1670018350 -1650Rise in price
LahoreBottle Gourd (کدو)29003400 -500Rise in price
FaisalabadGarlic (China)71507650 -500Rise in price
FaisalabadTomato43004750 -450Rise in price
FaisalabadBrinjal12001100 +100Rise in price
FaisalabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)52505750 -500Rise in price
FaisalabadTinda86507750 +900Rise in price
FaisalabadPeas1755014850 +2700Rise in price
FaisalabadTurnip20002300 -300Rise in price
FaisalabadRadish1100800 +300Rise in price
FaisalabadCarrot29503000 -50Rise in price
FaisalabadApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1095011000 -50Rise in price
FaisalabadBanana(DOZENS)5250 +2Rise in price
FaisalabadMusambi(100Pcs)450400 +50Rise in price
FaisalabadGrapefruit(100Pcs)11001200 -100Rise in price
FaisalabadGarlic (Local)40004300 -300Rise in price
FaisalabadApple Kala Kullu (Madani)50506200 -1150Rise in price
FaisalabadGreen Chilli52505750 -500Rise in price
FaisalabadCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)86507650 +1000Rise in price
FaisalabadBottle Gourd (کدو)11002000 -900Rise in price
FaisalabadPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)63006250 +50Rise in price
GujranwalaPotato Fresh30503150 -100Rise in price
GujranwalaOnion19002000 -100Rise in price
GujranwalaGarlic (China)87508250 +500Rise in price
GujranwalaTomato50005200 -200Rise in price
GujranwalaBrinjal22002000 +200Rise in price
GujranwalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)52505000 +250Rise in price
GujranwalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)52005800 -600Rise in price
GujranwalaPeas1550014500 +1000Rise in price
GujranwalaTurnip24002600 -200Rise in price
GujranwalaRadish20002200 -200Rise in price
GujranwalaCarrot30503350 -300Rise in price
GujranwalaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1095011200 -250Rise in price
GujranwalaBanana(DOZENS)3938 +1Rise in price
GujranwalaGuava64506600 -150Rise in price
GujranwalaOrange(100Pcs)430390 +40Rise in price
GujranwalaPomegranate(Kandhari)1215012300 -150Rise in price
GujranwalaPomegranate(Badana)2330022900 +400Rise in price
GujranwalaMasoor Whole (Imported)66006450 +150Rise in price
GujranwalaGarlic (Local)92509500 -250Rise in price
GujranwalaApple Kala Kullu (Madani)74507250 +200Rise in price
GujranwalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)77508250 -500Rise in price
GujranwalaLemon (Desi)72506750 +500Rise in price
GujranwalaGrapes Gola107009750 +950Rise in price
GujranwalaGrapes Sundekhani2130021200 +100Rise in price
GujranwalaBottle Gourd (کدو)23002200 +100Rise in price
GujranwalaPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)53005250 +50Rise in price
OkaraWheat32133200 +13Rise in price
OkaraRice Basmati Super (New)1055010600 -50Rise in price
OkaraRice (IRRI)37503550 +200Rise in price
OkaraGram White(local)1055010950 -400Rise in price
OkaraGram Black94009100 +300Rise in price
OkaraGram Pulse95509350 +200Rise in price
OkaraMoong91008950 +150Rise in price
OkaraMoong Pulse96009350 +250Rise in price
OkaraMash990010350 -450Rise in price
OkaraMash Pulse(Imported) washed1045010950 -500Rise in price
OkaraMaize28782860 +18Rise in price
OkaraMillet30883125 -37Rise in price
OkaraSorghum39003850 +50Rise in price
OkaraPotato Store12001150 +50Rise in price
OkaraSpinach9001100 -200Rise in price
OkaraRed Chilli Whole (Dry)2025019950 +300Rise in price
OkaraCauliflower31003250 -150Rise in price
OkaraApple (Golden)67506250 +500Rise in price
OkaraBanana(DOZENS)4843 +5Rise in price
OkaraPomegranate(Kandhari)1225011750 +500Rise in price
OkaraBanola Cake39133875 +38Rise in price
OkaraGreen Fodder325315 +10Rise in price
OkaraWheat Straw675670 +5Rise in price
OkaraRice Basmati (385)67506600 +150Rise in price
OkaraMusambi(100Pcs)725680 +45Rise in price
OkaraGinger (Thai)1425014750 -500Rise in price
OkaraMasoor Whole (Imported)67506950 -200Rise in price
OkaraMasoor Pulse (Imported)79008250 -350Rise in price
OkaraCucumber (Kheera)24002100 +300Rise in price
OkaraApple Kala Kullu (Madani)72507750 -500Rise in price
OkaraGreen Chilli57506250 -500Rise in price
OkaraPomegranate Desi1525014750 +500Rise in price
OkaraGrapes Sundekhani2150023500 -2000Rise in price
OkaraGram Flour (بیسن)98509650 +200Rise in price
OkaraBottle Gourd (کدو)26502600 +50Rise in price
RawalpindiMoong92509750 -500Rise in price
RawalpindiMoong Pulse975010250 -500Rise in price
RawalpindiMaize29003250 -350Rise in price
RawalpindiMillet35003700 -200Rise in price
RawalpindiPotato Fresh30503200 -150Rise in price
RawalpindiPotato Store13001200 +100Rise in price
RawalpindiGarlic (China)83007900 +400Rise in price
RawalpindiTomato52506150 -900Rise in price
RawalpindiSpinach13001400 -100Rise in price
RawalpindiBrinjal18502050 -200Rise in price
RawalpindiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)41004400 -300Rise in price
RawalpindiBitter Gourd (کریلا)61006950 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiTinda62006600 -400Rise in price
RawalpindiPumpkin30003300 -300Rise in price
RawalpindiCauliflower27503200 -450Rise in price
RawalpindiPeas1770018050 -350Rise in price
RawalpindiTurnip24002750 -350Rise in price
RawalpindiRadish18502700 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiCarrot44005300 -900Rise in price
RawalpindiGuava66007000 -400Rise in price
RawalpindiOrange(100Pcs)530498 +32Rise in price
RawalpindiPomegranate(Kandhari)98009350 +450Rise in price
RawalpindiGrapes (Other)93509250 +100Rise in price
RawalpindiMusambi(100Pcs)530498 +32Rise in price
RawalpindiCabbage27503200 -450Rise in price
RawalpindiCucumber (Kheera)30003100 -100Rise in price
RawalpindiLemon (China)61506450 -300Rise in price
RawalpindiBottle Gourd (کدو)32003550 -350Rise in price
RawalpindiFenugreek(میتھی)13001400 -100Rise in price
MultanRice Basmati Super (New)103759875 +500Rise in price
MultanRice (IRRI)41384112 +26Rise in price
MultanSugar50905105 -15Rise in price
MultanGram Pulse86888438 +250Rise in price
MultanMoong76257875 -250Rise in price
MultanMoong Pulse88759125 -250Rise in price
MultanMash86258687 -62Rise in price
MultanMash Pulse(Imported) washed98759812 +63Rise in price
MultanMaize381317900 -14087Rise in price
MultanMillet31883187 +1Rise in price
MultanSorghum44384437 +1Rise in price
MultanRapeSeed (Torya)66256562 +63Rise in price
MultanPotato Fresh50004500 +500Rise in price
MultanOnion18002100 -300Rise in price
MultanGarlic (China)85009000 -500Rise in price
MultanGinger(China)1600019000 -3000Rise in price
MultanSpinach21002500 -400Rise in price
MultanBrinjal23002500 -200Rise in price
MultanRed Chilli Whole (Dry)2375024000 -250Rise in price
MultanCarrot55006000 -500Rise in price
MultanGuava85009000 -500Rise in price
MultanPomegranate(Kandhari)1200012500 -500Rise in price
MultanSeed Cotton(Phutti)98759625 +250Rise in price
MultanBanola38193685 +134Rise in price
MultanWheat Straw11881062 +126Rise in price
MultanRice Basmati (385)55635500 +63Rise in price
MultanGrapefruit(100Pcs)12001400 -200Rise in price
MultanGroundnut1025010500 -250Rise in price
MultanCabbage60007000 -1000Rise in price
MultanGram White(Imported)84388375 +63Rise in price
MultanGinger (Thai)1100012000 -1000Rise in price
MultanMasoor Whole (Imported)63136312 +1Rise in price
MultanMasoor Pulse (Imported)68133408 +3405Rise in price
MultanCucumber (Kheera)27003500 -800Rise in price
MultanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1000011000 -1000Rise in price
MultanLemon (China)65007000 -500Rise in price
MultanPomegranate Desi1400013000 +1000Rise in price
MultanGrapes Sundekhani1900021000 -2000Rise in price
MultanGram Flour (بیسن)91889313 -125Rise in price
MultanPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)50005500 -500Rise in price
MultanCoriander (دھنیا)80009000 -1000Rise in price
RahimYarKhanPotato Fresh38254140 -315Rise in price
RahimYarKhanGinger(China)1755017100 +450Rise in price
RahimYarKhanTomato27633188 -425Rise in price
RahimYarKhanBitter Gourd (کریلا)44634570 -107Rise in price
RahimYarKhanCauliflower27633188 -425Rise in price
RahimYarKhanPeas1657517425 -850Rise in price
RahimYarKhanSeed Cotton(Phutti)1038210357 +25Rise in price
RahimYarKhanCucumber (Kheera)23382188 +150Rise in price
BhakharMillet29503250 -300Rise in price
BhakharSorghum32003750 -550Rise in price
BhakharPotato Fresh53505750 -400Rise in price
BhakharPotato Store13001200 +100Rise in price
BhakharOnion19001700 +200Rise in price
BhakharGarlic (China)81508750 -600Rise in price
BhakharGinger(China)1575014650 +1100Rise in price
BhakharTomato50504750 +300Rise in price
BhakharBrinjal17001200 +500Rise in price
BhakharBitter Gourd (کریلا)64006150 +250Rise in price
BhakharCauliflower32002750 +450Rise in price
BhakharCarrot30504250 -1200Rise in price
BhakharApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1085010400 +450Rise in price
BhakharApple (Golden)76508500 -850Rise in price
BhakharBanana(DOZENS)3343 -10Rise in price
BhakharGreen Fodder230235 -5Rise in price
BhakharMusambi(100Pcs)4952250 -1755Rise in price
BhakharCabbage32003250 -50Rise in price
BhakharJaggery (گڑ)51505060 +90Rise in price
BhakharGarlic (Local)60505750 +300Rise in price
BhakharCucumber (Kheera)23001750 +550Rise in price
BhakharGreen Chilli56006650 -1050Rise in price
BhakharCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)64007350 -950Rise in price
BhakharLemon (Desi)85504950 +3600Rise in price
BhakharLemon (China)64006050 +350Rise in price
BhakharGrapes Gola1035011050 -700Rise in price
BhakharZucchini (گھیا توری)32003250 -50Rise in price
BhakharCocoyam(اروی)32002750 +450Rise in price
BhakharMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)19001700 +200Rise in price
KasurPotato Fresh34503400 +50Rise in price
KasurPotato Store12501300 -50Rise in price
KasurOnion21002000 +100Rise in price
KasurGarlic (China)85508600 -50Rise in price
KasurGinger(China)1780017700 +100Rise in price
KasurTomato65506100 +450Rise in price
KasurSpinach13001200 +100Rise in price
KasurBrinjal20001400 +600Rise in price
KasurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)39504300 -350Rise in price
KasurBitter Gourd (کریلا)55005400 +100Rise in price
KasurCauliflower47004150 +550Rise in price
KasurPeas1550016400 -900Rise in price
KasurTurnip31502800 +350Rise in price
KasurRadish850900 -50Rise in price
KasurCarrot33003450 -150Rise in price
KasurApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1150011100 +400Rise in price
KasurGuava56005400 +200Rise in price
KasurKinnow (100Pcs)250175 +75Rise in price
KasurPomegranate(Kandhari)1345013500 -50Rise in price
KasurPomegranate(Badana)2670027250 -550Rise in price
KasurMusambi(100Pcs)600625 -25Rise in price
KasurGinger (Thai)1135012250 -900Rise in price
KasurGarlic (Local)63005800 +500Rise in price
KasurCucumber (Kheera)24502200 +250Rise in price
KasurMelon58506050 -200Rise in price
KasurApple (Gatcha)92509800 -550Rise in price
KasurGreen Chilli68006100 +700Rise in price
KasurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)86509350 -700Rise in price
KasurLemon (China)45505450 -900Rise in price
KasurPomegranate Desi1500016750 -1750Rise in price
KasurGrapes Sundekhani1800017000 +1000Rise in price
KasurBottle Gourd (کدو)19501600 +350Rise in price
KasurZucchini (گھیا توری)39002600 +1300Rise in price
SahiwalMaize26752525 +150Rise in price
SahiwalSorghum39003938 -38Rise in price
SahiwalPotato Fresh36503600 +50Rise in price
SahiwalOnion23502400 -50Rise in price
SahiwalGarlic (China)82508750 -500Rise in price
SahiwalTomato51505250 -100Rise in price
SahiwalSpinach11501025 +125Rise in price
SahiwalRed Chilli Whole (Dry)2075021000 -250Rise in price
SahiwalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)38003600 +200Rise in price
SahiwalCauliflower30003250 -250Rise in price
SahiwalRadish10251100 -75Rise in price
SahiwalApple (Golden)72507450 -200Rise in price
SahiwalPomegranate(Kandhari)1200011300 +700Rise in price
SahiwalGrapes (Other)1085010500 +350Rise in price
SahiwalSeed Cotton(Phutti)92509375 -125Rise in price
SahiwalMusambi(100Pcs)775700 +75Rise in price
SahiwalCabbage46004750 -150Rise in price
SahiwalGram White(Imported)1225012500 -250Rise in price
SahiwalGinger (Thai)1415014300 -150Rise in price
SahiwalCucumber (Kheera)19501975 -25Rise in price
SahiwalApple Kala Kullu (Madani)67506250 +500Rise in price
SahiwalGreen Chilli56006250 -650Rise in price
SahiwalLemon (China)72507750 -500Rise in price
SahiwalGrapes Gola97509700 +50Rise in price
SahiwalGrapes Sundekhani1860019000 -400Rise in price
SahiwalGram Flour (بیسن)98509750 +100Rise in price
SahiwalBottle Gourd (کدو)28502400 +450Rise in price
SahiwalPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)57506000 -250Rise in price
SahiwalPaddy Kainat45004563 -63Rise in price
SahiwalRice Kainat (New)1205012100 -50Rise in price
SahiwalCoriander (دھنیا)800650 +150Rise in price
SahiwalMint(پودینہ)600500 +100Rise in price
VehariMash Pulse(Imported) washed1050010750 -250Rise in price
VehariPotato Fresh40003500 +500Rise in price
VehariPotato Store11001150 -50Rise in price
VehariSpinach550575 -25Rise in price
VehariTinda57505500 +250Rise in price
VehariCauliflower32505250 -2000Rise in price
VehariTurnip32504250 -1000Rise in price
VehariRadish11501250 -100Rise in price
VehariCarrot27503250 -500Rise in price
VehariPomegranate(Kandhari)1200013500 -1500Rise in price
VehariGrapes (Other)1100013500 -2500Rise in price
VehariSeed Cotton(Phutti)95639625 -62Rise in price
VehariMusambi(100Pcs)710700 +10Rise in price
VehariGrapefruit(100Pcs)9331083 -150Rise in price
VehariMash Pulse(local)96009760 -160Rise in price
VehariGram White(Imported)1125011500 -250Rise in price
VehariGarlic (Local)37504250 -500Rise in price
VehariCucumber (Kheera)20002250 -250Rise in price
VehariGreen Chilli50505250 -200Rise in price
VehariCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75008500 -1000Rise in price
VehariGrapes Gola85009500 -1000Rise in price
VehariBottle Gourd (کدو)23502750 -400Rise in price
VehariFenugreek(میتھی)65004750 +1750Rise in price
VehariCocoyam(اروی)21502200 -50Rise in price
VehariMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)15001550 -50Rise in price
VehariPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)62506750 -500Rise in price
VehariMint(پودینہ)367383 -16Rise in price
BurewalaGarlic (China)90008700 +300Rise in price
BurewalaTomato39604250 -290Rise in price
BurewalaBrinjal15301890 -360Rise in price
BurewalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)45254590 -65Rise in price
BurewalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)42504463 -213Rise in price
BurewalaCauliflower25502975 -425Rise in price
BurewalaPeas1700018500 -1500Rise in price
BurewalaCarrot25502890 -340Rise in price
BurewalaPomegranate(Kandhari)1352513500 +25Rise in price
BurewalaCabbage36133995 -382Rise in price
BurewalaGinger (Thai)1300015000 -2000Rise in price
BurewalaDates (Aseel)1027510500 -225Rise in price
BurewalaGreen Chilli53655380 -15Rise in price
BurewalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)68007650 -850Rise in price
BurewalaLemon (China)54655100 +365Rise in price
BurewalaBottle Gourd (کدو)15302315 -785Rise in price
BurewalaMongray68007013 -213Rise in price
LayyahMoong79008100 -200Rise in price
LayyahPotato Fresh37505250 -1500Rise in price
LayyahOnion19002100 -200Rise in price
LayyahGarlic (China)77508250 -500Rise in price
LayyahBrinjal19002650 -750Rise in price
LayyahLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)37505250 -1500Rise in price
LayyahBitter Gourd (کریلا)67508250 -1500Rise in price
LayyahPumpkin19002350 -450Rise in price
LayyahCauliflower23503350 -1000Rise in price
LayyahPeas1675019250 -2500Rise in price
LayyahTurnip23002750 -450Rise in price
LayyahCarrot27503900 -1150Rise in price
LayyahApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1375014750 -1000Rise in price
LayyahApple (Golden)875011750 -3000Rise in price
LayyahPomegranate(Kandhari)1775020750 -3000Rise in price
LayyahMusambi(100Pcs)275350 -75Rise in price
LayyahCucumber (Kheera)37504750 -1000Rise in price
LayyahDates (Aseel)57509250 -3500Rise in price
LayyahApple (Gatcha)1275014250 -1500Rise in price
LayyahGreen Chilli27503250 -500Rise in price
LayyahLemon (Desi)925011250 -2000Rise in price
LayyahGrapes Gola1275013250 -500Rise in price
LayyahGrapes Sundekhani2075023250 -2500Rise in price
LayyahZucchini (گھیا توری)19002350 -450Rise in price
LayyahFenugreek(میتھی)19002350 -450Rise in price
LayyahCocoyam(اروی)16502350 -700Rise in price
LayyahPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)42505750 -1500Rise in price
GujratMoong Pulse82008250 -50Rise in price
GujratMaize28002600 +200Rise in price
GujratOnion22002400 -200Rise in price
GujratBrinjal24002200 +200Rise in price
GujratLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)60005200 +800Rise in price
GujratBitter Gourd (کریلا)60006200 -200Rise in price
GujratPeas1620015400 +800Rise in price
GujratTurnip27003200 -500Rise in price
GujratMango(Chounsa)900014500 -5500Rise in price
GujratJaggery (گڑ)90008500 +500Rise in price
GujratGrapes Gola1180010800 +1000Rise in price
GujratBottle Gourd (کدو)32002700 +500Rise in price
KhanewalSugar51205060 +60Rise in price
KhanewalRapeSeed (Torya)67846782 +2Rise in price
KhanewalCauliflower38004050 -250Rise in price
KhanewalRadish16002000 -400Rise in price
KhanewalCarrot34503800 -350Rise in price
KhanewalApple (Golden)81007200 +900Rise in price
KhanewalPomegranate(Kandhari)1400014500 -500Rise in price
KhanewalSeed Cotton(Phutti)99759375 +600Rise in price
KhanewalGreen Fodder325275 +50Rise in price
KhanewalJaggery (گڑ)58755750 +125Rise in price
KhanewalGreen Chilli49505700 -750Rise in price
KhanewalGrapes Gola1000010900 -900Rise in price
KhanewalBottle Gourd (کدو)11001000 +100Rise in price
KhanewalMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)20001800 +200Rise in price
KabirWalaCauliflower35003400 +100Rise in price
KabirWalaPeas1900021000 -2000Rise in price
KabirWalaCarrot28003000 -200Rise in price
KabirWalaApple (Golden)64006250 +150Rise in price
KabirWalaGrapes (Other)1075015000 -4250Rise in price
KabirWalaCucumber (Kheera)21001800 +300Rise in price
KabirWalaApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1040010200 +200Rise in price
KabirWalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75006750 +750Rise in price
KabirWalaGrapes Gola1125011500 -250Rise in price
KabirWalaFenugreek(میتھی)33003800 -500Rise in price
KabirWalaPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)59006500 -600Rise in price
PatokiGinger(China)1875019250 -500Rise in price
PatokiTomato62506750 -500Rise in price
PatokiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)48003800 +1000Rise in price
PatokiPeas1775018750 -1000Rise in price
PatokiBanana(DOZENS)4645 +1Rise in price
PatokiPomegranate(Kandhari)1775016750 +1000Rise in price
PatokiMusambi(100Pcs)525450 +75Rise in price
PatokiCabbage37503800 -50Rise in price
PatokiGinger (Thai)1375014250 -500Rise in price
PatokiDates (Aseel)1475015250 -500Rise in price
PatokiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1175011250 +500Rise in price
PatokiGrapes Gola1375011750 +2000Rise in price
PatokiMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)19001700 +200Rise in price
PatokiCoriander (دھنیا)48005750 -950Rise in price
ArifWalaWheat30003225 -225Rise in price
ArifWalaPaddy (IRRI)18752825 -950Rise in price
ArifWalaMaize28753094 -219Rise in price
ArifWalaMillet26253000 -375Rise in price
ArifWalaSorghum27503875 -1125Rise in price
ArifWalaRapeSeed (Torya)62507750 -1500Rise in price
ArifWalaPotato Fresh42503750 +500Rise in price
ArifWalaTomato47505250 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)37504250 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)52505500 -250Rise in price
ArifWalaCauliflower27503250 -500Rise in price
ArifWalaPeas2100020500 +500Rise in price
ArifWalaGuava47505500 -750Rise in price
ArifWalaSeed Cotton(Phutti)97509238 +512Rise in price
ArifWalaCabbage52504750 +500Rise in price
ArifWalaCucumber (Kheera)30002500 +500Rise in price
ArifWalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)105009500 +1000Rise in price
ArifWalaGrapes Gola1450010500 +4000Rise in price
ArifWalaGrapes Sundekhani2100019000 +2000Rise in price
ArifWalaBottle Gourd (کدو)25002350 +150Rise in price
ArifWalaPaddy Kainat45004438 +62Rise in price
PakPattanWheat31693225 -56Rise in price
PakPattanMaize22703094 -824Rise in price
PakPattanTomato44634675 -212Rise in price
PakPattanBitter Gourd (کریلا)36134038 -425Rise in price
PakPattanPeas1785018275 -425Rise in price
PakPattanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1305012150 +900Rise in price
PakPattanBanana(DOZENS)4539 +6Rise in price
PakPattanGuava63755525 +850Rise in price
PakPattanPomegranate(Kandhari)1305013950 -900Rise in price
PakPattanSeed Cotton(Phutti)91009238 -138Rise in price
PakPattanMusambi(100Pcs)817925 -108Rise in price
PakPattanGrapes Gola1197012325 -355Rise in price
LodhranMoong67756750 +25Rise in price
LodhranMash Pulse(Imported) washed1050010700 -200Rise in price
LodhranPotato Fresh45004000 +500Rise in price
LodhranTomato36004000 -400Rise in price
LodhranBitter Gourd (کریلا)50006000 -1000Rise in price
LodhranPumpkin15001800 -300Rise in price
LodhranPeas1700018500 -1500Rise in price
LodhranTurnip31003600 -500Rise in price
LodhranRadish16002000 -400Rise in price
LodhranCarrot30003400 -400Rise in price
LodhranApple (Golden)70006471 +529Rise in price
LodhranBanana(DOZENS)3635 +1Rise in price
LodhranGuava57505300 +450Rise in price
LodhranPomegranate(Kandhari)1250011250 +1250Rise in price
LodhranSeed Cotton(Phutti)99389750 +188Rise in price
LodhranCucumber (Kheera)15001400 +100Rise in price
LodhranDates (Aseel)90009500 -500Rise in price
LodhranGrapes Gola1200011750 +250Rise in price
LodhranGrapes Sundekhani2340018250 +5150Rise in price
LodhranFenugreek(میتھی)32003500 -300Rise in price
LodhranMongray60006500 -500Rise in price
LodhranPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)60005850 +150Rise in price
LodhranSweet Potato(شکر قندی)50004600 +400Rise in price
ChistianTomato46755100 -425Rise in price
ChistianBrinjal25501700 +850Rise in price
ChistianLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)59505525 +425Rise in price
ChistianCauliflower38252975 +850Rise in price
ChistianApple (Golden)65257830 -1305Rise in price
ChistianGuava69606525 +435Rise in price
ChistianPomegranate(Kandhari)1218010875 +1305Rise in price
ChistianGinger (Thai)1530014875 +425Rise in price
ChistianLemon (Other)102009350 +850Rise in price
ChistianGreen Chilli48887650 -2762Rise in price
ChistianGrapes Gola1218011310 +870Rise in price
ChistianBottle Gourd (کدو)17001530 +170Rise in price
ChistianPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)65256090 +435Rise in price
DGKHANPotato Fresh35004100 -600Rise in price
DGKHANGarlic (China)85008750 -250Rise in price
DGKHANTomato32503400 -150Rise in price
DGKHANBrinjal25002100 +400Rise in price
DGKHANCauliflower42504750 -500Rise in price
DGKHANPeas1550016500 -1000Rise in price
DGKHANBanana(DOZENS)5348 +5Rise in price
DGKHANSeed Cotton(Phutti)1012510375 -250Rise in price
DGKHANBanola39503675 +275Rise in price
DGKHANCabbage35003900 -400Rise in price
DGKHANGreen Chilli47505250 -500Rise in price
DGKHANLemon (China)52505750 -500Rise in price
DGKHANGrapes Sundekhani1750018500 -1000Rise in price
DGKHANZucchini (گھیا توری)32503500 -250Rise in price
LalaMusaBrinjal30001500 +1500Rise in price
LalaMusaMusambi(100Pcs)10501075 -25Rise in price
LalaMusaLemon (Other)40005000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaGreen Chilli50006000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)80009000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaGrapes Sundekhani1800019000 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)60005000 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinPotato Store15001300 +200Rise in price
MandiBahaudinOnion24002500 -100Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGarlic (China)95008500 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinTomato42505250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinSpinach11501050 +100Rise in price
MandiBahaudinLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)62505250 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCauliflower30003400 -400Rise in price
MandiBahaudinPeas2025018250 +2000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinTurnip21002500 -400Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCarrot34003800 -400Rise in price
MandiBahaudinApple (Golden)95008500 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBanana(DOZENS)5343 +10Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGuava42505250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCabbage34004250 -850Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGinger (Thai)1425013250 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCucumber (Kheera)25003000 -500Rise in price
MandiBahaudinDates (Aseel)1325012250 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinApple (Gatcha)95008500 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGreen Chilli52506250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)72507750 -500Rise in price
MandiBahaudinLemon (China)34004250 -850Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGrapes Gola1125012250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGrapes Sundekhani1425015250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinZucchini (گھیا توری)34002500 +900Rise in price
MandiBahaudinFenugreek(میتھی)42505250 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCocoyam(اروی)47505250 -500Rise in price
MandiBahaudinMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)11501700 -550Rise in price
DaskaPotato Fresh27002900 -200Rise in price
DaskaPotato Store15001400 +100Rise in price
DaskaOnion17001800 -100Rise in price
DaskaGarlic (China)77008300 -600Rise in price
DaskaTomato49005700 -800Rise in price
DaskaSpinach12501400 -150Rise in price
DaskaBrinjal17001300 +400Rise in price
DaskaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)57005900 -200Rise in price
DaskaBitter Gourd (کریلا)52005700 -500Rise in price
DaskaTinda77007200 +500Rise in price
DaskaCauliflower28002600 +200Rise in price
DaskaPeas1570016600 -900Rise in price
DaskaTurnip22002000 +200Rise in price
DaskaRadish15001300 +200Rise in price
DaskaCarrot27002800 -100Rise in price
DaskaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1115010700 +450Rise in price
DaskaBanana(DOZENS)5247 +5Rise in price
DaskaGrapes (Other)1070011150 -450Rise in price
DaskaMusambi(100Pcs)68007700 -900Rise in price
DaskaCabbage40003900 +100Rise in price
DaskaGinger (Thai)1270011700 +1000Rise in price
DaskaCucumber (Kheera)23002200 +100Rise in price
DaskaLemon (Other)65005700 +800Rise in price
DaskaGreen Chilli72006700 +500Rise in price
DaskaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)82009700 -1500Rise in price
DaskaGrapes Gola1015010100 +50Rise in price
DaskaGrapes Sundekhani2070021150 -450Rise in price
DaskaBottle Gourd (کدو)20001800 +200Rise in price
DaskaZucchini (گھیا توری)43003300 +1000Rise in price
DaskaFenugreek(میتھی)32003700 -500Rise in price
DaskaMongray82009700 -1500Rise in price
DaskaCocoyam(اروی)43003700 +600Rise in price
DaskaPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)53005700 -400Rise in price
DaskaSweet Potato(شکر قندی)37003800 -100Rise in price
KamaliaGarlic (China)850017500 -9000Rise in price
KamaliaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)42004250 -50Rise in price
KamaliaBitter Gourd (کریلا)75006500 +1000Rise in price
KamaliaTinda1150010500 +1000Rise in price
KamaliaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1050011500 -1000Rise in price
KamaliaJaggery (گڑ)60006125 -125Rise in price
KamaliaGreen Chilli65007500 -1000Rise in price
KamaliaGrapes Gola1100011500 -500Rise in price
KamaliaGrapes Sundekhani1750019500 -2000Rise in price
KamaliaBottle Gourd (کدو)32502750 +500Rise in price
KamaliaPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)70005500 +1500Rise in price
KamaliaSweet Potato(شکر قندی)45005500 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalOnion24002475 -75Rise in price
PirMahalTomato57006800 -1100Rise in price
PirMahalBrinjal23002600 -300Rise in price
PirMahalBitter Gourd (کریلا)68005700 +1100Rise in price
PirMahalCauliflower43004600 -300Rise in price
PirMahalRadish17002300 -600Rise in price
PirMahalCarrot37004700 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalGuava68005700 +1100Rise in price
PirMahalPomegranate(Kandhari)1470013600 +1100Rise in price
PirMahalCabbage53005700 -400Rise in price
PirMahalGinger (Thai)1560015700 -100Rise in price
PirMahalGreen Chilli77006800 +900Rise in price
PirMahalGrapes Gola1270011700 +1000Rise in price
PirMahalGrapes Sundekhani1870019600 -900Rise in price
PirMahalBottle Gourd (کدو)26002700 -100Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaPotato Fresh45504100 +450Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaOnion21001900 +200Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaTomato41504350 -200Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaBanana(DOZENS)3237 -5Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1195010950 +1000Rise in price
jalalpurpirwalaBottle Gourd (کدو)4200700 +3500Rise in price
MianChannuWheat32133188 +25Rise in price
MianChannuSugar51405000 +140Rise in price
MianChannuGram White(local)122509250 +3000Rise in price
MianChannuGram Black92508100 +1150Rise in price
MianChannuGram Pulse96258350 +1275Rise in price
MianChannuMoong Pulse91258250 +875Rise in price
MianChannuMasoor Whole(local)67507250 -500Rise in price
MianChannuMasoor Pulse(local)68757750 -875Rise in price
MianChannuMaize30503025 +25Rise in price
MianChannuPotato Fresh39804080 -100Rise in price
MianChannuOnion22802480 -200Rise in price
MianChannuGarlic (China)99808980 +1000Rise in price
MianChannuTomato29803380 -400Rise in price
MianChannuSpinach7809980 -9200Rise in price
MianChannuBrinjal13802180 -800Rise in price
MianChannuRed Chilli Whole (Dry)1575017250 -1500Rise in price
MianChannuLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)24803980 -1500Rise in price
MianChannuBitter Gourd (کریلا)69807980 -1000Rise in price
MianChannuCauliflower27802480 +300Rise in price
MianChannuPeas179801780 +16200Rise in price
MianChannuTurnip29803980 -1000Rise in price
MianChannuRadish17801580 +200Rise in price
MianChannuApple (Golden)65805580 +1000Rise in price
MianChannuBanana(DOZENS)3432 +2Rise in price
MianChannuGuava39803480 +500Rise in price
MianChannuPomegranate(Kandhari)1376511380 +2385Rise in price
MianChannuGrapes (Other)998011980 -2000Rise in price
MianChannuSeed Cotton(Phutti)95009625 -125Rise in price
MianChannuBanola35273487 +40Rise in price
MianChannuMusambi(100Pcs)580620 -40Rise in price
MianChannuGrapefruit(100Pcs)858815 +43Rise in price
MianChannuCabbage35803980 -400Rise in price
MianChannuMash Pulse(local)92509350 -100Rise in price
MianChannuGinger (Thai)1498013980 +1000Rise in price
MianChannuGarlic (Local)21802480 -300Rise in price
MianChannuApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1118010580 +600Rise in price
MianChannuDates (Aseel)139802980 +11000Rise in price
MianChannuGreen Chilli63804980 +1400Rise in price
MianChannuCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)70958980 -1885Rise in price
MianChannuGrapes Gola89809980 -1000Rise in price
MianChannuGram Flour (بیسن)106008350 +2250Rise in price
MianChannuZucchini (گھیا توری)45803980 +600Rise in price
MianChannuMongray1098011980 -1000Rise in price
MianChannuPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)52805780 -500Rise in price
MianChannuSweet Potato(شکر قندی)37804180 -400Rise in price
MianChannuPaddy Kainat43754125 +250Rise in price
MianChannuRice Kainat (New)1125013850 -2600Rise in price
MianChannuCoriander (دھنیا)49803580 +1400Rise in price
AhmadPurEastPotato Fresh48504750 +100Rise in price
AhmadPurEastOnion23502200 +150Rise in price
AhmadPurEastTomato38003750 +50Rise in price
AhmadPurEastSpinach1050750 +300Rise in price
AhmadPurEastBrinjal19002600 -700Rise in price
AhmadPurEastLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)42505250 -1000Rise in price
AhmadPurEastCauliflower28002300 +500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastPeas1700018500 -1500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastTurnip32502750 +500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGuava27502800 -50Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGrapes (Other)1050015000 -4500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGrapefruit(100Pcs)47505250 -500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGreen Chilli60005250 +750Rise in price
AhmadPurEastCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)60005250 +750Rise in price
AhmadPurEastLemon (Desi)80009000 -1000Rise in price
AhmadPurEastPomegranate Desi80007000 +1000Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGrapes Gola1400010500 +3500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastGrapes Sundekhani1400014600 -600Rise in price
AhmadPurEastZucchini (گھیا توری)37504250 -500Rise in price
AhmadPurEastFenugreek(میتھی)52506000 -750Rise in price
AhmadPurEastMongray80009000 -1000Rise in price
AhmadPurEastMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)18501800 +50Rise in price
KotChuttaPotato Fresh41004400 -300Rise in price
KotChuttaTomato37503800 -50Rise in price
KotChuttaBrinjal27502400 +350Rise in price
KotChuttaCauliflower47505250 -500Rise in price
KotChuttaBanana(DOZENS)5558 -3Rise in price
KotChuttaCabbage41004250 -150Rise in price
KotChuttaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)72506750 +500Rise in price
KotChuttaLemon (China)57506250 -500Rise in price
KotChuttaGrapes Sundekhani1850019250 -750Rise in price
KotChuttaZucchini (گھیا توری)37503850 -100Rise in price
KotChuttaPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)62506750 -500Rise in price
JamPurPotato Fresh47004300 +400Rise in price
JamPurTomato41004700 -600Rise in price
JamPurSpinach19001500 +400Rise in price
JamPurBitter Gourd (کریلا)51006100 -1000Rise in price
JamPurCauliflower24002900 -500Rise in price
JamPurPeas1710018100 -1000Rise in price
JamPurApple (Golden)81007100 +1000Rise in price
JamPurPomegranate(Kandhari)1410013100 +1000Rise in price
JamPurCabbage29003900 -1000Rise in price
JamPurDates (Aseel)71006100 +1000Rise in price
JamPurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)910010100 -1000Rise in price
JamPurFenugreek(میتھی)39004100 -200Rise in price
SialkotGram Pulse95009400 +100Rise in price
SialkotMoong82507750 +500Rise in price
SialkotMoong Pulse87508250 +500Rise in price
SialkotPotato Fresh37003150 +550Rise in price
SialkotPotato Store16001500 +100Rise in price
SialkotGarlic (China)82508450 -200Rise in price
SialkotGinger(China)1725015750 +1500Rise in price
SialkotTomato41003700 +400Rise in price
SialkotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)44003900 +500Rise in price
SialkotBitter Gourd (کریلا)62005300 +900Rise in price
SialkotTinda62006900 -700Rise in price
SialkotTurnip21002300 -200Rise in price
SialkotApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1025012750 -2500Rise in price
SialkotApple (Golden)89509400 -450Rise in price
SialkotPomegranate(Kandhari)1225012750 -500Rise in price
SialkotGrapefruit(100Pcs)11001200 -100Rise in price
SialkotCabbage34003700 -300Rise in price
SialkotGinger (Thai)1175010750 +1000Rise in price
SialkotGarlic (Local)66007900 -1300Rise in price
SialkotCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)895010750 -1800Rise in price
SialkotLemon (China)53004800 +500Rise in price
SialkotPomegranate Desi98008950 +850Rise in price
SialkotGrapes Gola98009250 +550Rise in price
SialkotBottle Gourd (کدو)21001900 +200Rise in price
SialkotCocoyam(اروی)44004300 +100Rise in price
SialkotMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)13001500 -200Rise in price
SialkotPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)50504800 +250Rise in price
JhelumOnion22002000 +200Rise in price
JhelumGarlic (China)75008500 -1000Rise in price
JhelumGinger(China)1750017000 +500Rise in price
JhelumTomato47505250 -500Rise in price
JhelumSpinach9001100 -200Rise in price
JhelumBrinjal11502350 -1200Rise in price
JhelumLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)50005700 -700Rise in price
JhelumBitter Gourd (کریلا)47005000 -300Rise in price
JhelumCauliflower24503100 -650Rise in price
JhelumRadish9001100 -200Rise in price
JhelumCabbage37504000 -250Rise in price
JhelumCucumber (Kheera)28502450 +400Rise in price
JhelumMelon60005750 +250Rise in price
JhelumApple (Gatcha)75008500 -1000Rise in price
JhelumLemon (China)55004250 +1250Rise in price
JhelumGrapes Gola100008000 +2000Rise in price
JhelumGrapes Sundekhani1650017000 -500Rise in price
JhelumBottle Gourd (کدو)20502400 -350Rise in price
JhelumZucchini (گھیا توری)42504850 -600Rise in price
JhelumPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)52506000 -750Rise in price
MianwaliMillet55505450 +100Rise in price
MianwaliOnion24502400 +50Rise in price
MianwaliGarlic (China)100009750 +250Rise in price
MianwaliTomato56505750 -100Rise in price
MianwaliSpinach9751150 -175Rise in price
MianwaliBrinjal21501450 +700Rise in price
MianwaliBitter Gourd (کریلا)57506250 -500Rise in price
MianwaliCauliflower46504200 +450Rise in price
MianwaliPeas1775017500 +250Rise in price
MianwaliCarrot32504150 -900Rise in price
MianwaliApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1400013750 +250Rise in price
MianwaliGrapes (Other)1225011500 +750Rise in price
MianwaliApple (Gatcha)1050010750 -250Rise in price
MianwaliGreen Chilli51504650 +500Rise in price
MianwaliLemon (Desi)102508750 +1500Rise in price
MianwaliLemon (China)87507250 +1500Rise in price
MianwaliBottle Gourd (کدو)22502150 +100Rise in price
RajanPurGarlic (China)60007000 -1000Rise in price
RajanPurTomato34503700 -250Rise in price
RajanPurBrinjal12001400 -200Rise in price
RajanPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)45003500 +1000Rise in price
RajanPurTinda38004500 -700Rise in price
RajanPurCauliflower28003500 -700Rise in price
RajanPurGreen Chilli67004800 +1900Rise in price
RajanPurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)105008500 +2000Rise in price
RajanPurGrapes Sundekhani1400015500 -1500Rise in price
SadiqAbadPotato Fresh42754950 -675Rise in price
SadiqAbadTomato23382975 -637Rise in price
SadiqAbadLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)31884250 -1062Rise in price
SadiqAbadBitter Gourd (کریلا)57382338 +3400Rise in price
SadiqAbadPeas1657517850 -1275Rise in price
SadiqAbadCabbage36133188 +425Rise in price
SadiqAbadGreen Chilli48885525 -637Rise in price
SadiqAbadLemon (Desi)80758925 -850Rise in price
SadiqAbadBottle Gourd (کدو)23383188 -850Rise in price
KotAduPeas1900020500 -1500Rise in price
KotAduTurnip45002500 +2000Rise in price
KotAduOrange(100Pcs)22503500 -1250Rise in price
KotAduPomegranate(Kandhari)1350011000 +2500Rise in price
KotAduCabbage55005000 +500Rise in price
KotAduApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1150011000 +500Rise in price
KotAduGreen Chilli55006500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduLemon (Desi)1550016500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduLemon (China)85007500 +1000Rise in price
KotAduGrapes Gola1150011000 +500Rise in price
KotAduGrapes Sundekhani2300021500 +1500Rise in price
NankanaTomato57006200 -500Rise in price
NankanaBrinjal27002850 -150Rise in price
NankanaBitter Gourd (کریلا)84008900 -500Rise in price
NankanaTinda94008900 +500Rise in price
NankanaCauliflower31503850 -700Rise in price
NankanaPeas2440025900 -1500Rise in price
NankanaTurnip28503400 -550Rise in price
NankanaRadish17002400 -700Rise in price
NankanaMango(Chounsa)1490013900 +1000Rise in price
NankanaCucumber (Kheera)34003850 -450Rise in price
NankanaGreen Chilli74006400 +1000Rise in price
NankanaGrapes Sundekhani1890014900 +4000Rise in price
NankanaSweet Musk Melon69006400 +500Rise in price
NankanaBottle Gourd (کدو)32003400 -200Rise in price
NankanaCocoyam(اروی)44005400 -1000Rise in price
NankanaPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)69006400 +500Rise in price
LiaqatPurPotato Fresh54905850 -360Rise in price
LiaqatPurOnion18901710 +180Rise in price
LiaqatPurGarlic (China)80757863 +212Rise in price
LiaqatPurTomato36134038 -425Rise in price
LiaqatPurBrinjal23381913 +425Rise in price
LiaqatPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)36132763 +850Rise in price
LiaqatPurBitter Gourd (کریلا)48885313 -425Rise in price
LiaqatPurPeas1572518275 -2550Rise in price
LiaqatPurRadish16151913 -298Rise in price
LiaqatPurBanana(DOZENS)3639 -3Rise in price
LiaqatPurCabbage48884463 +425Rise in price
LiaqatPurGreen Chilli44635738 -1275Rise in price
LiaqatPurLemon (Desi)74388075 -637Rise in price
LiaqatPurFenugreek(میتھی)57387013 -1275Rise in price
SummandriPotato Fresh38254725 -900Rise in price
SummandriPotato Store13501215 +135Rise in price
SummandriOnion21602115 +45Rise in price
SummandriGinger(China)1710016650 +450Rise in price
SummandriTomato47254950 -225Rise in price
SummandriBrinjal12151170 +45Rise in price
SummandriLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)47254275 +450Rise in price
SummandriBitter Gourd (کریلا)47255175 -450Rise in price
SummandriCauliflower15752340 -765Rise in price
SummandriPeas1395014850 -900Rise in price
SummandriTurnip22502925 -675Rise in price
SummandriCarrot29252790 +135Rise in price
SummandriBanana(DOZENS)5345 +8Rise in price
SummandriCabbage33753060 +315Rise in price
SummandriCucumber (Kheera)22502790 -540Rise in price
SummandriGreen Chilli54905625 -135Rise in price
SummandriGrapes Gola85509450 -900Rise in price
SummandriBottle Gourd (کدو)17101440 +270Rise in price
SummandriPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)56255690 -65Rise in price
SummandriSweet Potato(شکر قندی)47254275 +450Rise in price
ChiniotPotato Fresh48005200 -400Rise in price
ChiniotPotato Store11001150 -50Rise in price
ChiniotOnion23502600 -250Rise in price
ChiniotGarlic (China)90009200 -200Rise in price
ChiniotGinger(China)1325013750 -500Rise in price
ChiniotTomato56006250 -650Rise in price
ChiniotSpinach18501650 +200Rise in price
ChiniotBrinjal26002800 -200Rise in price
ChiniotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)46505250 -600Rise in price
ChiniotBitter Gourd (کریلا)62006750 -550Rise in price
ChiniotCauliflower34003800 -400Rise in price
ChiniotRadish17501600 +150Rise in price
ChiniotCarrot41004800 -700Rise in price
ChiniotApple (Golden)85009250 -750Rise in price
ChiniotApple (Ammre)1075010250 +500Rise in price
ChiniotBanana(DOZENS)4850 -2Rise in price
ChiniotPomegranate(Kandhari)1420013750 +450Rise in price
ChiniotGrapes (Other)87508250 +500Rise in price
ChiniotPomegranate(Badana)2725026500 +750Rise in price
ChiniotCabbage36003900 -300Rise in price
ChiniotApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1220011750 +450Rise in price
ChiniotGreen Chilli75009250 -1750Rise in price
ChiniotLemon (China)52005750 -550Rise in price
ChiniotGrapes Gola1350011750 +1750Rise in price
ChiniotGrapes Sundekhani1850017500 +1000Rise in price
ChiniotBottle Gourd (کدو)26002800 -200Rise in price
ChiniotPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)82508750 -500Rise in price
ChiniotSweet Potato(شکر قندی)31003350 -250Rise in price
ChiniotMint(پودینہ)11501300 -150Rise in price
TALAGANGPotato Store11001400 -300Rise in price
TALAGANGOnion19001800 +100Rise in price
TALAGANGGarlic (China)1040010900 -500Rise in price
TALAGANGGinger(China)1790018400 -500Rise in price
TALAGANGLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)51004600 +500Rise in price
TALAGANGBitter Gourd (کریلا)72006200 +1000Rise in price
TALAGANGCauliflower42003600 +600Rise in price
TALAGANGPeas1720018700 -1500Rise in price
TALAGANGTurnip36004200 -600Rise in price
TALAGANGCarrot52004100 +1100Rise in price
TALAGANGApple (Golden)1040010800 -400Rise in price
TALAGANGPomegranate(Kandhari)1540014800 +600Rise in price
TALAGANGCucumber (Kheera)62006100 +100Rise in price
TALAGANGGreen Chilli82006200 +2000Rise in price
TALAGANGCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)84008200 +200Rise in price
TALAGANGGrapes Gola1020011400 -1200Rise in price
TALAGANGGrapes Sundekhani1690017900 -1000Rise in price
TALAGANGCocoyam(اروی)51004200 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimPotato Fresh53004050 +1250Rise in price
AbdulhakimPotato Store11001500 -400Rise in price
AbdulhakimOnion20502900 -850Rise in price
AbdulhakimGarlic (China)93007050 +2250Rise in price
AbdulhakimTomato63007300 -1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimSpinach15001600 -100Rise in price
AbdulhakimBrinjal19002900 -1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)45503550 +1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimCauliflower43006300 -2000Rise in price
AbdulhakimApple (Golden)73006300 +1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimBanana(DOZENS)4143 -2Rise in price
AbdulhakimPomegranate(Kandhari)1330012300 +1000Rise in price
AbdulhakimCabbage50505300 -250Rise in price
AbdulhakimCucumber (Kheera)24503550 -1100Rise in price
AbdulhakimGreen Chilli80506050 +2000Rise in price
AbdulhakimCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)103008300 +2000Rise in price
AbdulhakimPomegranate Desi108008800 +2000Rise in price
AbdulhakimGrapes Gola1030010800 -500Rise in price
AbdulhakimGrapes Sundekhani2080022800 -2000Rise in price
AbdulhakimBottle Gourd (کدو)20003050 -1050Rise in price
AbdulhakimZucchini (گھیا توری)40502550 +1500Rise in price
HasanabdalMoong93509850 -500Rise in price
HasanabdalMoong Pulse985010350 -500Rise in price
HasanabdalMaize30003350 -350Rise in price
HasanabdalMillet36003800 -200Rise in price
HasanabdalPotato Fresh31503300 -150Rise in price
HasanabdalPotato Store14001300 +100Rise in price
HasanabdalGarlic (China)84008000 +400Rise in price
HasanabdalTomato53506250 -900Rise in price
HasanabdalSpinach14001500 -100Rise in price
HasanabdalBrinjal19502150 -200Rise in price
HasanabdalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)42004500 -300Rise in price
HasanabdalBitter Gourd (کریلا)62007050 -850Rise in price
HasanabdalTinda63006700 -400Rise in price
HasanabdalCauliflower28503300 -450Rise in price
HasanabdalPeas1780018150 -350Rise in price
HasanabdalTurnip25502850 -300Rise in price
HasanabdalRadish19502800 -850Rise in price
HasanabdalCarrot45005400 -900Rise in price
HasanabdalGuava67007100 -400Rise in price
HasanabdalOrange(100Pcs)630598 +32Rise in price
HasanabdalPomegranate(Kandhari)99009450 +450Rise in price
HasanabdalMusambi(100Pcs)630598 +32Rise in price
HasanabdalCabbage28503300 -450Rise in price
HasanabdalCucumber (Kheera)31003200 -100Rise in price
HasanabdalLemon (China)62506550 -300Rise in price
HasanabdalBottle Gourd (کدو)33003650 -350Rise in price
HavelilakhaPotato Fresh42503500 +750Rise in price
HavelilakhaPotato Store13251350 -25Rise in price
HavelilakhaOnion23002650 -350Rise in price
HavelilakhaGarlic (China)82508000 +250Rise in price
HavelilakhaBrinjal25004250 -1750Rise in price
HavelilakhaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)32504250 -1000Rise in price
HavelilakhaBitter Gourd (کریلا)55005250 +250Rise in price
HavelilakhaCauliflower24003500 -1100Rise in price
HavelilakhaPeas1900022500 -3500Rise in price
HavelilakhaCarrot25003250 -750Rise in price
HavelilakhaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)75008250 -750Rise in price
HavelilakhaBanana(DOZENS)4552 -7Rise in price
HavelilakhaGuava55006750 -1250Rise in price
HavelilakhaPomegranate(Kandhari)1300012500 +500Rise in price
HavelilakhaMusambi(100Pcs)550650 -100Rise in price
HavelilakhaCabbage62504500 +1750Rise in price
HavelilakhaGinger (Thai)1450018000 -3500Rise in price
HavelilakhaGarlic (Local)52506250 -1000Rise in price
HavelilakhaCucumber (Kheera)31503250 -100Rise in price
HavelilakhaGreen Chilli55006500 -1000Rise in price
HavelilakhaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)750010500 -3000Rise in price
HavelilakhaLemon (China)75007250 +250Rise in price
HavelilakhaPomegranate Desi1250011000 +1500Rise in price
HavelilakhaGrapes Gola900021000 -12000Rise in price
HavelilakhaBottle Gourd (کدو)19002250 -350Rise in price
HafizabadPotato Store17001800 -100Rise in price
HafizabadOnion26002750 -150Rise in price
HafizabadGarlic (China)1025010500 -250Rise in price
HafizabadGinger(China)1950019400 +100Rise in price
HafizabadTomato62506750 -500Rise in price
HafizabadBrinjal42004250 -50Rise in price
HafizabadApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)975010250 -500Rise in price
HafizabadGuava62506300 -50Rise in price
HafizabadMusambi(100Pcs)760750 +10Rise in price
HafizabadGinger (Thai)1525015400 -150Rise in price
HafizabadGreen Chilli67507400 -650Rise in price
HafizabadLemon (Desi)1240012250 +150Rise in price
HafizabadLemon (China)72507400 -150Rise in price
HafizabadGrapes Sundekhani2440023400 +1000Rise in price
HafizabadBottle Gourd (کدو)32503750 -500Rise in price
WazirabadMash84508500 -50Rise in price
WazirabadPotato Fresh30503150 -100Rise in price
WazirabadOnion19002000 -100Rise in price
WazirabadGarlic (China)87508250 +500Rise in price
WazirabadTomato50005200 -200Rise in price
WazirabadBrinjal22002000 +200Rise in price
WazirabadLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)52505000 +250Rise in price
WazirabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)52005800 -600Rise in price
WazirabadPeas1550014500 +1000Rise in price
WazirabadTurnip24002600 -200Rise in price
WazirabadRadish20002200 -200Rise in price
WazirabadCarrot30503350 -300Rise in price
WazirabadApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1095011200 -250Rise in price
WazirabadBanana(DOZENS)3938 +1Rise in price
WazirabadGuava64506600 -150Rise in price
WazirabadOrange(100Pcs)430390 +40Rise in price
WazirabadPomegranate(Kandhari)1215012300 -150Rise in price
WazirabadPomegranate(Badana)2330022900 +400Rise in price
WazirabadApple Kala Kullu (Madani)74507250 +200Rise in price
WazirabadCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)77508250 -500Rise in price
WazirabadLemon (Desi)72506750 +500Rise in price
WazirabadGrapes Gola107009750 +950Rise in price
WazirabadGrapes Sundekhani2130021200 +100Rise in price
WazirabadBottle Gourd (کدو)23002200 +100Rise in price
WazirabadPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)53005250 +50Rise in price
NarangmandiPotato Fresh36003700 -100Rise in price
NarangmandiOnion24502350 +100Rise in price
NarangmandiTomato55006250 -750Rise in price
NarangmandiSpinach17501100 +650Rise in price
NarangmandiBrinjal31002250 +850Rise in price
NarangmandiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)62506750 -500Rise in price
NarangmandiBitter Gourd (کریلا)65009750 -3250Rise in price
NarangmandiTinda85009250 -750Rise in price
NarangmandiPumpkin17502250 -500Rise in price
NarangmandiCauliflower31003250 -150Rise in price
NarangmandiPeas1550016100 -600Rise in price
NarangmandiTurnip31503250 -100Rise in price
NarangmandiRadish11001350 -250Rise in price
NarangmandiCarrot32503750 -500Rise in price
NarangmandiApple (Golden)57005400 +300Rise in price
NarangmandiBanana(DOZENS)5052 -2Rise in price
NarangmandiPomegranate(Kandhari)1225011500 +750Rise in price
NarangmandiPomegranate(Badana)2850019500 +9000Rise in price
NarangmandiCucumber (Kheera)51004750 +350Rise in price
NarangmandiApple (Gatcha)1050011500 -1000Rise in price
NarangmandiGreen Chilli71006500 +600Rise in price
NarangmandiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)89509500 -550Rise in price
NarangmandiLemon (China)52005500 -300Rise in price
NarangmandiBottle Gourd (کدو)27502250 +500Rise in price
NarangmandiZucchini (گھیا توری)57005200 +500Rise in price
NarangmandiFenugreek(میتھی)25003350 -850Rise in price
NarangmandiCocoyam(اروی)33503750 -400Rise in price
NarangmandiMustard Greens(ساگ سرسوں)17502600 -850Rise in price
KhudianPotato Fresh38503800 +50Rise in price
KhudianOnion22002250 -50Rise in price
KhudianGarlic (China)93509700 -350Rise in price
KhudianGinger(China)1850019500 -1000Rise in price
KhudianTomato58506150 -300Rise in price
KhudianSpinach11501350 -200Rise in price
KhudianBrinjal16001650 -50Rise in price
KhudianLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)33003700 -400Rise in price
KhudianBitter Gourd (کریلا)55505250 +300Rise in price
KhudianCauliflower25503200 -650Rise in price
KhudianPeas1620017450 -1250Rise in price
KhudianTurnip19502050 -100Rise in price
KhudianRadish850750 +100Rise in price
KhudianCarrot32003500 -300Rise in price
KhudianApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1150012050 -550Rise in price
KhudianGuava59505600 +350Rise in price
KhudianKinnow (100Pcs)27002950 -250Rise in price
KhudianGrapes (Other)1170012500 -800Rise in price
KhudianMusambi(100Pcs)82508350 -100Rise in price
KhudianGrapefruit(100Pcs)17501850 -100Rise in price
KhudianCabbage31003000 +100Rise in price
KhudianGarlic (Local)65005950 +550Rise in price
KhudianCucumber (Kheera)22002400 -200Rise in price
KhudianGreen Chilli69507900 -950Rise in price
KhudianCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)87508500 +250Rise in price
KhudianLemon (China)55505650 -100Rise in price
KhudianGrapes Gola1035011500 -1150Rise in price
KhudianGrapes Sundekhani1865019300 -650Rise in price
KhudianZucchini (گھیا توری)41003950 +150Rise in price
KhudianFenugreek(میتھی)16001850 -250Rise in price
KhudianMongray55006650 -1150Rise in price
KhudianCocoyam(اروی)32003000 +200Rise in price
KhudianPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)69507100 -150Rise in price
HazroMoong93509850 -500Rise in price
HazroMoong Pulse985010350 -500Rise in price
HazroMaize30003350 -350Rise in price
HazroMillet36003800 -200Rise in price
HazroPotato Fresh31503300 -150Rise in price
HazroPotato Store14001300 +100Rise in price
HazroGarlic (China)84008000 +400Rise in price
HazroTomato53506300 -950Rise in price
HazroSpinach14001550 -150Rise in price
HazroBrinjal20002200 -200Rise in price
HazroLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)42504550 -300Rise in price
HazroBitter Gourd (کریلا)62507100 -850Rise in price
HazroTinda63506750 -400Rise in price
HazroCauliflower29003350 -450Rise in price
HazroPeas1785018150 -300Rise in price
HazroTurnip25502900 -350Rise in price
HazroRadish20002850 -850Rise in price
HazroCarrot45505450 -900Rise in price
HazroGuava67007100 -400Rise in price
HazroOrange(100Pcs)630598 +32Rise in price
HazroPomegranate(Kandhari)99009450 +450Rise in price
HazroMusambi(100Pcs)630598 +32Rise in price
HazroCabbage29003350 -450Rise in price
HazroCucumber (Kheera)31503250 -100Rise in price
HazroLemon (China)62506550 -300Rise in price
HazroBottle Gourd (کدو)33503700 -350Rise in price
HazroFenugreek(میتھی)14001550 -150Rise in price
TaunsasharifPotato Fresh41004400 -300Rise in price
TaunsasharifPotato Store13501400 -50Rise in price
TaunsasharifOnion23502400 -50Rise in price
TaunsasharifSpinach13501300 +50Rise in price
TaunsasharifBrinjal27502550 +200Rise in price
TaunsasharifLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)52504750 +500Rise in price
TaunsasharifCauliflower47505250 -500Rise in price
TaunsasharifBanana(DOZENS)5855 +3Rise in price
TaunsasharifLemon (China)57506750 -1000Rise in price
TaunsasharifGrapes Sundekhani1850019500 -1000Rise in price
TaunsasharifPersimmon(جاپانی پھل)62506750 -500Rise in price