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Daily change in commodity prices is as follows. All Prices in Rs/100KG unless noted otherwise.
Please note that data may be sorted by clicking on column headings.
Also note that this service is only available for commodities for which both yesterday's and today's prices are available.

CityNameCropNameToday's FQP/Average PriceYesterday's FQP/Average PriceChange in PricePrice Direction
LahoreSpinach32003700 -500Rise in price
LahoreBrinjal49005600 -700Rise in price
LahoreLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2050021500 -1000Rise in price
LahoreBitter Gourd (کریلا)1075011250 -500Rise in price
LahoreTinda Desi2150020500 +1000Rise in price
LahorePumpkin37004700 -1000Rise in price
LahoreCauliflower54006600 -1200Rise in price
LahoreRadish29003200 -300Rise in price
LahoreCabbage33003200 +100Rise in price
LahoreGinger (Thai)6150062000 -500Rise in price
LahoreCucumber (Kheera)47005400 -700Rise in price
LahoreMelon1525014750 +500Rise in price
LahoreStrawberry1950019000 +500Rise in price
LahoreCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1075011250 -500Rise in price
LahoreBottle Gourd (کدو)88007400 +1400Rise in price
FaisalabadRice Basmati Super (New)3100029750 +1250Rise in price
FaisalabadSugar97309870 -140Rise in price
FaisalabadGram Black1925019375 -125Rise in price
FaisalabadGram Pulse1962520000 -375Rise in price
FaisalabadMoong Pulse2287522750 +125Rise in price
FaisalabadMash Pulse(Imported) washed4000040375 -375Rise in price
FaisalabadPotato Fresh45004750 -250Rise in price
FaisalabadOnion975011250 -1500Rise in price
FaisalabadGarlic (China)3350031500 +2000Rise in price
FaisalabadTomato850010000 -1500Rise in price
FaisalabadSpinach39004700 -800Rise in price
FaisalabadBrinjal47505750 -1000Rise in price
FaisalabadBitter Gourd (کریلا)925012400 -3150Rise in price
FaisalabadTinda Desi1750018500 -1000Rise in price
FaisalabadPumpkin37003900 -200Rise in price
FaisalabadCauliflower47505250 -500Rise in price
FaisalabadPeas1225011250 +1000Rise in price
FaisalabadTurnip29002400 +500Rise in price
FaisalabadApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2850027500 +1000Rise in price
FaisalabadApple (Ammre)1750016750 +750Rise in price
FaisalabadBanana(DOZEN)205168 +37Rise in price
FaisalabadKinnow (100Pcs)155001700 +13800Rise in price
FaisalabadPomegranate(Kandhari)3850038000 +500Rise in price
FaisalabadGrapefruit(100Pcs)275001900 +25600Rise in price
FaisalabadCabbage21002300 -200Rise in price
FaisalabadMash Pulse(local)3825038000 +250Rise in price
FaisalabadGinger (Thai)5841557500 +915Rise in price
FaisalabadMasoor Pulse (Imported)2293823125 -187Rise in price
FaisalabadGarlic (Local)1375015250 -1500Rise in price
FaisalabadCucumber (Kheera)47505750 -1000Rise in price
FaisalabadMelon1550014500 +1000Rise in price
FaisalabadWatermelon875010500 -1750Rise in price
FaisalabadApple Kala Kullu (Madani)2050018500 +2000Rise in price
FaisalabadGreen Chilli67508750 -2000Rise in price
FaisalabadCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)77508750 -1000Rise in price
FaisalabadLemon (China)3550022000 +13500Rise in price
FaisalabadGram Flour (بیسن)2100021125 -125Rise in price
FaisalabadSweet Musk Melon1850018750 -250Rise in price
FaisalabadBottle Gourd (کدو)57505600 +150Rise in price
FaisalabadFenugreek(میتھی)21002300 -200Rise in price
FaisalabadCocoyam(اروی)1750016600 +900Rise in price
FaisalabadRice Kainat (New)3475031750 +3000Rise in price
Faisalabadjujube(بیر)18006250 -4450Rise in price
FaisalabadPapaya(پپیتا)2250019500 +3000Rise in price
Faisalabadgreen chickpeas(چھولیا)29003400 -500Rise in price
FaisalabadTindian57506750 -1000Rise in price
FaisalabadSuger Beet(چقندر)39003700 +200Rise in price
GujranwalaPotato Fresh45004400 +100Rise in price
GujranwalaGarlic (China)3380033550 +250Rise in price
GujranwalaTomato92509500 -250Rise in price
GujranwalaSpinach34503800 -350Rise in price
GujranwalaBrinjal51507000 -1850Rise in price
GujranwalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1125013900 -2650Rise in price
GujranwalaTinda Desi2135020350 +1000Rise in price
GujranwalaCauliflower56006900 -1300Rise in price
GujranwalaPeas1535014400 +950Rise in price
GujranwalaTurnip42003550 +650Rise in price
GujranwalaCarrot78007550 +250Rise in price
GujranwalaPomegranate(Badana)6240059500 +2900Rise in price
GujranwalaCabbage31503100 +50Rise in price
GujranwalaGinger (Thai)6195061000 +950Rise in price
GujranwalaGarlic (Local)2185022300 -450Rise in price
GujranwalaCucumber (Kheera)49505600 -650Rise in price
GujranwalaGreen Chilli90009950 -950Rise in price
GujranwalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1095010750 +200Rise in price
GujranwalaLemon (China)1535019400 -4050Rise in price
GujranwalaBottle Gourd (کدو)88007550 +1250Rise in price
GujranwalaZucchini (گھیا توری)1170012100 -400Rise in price
GujranwalaFenugreek(میتھی)54506100 -650Rise in price
GujranwalaMongray1095011900 -950Rise in price
GujranwalaCocoyam(اروی)1390013450 +450Rise in price
OkaraGram Pulse2075020500 +250Rise in price
OkaraMaize73137275 +38Rise in price
OkaraMillet72507225 +25Rise in price
OkaraSorghum1037510350 +25Rise in price
OkaraTomato975011250 -1500Rise in price
OkaraSpinach28502500 +350Rise in price
OkaraBrinjal42505250 -1000Rise in price
OkaraBitter Gourd (کریلا)77509750 -2000Rise in price
OkaraTurnip25003750 -1250Rise in price
OkaraCabbage15001700 -200Rise in price
OkaraGinger (Thai)5575055250 +500Rise in price
OkaraMelon1625015750 +500Rise in price
OkaraStrawberry2075023750 -3000Rise in price
OkaraGreen Chilli62507750 -1500Rise in price
OkaraLemon (China)1625018250 -2000Rise in price
OkaraGram Flour (بیسن)2195021850 +100Rise in price
RawalpindiPotato Fresh40504250 -200Rise in price
RawalpindiOnion1095011000 -50Rise in price
RawalpindiTomato915010000 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiSpinach17501900 -150Rise in price
RawalpindiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1840021600 -3200Rise in price
RawalpindiBitter Gourd (کریلا)1165012050 -400Rise in price
RawalpindiPumpkin33004150 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiPeas1060010950 -350Rise in price
RawalpindiTurnip40003700 +300Rise in price
RawalpindiRadish26002800 -200Rise in price
RawalpindiApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2520024800 +400Rise in price
RawalpindiApple (Golden)1885017950 +900Rise in price
RawalpindiApple (Ammre)1340013200 +200Rise in price
RawalpindiBanana(DOZEN)165152 +13Rise in price
RawalpindiKinnow (100Pcs)14781440 +38Rise in price
RawalpindiGrapefruit(100Pcs)18381760 +78Rise in price
RawalpindiGinger (Thai)5750057050 +450Rise in price
RawalpindiCucumber (Kheera)45505400 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiMelon1225013250 -1000Rise in price
RawalpindiStrawberry2115020700 +450Rise in price
RawalpindiGreen Chilli1025010700 -450Rise in price
RawalpindiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)890010250 -1350Rise in price
RawalpindiLemon (China)1620018850 -2650Rise in price
RawalpindiBottle Gourd (کدو)80506600 +1450Rise in price
RawalpindiZucchini (گھیا توری)1110010650 +450Rise in price
RawalpindiMongray85008000 +500Rise in price
RawalpindiCocoyam(اروی)1565014750 +900Rise in price
Rawalpindigreen chickpeas(چھولیا)33002950 +350Rise in price
RawalpindiTindian50505900 -850Rise in price
RawalpindiSuger Beet(چقندر)38503650 +200Rise in price
MultanRice Basmati Super (New)2925029750 -500Rise in price
MultanSugar100459890 +155Rise in price
MultanGram Black1912519375 -250Rise in price
MultanGram Pulse1937519625 -250Rise in price
MultanMoong Pulse2387524250 -375Rise in price
MultanMash3243832375 +63Rise in price
MultanMash Pulse(Imported) washed3862540250 -1625Rise in price
MultanRapeSeed (Torya)1762517875 -250Rise in price
MultanPotato Fresh43004500 -200Rise in price
MultanOnion910010900 -1800Rise in price
MultanGarlic (China)3230032500 -200Rise in price
MultanTomato890010900 -2000Rise in price
MultanSpinach33003500 -200Rise in price
MultanBrinjal49006900 -2000Rise in price
MultanRed Chilli Whole (Dry)5625042500 +13750Rise in price
MultanBitter Gourd (کریلا)950010900 -1400Rise in price
MultanPumpkin49007300 -2400Rise in price
MultanCauliflower35004300 -800Rise in price
MultanTurnip31002900 +200Rise in price
MultanCarrot59006925 -1025Rise in price
MultanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3030030700 -400Rise in price
MultanBanana(DOZEN)259289 -30Rise in price
MultanGuava1890016900 +2000Rise in price
MultanKinnow (100Pcs)27002390 +310Rise in price
MultanRice Basmati Super (Old)2925029750 -500Rise in price
MultanMusambi(100Pcs)890830 +60Rise in price
MultanGrapefruit(100Pcs)790730 +60Rise in price
MultanJaggery (گڑ)1062510250 +375Rise in price
MultanGram White(Imported)3493834750 +188Rise in price
MultanMasoor Pulse (Imported)2431324125 +188Rise in price
MultanCucumber (Kheera)35003900 -400Rise in price
MultanStrawberry1590019900 -4000Rise in price
MultanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)79008300 -400Rise in price
MultanLemon (China)1790021900 -4000Rise in price
MultanFenugreek(میتھی)23002700 -400Rise in price
MultanCoriander (دھنیا)31003300 -200Rise in price
MultanPapaya(پپیتا)2190024300 -2400Rise in price
MultanBrown Sugar(شکر)1425012750 +1500Rise in price
RahimYarKhanWheat101699813 +356Rise in price
RahimYarKhanOnion72507300 -50Rise in price
RahimYarKhanGarlic (China)2800028500 -500Rise in price
RahimYarKhanBitter Gourd (کریلا)67507600 -850Rise in price
RahimYarKhanCauliflower47504700 +50Rise in price
RahimYarKhanGreen Chilli47504700 +50Rise in price
RahimYarKhanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)72507000 +250Rise in price
RahimYarKhanLemon (Desi)2650027500 -1000Rise in price
RahimYarKhanLemon (China)1600019000 -3000Rise in price
RahimYarKhanBottle Gourd (کدو)34503350 +100Rise in price
BhalwalOnion950010500 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalBrinjal52506250 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)1100011500 -500Rise in price
BhalwalCauliflower47505750 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalPeas1350014500 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2850029000 -500Rise in price
BhalwalGuava1440014500 -100Rise in price
BhalwalGinger (Thai)5800057500 +500Rise in price
BhalwalGarlic (Local)1450015000 -500Rise in price
BhalwalCucumber (Kheera)46005750 -1150Rise in price
BhalwalApple Kala Kullu (Madani)3200033000 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalStrawberry2050021000 -500Rise in price
BhalwalGreen Chilli57506750 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75008500 -1000Rise in price
BhalwalCocoyam(اروی)1700016500 +500Rise in price
KasurGarlic (China)3325031750 +1500Rise in price
KasurSpinach24003600 -1200Rise in price
KasurBrinjal43006150 -1850Rise in price
KasurCauliflower31002600 +500Rise in price
KasurPeas1025011750 -1500Rise in price
KasurTurnip19002000 -100Rise in price
KasurRadish25002200 +300Rise in price
KasurCarrot75007350 +150Rise in price
KasurApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2890029000 -100Rise in price
KasurApple (Ammre)2050019650 +850Rise in price
KasurBanana(DOZEN)176179 -3Rise in price
KasurGuava1425010750 +3500Rise in price
KasurPomegranate(Kandhari)2640027200 -800Rise in price
KasurGarlic (Local)2250023200 -700Rise in price
KasurCucumber (Kheera)44003700 +700Rise in price
KasurMelon1495014550 +400Rise in price
KasurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1025011550 -1300Rise in price
KasurLemon (China)3325015050 +18200Rise in price
KasurFenugreek(میتھی)51504500 +650Rise in price
KasurSweet Potato(شکر قندی)80007950 +50Rise in price
KasurCoriander (دھنیا)44003100 +1300Rise in price
KasurTindian54505350 +100Rise in price
SahiwalGram Black2145020750 +700Rise in price
SahiwalGram Pulse2120021150 +50Rise in price
SahiwalPotato Fresh36503700 -50Rise in price
SahiwalOnion1065010750 -100Rise in price
SahiwalGarlic (China)3365033150 +500Rise in price
SahiwalTomato1065011650 -1000Rise in price
SahiwalBrinjal52005650 -450Rise in price
SahiwalApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3430035200 -900Rise in price
SahiwalApple (Golden)1725017200 +50Rise in price
SahiwalBanana(DOZEN)165170 -5Rise in price
SahiwalGuava1425013650 +600Rise in price
SahiwalGinger (Thai)5565055600 +50Rise in price
SahiwalMelon1420015650 -1450Rise in price
SahiwalStrawberry2320021650 +1550Rise in price
SahiwalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)82008650 -450Rise in price
SahiwalLemon (China)1560017250 -1650Rise in price
SahiwalGram Flour (بیسن)2225022150 +100Rise in price
Sahiwaljujube(بیر)76508650 -1000Rise in price
VehariMaize67566588 +168Rise in price
VehariPotato Fresh43004500 -200Rise in price
VehariOnion910010900 -1800Rise in price
VehariTomato890010700 -1800Rise in price
VehariBrinjal44006900 -2500Rise in price
VehariLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2090021900 -1000Rise in price
VehariBitter Gourd (کریلا)890010900 -2000Rise in price
VehariCauliflower64004500 +1900Rise in price
VehariTurnip21502500 -350Rise in price
VehariApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2990030900 -1000Rise in price
VehariBanana(DOZEN)259279 -20Rise in price
VehariGuava1440013900 +500Rise in price
VehariWheat Straw19751913 +62Rise in price
VehariCucumber (Kheera)35003900 -400Rise in price
VehariMelon1790014900 +3000Rise in price
VehariStrawberry1725023900 -6650Rise in price
VehariLemon (China)1790021900 -4000Rise in price
VehariZucchini (گھیا توری)1190012900 -1000Rise in price
VehariSweet Potato(شکر قندی)94009300 +100Rise in price
VehariCoriander (دھنیا)35003700 -200Rise in price
VehariSesame(تِل)4125041875 -625Rise in price
VehariMustard seed1812517750 +375Rise in price
BurewalaPotato Fresh44004200 +200Rise in price
BurewalaOnion870010500 -1800Rise in price
BurewalaTomato840011100 -2700Rise in price
BurewalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)990010700 -800Rise in price
BurewalaCauliflower51004100 +1000Rise in price
BurewalaPeas1090010500 +400Rise in price
BurewalaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3035031900 -1550Rise in price
BurewalaBanana(DOZEN)269281 -12Rise in price
BurewalaGuava14412350 -12206Rise in price
BurewalaKinnow (100Pcs)38914225 -334Rise in price
BurewalaCabbage17001600 +100Rise in price
BurewalaCucumber (Kheera)35003400 +100Rise in price
BurewalaMelon1635015350 +1000Rise in price
BurewalaWatermelon84008900 -500Rise in price
BurewalaStrawberry1790019900 -2000Rise in price
BurewalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)71008300 -1200Rise in price
BurewalaLemon (China)1790021900 -4000Rise in price
BurewalaZucchini (گھیا توری)1290013500 -600Rise in price
BurewalaCoriander (دھنیا)29003400 -500Rise in price
Burewalagreen chickpeas(چھولیا)23002100 +200Rise in price
BurewalaTindian51004700 +400Rise in price
LayyahWheat1215012100 +50Rise in price
LayyahMoong1965019750 -100Rise in price
LayyahMaize69507000 -50Rise in price
LayyahMillet76757650 +25Rise in price
LayyahPotato Fresh40004250 -250Rise in price
LayyahOnion74509250 -1800Rise in price
LayyahTomato62508700 -2450Rise in price
LayyahBanana(DOZEN)26027900 -27640Rise in price
LayyahMelon850017100 -8600Rise in price
LayyahCoriander (دھنیا)475500 -25Rise in price
GujratSugar1030010200 +100Rise in price
GujratMash3000031000 -1000Rise in price
GujratMasoor Pulse(local)2500024500 +500Rise in price
GujratMillet75007650 -150Rise in price
GujratPotato Fresh45004300 +200Rise in price
GujratOnion1030010650 -350Rise in price
GujratGarlic (China)2815028000 +150Rise in price
GujratTomato88509350 -500Rise in price
GujratBrinjal47005700 -1000Rise in price
GujratRed Chilli Whole (Dry)4300044250 -1250Rise in price
GujratLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2100018750 +2250Rise in price
GujratBitter Gourd (کریلا)76009400 -1800Rise in price
GujratCauliflower76006800 +800Rise in price
GujratPeas1350010350 +3150Rise in price
GujratTurnip46504700 -50Rise in price
GujratCarrot56004800 +800Rise in price
GujratGuava1450014350 +150Rise in price
GujratKinnow (100Pcs)31603150 +10Rise in price
GujratGinger (Thai)5350053750 -250Rise in price
GujratCucumber (Kheera)36504700 -1050Rise in price
GujratMelon1540016200 -800Rise in price
GujratStrawberry2500026500 -1500Rise in price
GujratGreen Chilli57007700 -2000Rise in price
GujratCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)84008700 -300Rise in price
GujratLemon (China)125005700 +6800Rise in price
GujratGram Flour (بیسن)2180022000 -200Rise in price
GujratBottle Gourd (کدو)67006800 -100Rise in price
TTSinghWheat1150010800 +700Rise in price
TTSinghPotato Fresh46004750 -150Rise in price
TTSinghOnion1030011450 -1150Rise in price
TTSinghGarlic (China)3400034400 -400Rise in price
TTSinghTomato905010200 -1150Rise in price
TTSinghBrinjal52006300 -1100Rise in price
TTSinghBitter Gourd (کریلا)1035010950 -600Rise in price
TTSinghCauliflower63006600 -300Rise in price
TTSinghBanana(DOZEN)26326250 -25987Rise in price
TTSinghGuava1555016000 -450Rise in price
TTSinghGinger (Thai)520058200 -53000Rise in price
TTSinghStrawberry2075021700 -950Rise in price
KabirWalaOnion1150011100 +400Rise in price
KabirWalaGarlic (China)3490033900 +1000Rise in price
KabirWalaTomato1190011300 +600Rise in price
KabirWalaSpinach19502900 -950Rise in price
KabirWalaBrinjal69007900 -1000Rise in price
KabirWalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2390023500 +400Rise in price
KabirWalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1190012900 -1000Rise in price
KabirWalaPeas1590014900 +1000Rise in price
KabirWalaTurnip35003900 -400Rise in price
KabirWalaCarrot65008500 -2000Rise in price
KabirWalaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3450033900 +600Rise in price
KabirWalaGuava1990017900 +2000Rise in price
KabirWalaGinger (Thai)5890058500 +400Rise in price
KabirWalaCucumber (Kheera)43004500 -200Rise in price
KabirWalaStrawberry1990021900 -2000Rise in price
KabirWalaGreen Chilli85009500 -1000Rise in price
KabirWalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)85009500 -1000Rise in price
KabirWalaLemon (China)2290023900 -1000Rise in price
KabirWalajujube(بیر)69005900 +1000Rise in price
PatokiMaize31503100 +50Rise in price
PatokiGarlic (China)3325031750 +1500Rise in price
PatokiTomato87508500 +250Rise in price
PatokiSpinach24003600 -1200Rise in price
PatokiBrinjal43006150 -1850Rise in price
PatokiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1890018500 +400Rise in price
PatokiBitter Gourd (کریلا)106008450 +2150Rise in price
PatokiPumpkin50004950 +50Rise in price
PatokiCauliflower31002600 +500Rise in price
PatokiPeas89009650 -750Rise in price
PatokiTurnip19002000 -100Rise in price
PatokiRadish25002200 +300Rise in price
PatokiCarrot75007350 +150Rise in price
PatokiApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2290022950 -50Rise in price
PatokiApple (Ammre)1750017000 +500Rise in price
PatokiBanana(DOZEN)233229 +4Rise in price
PatokiGuava1425010750 +3500Rise in price
PatokiKinnow (100Pcs)31251390 +1735Rise in price
PatokiPomegranate(Kandhari)2640027200 -800Rise in price
PatokiGrapes (Other)3175031000 +750Rise in price
PatokiPomegranate(Badana)6230062200 +100Rise in price
PatokiMusambi(100Pcs)16151590 +25Rise in price
PatokiGarlic (Local)2250023200 -700Rise in price
PatokiCucumber (Kheera)40504100 -50Rise in price
PatokiMelon1325013050 +200Rise in price
PatokiStrawberry1540015500 -100Rise in price
PatokiGreen Chilli81009700 -1600Rise in price
PatokiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1025011550 -1300Rise in price
PatokiLemon (China)1485015050 -200Rise in price
PatokiFenugreek(میتھی)51504500 +650Rise in price
PatokiSweet Potato(شکر قندی)80007950 +50Rise in price
PatokiCoriander (دھنیا)44003100 +1300Rise in price
PatokiMint(پودینہ)67 -1Rise in price
Patokijujube(بیر)72007150 +50Rise in price
PatokiPapaya(پپیتا)2380021000 +2800Rise in price
Patokigreen chickpeas(چھولیا)36004400 -800Rise in price
PatokiTindian54505350 +100Rise in price
ArifWalaTomato950011500 -2000Rise in price
ArifWalaPeas1900015500 +3500Rise in price
ArifWalaGuava1350011000 +2500Rise in price
ArifWalaPomegranate(Kandhari)3700034000 +3000Rise in price
ArifWalaGarlic (Local)1750015500 +2000Rise in price
ArifWalaStrawberry1750018500 -1000Rise in price
ArifWalaLemon (China)1700019000 -2000Rise in price
ArifWalaBottle Gourd (کدو)65007500 -1000Rise in price
JaranwalaPotato Fresh45754700 -125Rise in price
JaranwalaOnion1120011300 -100Rise in price
JaranwalaGarlic (China)3450033500 +1000Rise in price
JaranwalaTomato920011275 -2075Rise in price
JaranwalaSpinach35003700 -200Rise in price
JaranwalaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2150021005 +495Rise in price
JaranwalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1100012000 -1000Rise in price
JaranwalaTinda Desi1900019500 -500Rise in price
JaranwalaPumpkin37504035 -285Rise in price
JaranwalaCauliflower56505400 +250Rise in price
JaranwalaPeas1350014500 -1000Rise in price
JaranwalaTurnip27003025 -325Rise in price
JaranwalaRadish27002600 +100Rise in price
JaranwalaCarrot21005200 -3100Rise in price
JaranwalaBanana(DOZEN)185228 -43Rise in price
JaranwalaGuava1450014550 -50Rise in price
JaranwalaPomegranate(Kandhari)4125040000 +1250Rise in price
JaranwalaGinger (Thai)5650055500 +1000Rise in price
JaranwalaGarlic (Local)1997519300 +675Rise in price
JaranwalaApple Kala Kullu (Madani)3200031500 +500Rise in price
JaranwalaBottle Gourd (کدو)55006200 -700Rise in price
LodhranMash Pulse(Imported) washed3505034800 +250Rise in price
LodhranPotato Fresh40003800 +200Rise in price
LodhranOnion85009200 -700Rise in price
LodhranGarlic (China)3100030000 +1000Rise in price
LodhranTomato69008800 -1900Rise in price
LodhranBitter Gourd (کریلا)80009000 -1000Rise in price
LodhranPeas1080011000 -200Rise in price
LodhranApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2625026400 -150Rise in price
LodhranApple (Ammre)1650017500 -1000Rise in price
LodhranBanana(DOZEN)205220 -15Rise in price
LodhranGuava1300012250 +750Rise in price
LodhranCabbage22005000 -2800Rise in price
LodhranGinger (Thai)5550055000 +500Rise in price
LodhranCucumber (Kheera)32503000 +250Rise in price
LodhranMelon1200012750 -750Rise in price
LodhranStrawberry1650016750 -250Rise in price
LodhranCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)80007200 +800Rise in price
LodhranLemon (China)1800020000 -2000Rise in price
LodhranBottle Gourd (کدو)58006000 -200Rise in price
LodhranZucchini (گھیا توری)1100011500 -500Rise in price
LodhranFenugreek(میتھی)30002500 +500Rise in price
LodhranCoriander (دھنیا)24002200 +200Rise in price
LodhranTindian57006000 -300Rise in price
ChistianPotato Fresh38703465 +405Rise in price
ChistianOnion79207875 +45Rise in price
ChistianGarlic (China)3015026550 +3600Rise in price
ChistianTomato65888288 -1700Rise in price
ChistianBrinjal40504185 -135Rise in price
ChistianLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1638018450 -2070Rise in price
ChistianBitter Gourd (کریلا)873010350 -1620Rise in price
ChistianTurnip27903150 -360Rise in price
ChistianApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3024027450 +2790Rise in price
ChistianApple (Golden)2475022050 +2700Rise in price
ChistianBanana(DOZEN)200166 +34Rise in price
ChistianGuava1305012420 +630Rise in price
ChistianKinnow (100Pcs)38704410 -540Rise in price
ChistianMusambi(100Pcs)20701935 +135Rise in price
ChistianGrapefruit(100Pcs)23252310 +15Rise in price
ChistianGinger (Thai)5107548420 +2655Rise in price
ChistianGarlic (Local)967510575 -900Rise in price
ChistianCucumber (Kheera)38703690 +180Rise in price
ChistianMelon1125014625 -3375Rise in price
ChistianWatermelon96758775 +900Rise in price
ChistianStrawberry1732518450 -1125Rise in price
ChistianDates (Aseel)2519524750 +445Rise in price
ChistianGreen Chilli42754860 -585Rise in price
ChistianCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)79206930 +990Rise in price
ChistianLemon (China)1642518225 -1800Rise in price
ChistianZucchini (گھیا توری)1237513050 -675Rise in price
Chistianjujube(بیر)1422012375 +1845Rise in price
ChistianPapaya(پپیتا)2475028350 -3600Rise in price
GujarKhanPotato Fresh46254720 -95Rise in price
GujarKhanOnion1154012020 -480Rise in price
GujarKhanTomato1017511400 -1225Rise in price
GujarKhanSpinach2519 +6Rise in price
GujarKhanBrinjal60005575 +425Rise in price
GujarKhanTinda Desi87006900 +1800Rise in price
GujarKhanPeas1050013150 -2650Rise in price
GujarKhanTurnip33003725 -425Rise in price
GujarKhanRadish33003110 +190Rise in price
GujarKhanCarrot55754200 +1375Rise in price
GujarKhanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2760028500 -900Rise in price
GujarKhanApple (Golden)1950017700 +1800Rise in price
GujarKhanBanana(DOZEN)195175 +20Rise in price
GujarKhanGuava1050014950 -4450Rise in price
GujarKhanGrapes (Other)2850030300 -1800Rise in price
GujarKhanCabbage28253300 -475Rise in price
GujarKhanGinger (Thai)4960056350 -6750Rise in price
GujarKhanGarlic (Local)1950020400 -900Rise in price
GujarKhanCucumber (Kheera)37254200 -475Rise in price
GujarKhanMelon780011400 -3600Rise in price
GujarKhanStrawberry1590014100 +1800Rise in price
GujarKhanGreen Chilli87009600 -900Rise in price
GujarKhanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)960010500 -900Rise in price
GujarKhanLemon (China)1950020400 -900Rise in price
GujarKhanBottle Gourd (کدو)87006000 +2700Rise in price
GujarKhanZucchini (گھیا توری)78008225 -425Rise in price
GujarKhanFenugreek(میتھی)1115 -4Rise in price
GujarKhanMongray51006000 -900Rise in price
GujarKhanCocoyam(اروی)1315010500 +2650Rise in price
GujarKhanCoriander (دھنیا)139 +4Rise in price
GujarKhanMint(پودینہ)1511 +4Rise in price
GujarKhansugarcane82257800 +425Rise in price
GujarKhanSuger Beet(چقندر)33004625 -1325Rise in price
MailsiOnion870010400 -1700Rise in price
MailsiTomato840010700 -2300Rise in price
MailsiBrinjal44006400 -2000Rise in price
MailsiLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1990020900 -1000Rise in price
MailsiBitter Gourd (کریلا)790010900 -3000Rise in price
MailsiCauliflower54004300 +1100Rise in price
MailsiApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2990030900 -1000Rise in price
MailsiBanana(DOZEN)230250 -20Rise in price
MailsiGuava1490013900 +1000Rise in price
MailsiGinger (Thai)6190056900 +5000Rise in price
MailsiCucumber (Kheera)31003700 -600Rise in price
MailsiMelon1590015400 +500Rise in price
MailsiStrawberry1790021900 -4000Rise in price
MailsiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)73007500 -200Rise in price
MailsiLemon (China)1840021900 -3500Rise in price
MailsiBottle Gourd (کدو)54004900 +500Rise in price
MailsiZucchini (گھیا توری)119004900 +7000Rise in price
MailsiFenugreek(میتھی)39001700 +2200Rise in price
MailsiMint(پودینہ)35003100 +400Rise in price
KahrorpaccaPotato Fresh43004100 +200Rise in price
KahrorpaccaOnion900010000 -1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaGarlic (China)3200031000 +1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaTomato800010300 -2300Rise in price
KahrorpaccaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2300022750 +250Rise in price
KahrorpaccaBitter Gourd (کریلا)83009500 -1200Rise in price
KahrorpaccaPeas1125012000 -750Rise in price
KahrorpaccaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3090031500 -600Rise in price
KahrorpaccaApple (Ammre)1700018000 -1000Rise in price
KahrorpaccaBanana(DOZEN)263270 -7Rise in price
KahrorpaccaGuava1500010650 +4350Rise in price
KahrorpaccaCabbage21002050 +50Rise in price
KahrorpaccaGinger (Thai)5690056000 +900Rise in price
KahrorpaccaCucumber (Kheera)33003050 +250Rise in price
KahrorpaccaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)81007250 +850Rise in price
KahrorpaccaLemon (China)1900021250 -2250Rise in price
KahrorpaccaBottle Gourd (کدو)59006300 -400Rise in price
KahrorpaccaZucchini (گھیا توری)1200012250 -250Rise in price
KahrorpaccaFenugreek(میتھی)29002500 +400Rise in price
KahrorpaccaCoriander (دھنیا)23002050 +250Rise in price
Kahrorpaccajujube(بیر)62005900 +300Rise in price
ChichawatniTomato800010000 -2000Rise in price
ChichawatniBrinjal45005800 -1300Rise in price
ChichawatniPumpkin60007000 -1000Rise in price
ChichawatniApple (Golden)1800019000 -1000Rise in price
ChichawatniGuava1300012500 +500Rise in price
ChichawatniGarlic (Local)1450014000 +500Rise in price
ChichawatniMelon1600018000 -2000Rise in price
ChichawatniStrawberry1900024000 -5000Rise in price
ChichawatniDates (Aseel)2200020000 +2000Rise in price
ChichawatniSweet Potato(شکر قندی)1400012000 +2000Rise in price
Chichawatnijujube(بیر)900010000 -1000Rise in price
ChichawatniTindian58006000 -200Rise in price
DunyaPurPotato Fresh43004100 +200Rise in price
DunyaPurOnion912510125 -1000Rise in price
DunyaPurGarlic (China)3275020750 +12000Rise in price
DunyaPurTomato837510125 -1750Rise in price
DunyaPurSpinach24502250 +200Rise in price
DunyaPurBrinjal49005125 -225Rise in price
DunyaPurBitter Gourd (کریلا)810010125 -2025Rise in price
DunyaPurCauliflower43004325 -25Rise in price
DunyaPurCarrot51254375 +750Rise in price
DunyaPurBanana(DOZEN)277287 -10Rise in price
DunyaPurGuava1275011750 +1000Rise in price
DunyaPurCabbage20502150 -100Rise in price
DunyaPurGinger (Thai)5475056750 -2000Rise in price
DunyaPurCucumber (Kheera)34503100 +350Rise in price
DunyaPurApple Kala Kullu (Madani)3075031750 -1000Rise in price
DunyaPurGreen Chilli63756125 +250Rise in price
DunyaPurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)81007325 +775Rise in price
DunyaPurLemon (China)1775020750 -3000Rise in price
DunyaPurBottle Gourd (کدو)59006300 -400Rise in price
DGKHANRice Basmati Super (New)3070030750 -50Rise in price
DGKHANSugar98809630 +250Rise in price
DGKHANGram Black1975019850 -100Rise in price
DGKHANGram Pulse2025020550 -300Rise in price
DGKHANMoong2255023250 -700Rise in price
DGKHANMoong Pulse2440024500 -100Rise in price
DGKHANMash3282532750 +75Rise in price
DGKHANMash Pulse(Imported) washed4125040750 +500Rise in price
DGKHANMaize79007400 +500Rise in price
DGKHANMillet76007700 -100Rise in price
DGKHANOnion86509250 -600Rise in price
DGKHANTomato47008000 -3300Rise in price
DGKHANBrinjal42004900 -700Rise in price
DGKHANLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2000019600 +400Rise in price
DGKHANBitter Gourd (کریلا)91008100 +1000Rise in price
DGKHANCauliflower22502350 -100Rise in price
DGKHANPeas72008200 -1000Rise in price
DGKHANCarrot40004500 -500Rise in price
DGKHANApple (Golden)1785017450 +400Rise in price
DGKHANBanana(DOZEN)218203 +15Rise in price
DGKHANGuava64506150 +300Rise in price
DGKHANRice Basmati Super (Old)3225034250 -2000Rise in price
DGKHANCabbage21502050 +100Rise in price
DGKHANGram White(Imported)3525033500 +1750Rise in price
DGKHANMasoor Whole (Imported)2325022250 +1000Rise in price
DGKHANMasoor Pulse (Imported)2425023750 +500Rise in price
DGKHANCucumber (Kheera)39004300 -400Rise in price
DGKHANMelon770013350 -5650Rise in price
DGKHANWatermelon890010250 -1350Rise in price
DGKHANStrawberry1745018450 -1000Rise in price
DGKHANGreen Chilli78007500 +300Rise in price
DGKHANCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)54505750 -300Rise in price
DGKHANLemon (Desi)3225036900 -4650Rise in price
DGKHANLemon (China)2370024400 -700Rise in price
DGKHANGram Flour (بیسن)2112521150 -25Rise in price
DGKHANBottle Gourd (کدو)22502900 -650Rise in price
DGKHANZucchini (گھیا توری)51505750 -600Rise in price
DGKHANMongray34003100 +300Rise in price
DGKHANSweet Potato(شکر قندی)64506150 +300Rise in price
ChunianApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1630016250 +50Rise in price
PhoolNagarSpinach24003600 -1200Rise in price
PhoolNagarBitter Gourd (کریلا)1025010950 -700Rise in price
PhoolNagarCauliflower31002600 +500Rise in price
PhoolNagarBanana(DOZEN)1760017900 -300Rise in price
PhoolNagarFenugreek(میتھی)51504500 +650Rise in price
LalaMusaPotato Fresh47004400 +300Rise in price
LalaMusaOnion1080011200 -400Rise in price
LalaMusaBrinjal52006200 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2250020500 +2000Rise in price
LalaMusaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1030012300 -2000Rise in price
LalaMusaTinda Desi2050022500 -2000Rise in price
LalaMusaCauliflower83007200 +1100Rise in price
LalaMusaPeas1450011300 +3200Rise in price
LalaMusaCarrot62005200 +1000Rise in price
LalaMusaCucumber (Kheera)42005200 -1000Rise in price
LalaMusaGreen Chilli62008300 -2100Rise in price
LalaMusaLemon (China)1300016000 -3000Rise in price
LalaMusaBrown Sugar(شکر)1400012800 +1200Rise in price
MandiBahaudinPotato Fresh43504500 -150Rise in price
MandiBahaudinTomato85009500 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinSpinach44005400 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBrinjal60007400 -1400Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBitter Gourd (کریلا)1450015500 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCauliflower82508000 +250Rise in price
MandiBahaudinPeas1550016500 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCarrot60006250 -250Rise in price
MandiBahaudinApple (Golden)1950018500 +1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCabbage33003200 +100Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGinger (Thai)5950061500 -2000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinCucumber (Kheera)60006350 -350Rise in price
MandiBahaudinStrawberry2350028500 -5000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinGreen Chilli60007000 -1000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinLemon (China)1150015500 -4000Rise in price
MandiBahaudinBottle Gourd (کدو)850010500 -2000Rise in price
MandiBahaudingreen chickpeas(چھولیا)52505900 -650Rise in price
MandiBahaudinTindian85008250 +250Rise in price
JalalPurJattanPotato Fresh46004500 +100Rise in price
JalalPurJattanOnion1150011200 +300Rise in price
JalalPurJattanBrinjal60007000 -1000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2250020500 +2000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanBitter Gourd (کریلا)1050013250 -2750Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCauliflower73008250 -950Rise in price
JalalPurJattanPeas1450013000 +1500Rise in price
JalalPurJattanTurnip52505500 -250Rise in price
JalalPurJattanRadish33003500 -200Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCarrot56005650 -50Rise in price
JalalPurJattanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3000031000 -1000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanBanana(DOZEN)285290 -5Rise in price
JalalPurJattanGuava1375014500 -750Rise in price
JalalPurJattanPomegranate(Kandhari)3300031000 +2000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCabbage34003100 +300Rise in price
JalalPurJattanGinger (Thai)5700056000 +1000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCucumber (Kheera)45004600 -100Rise in price
JalalPurJattanMelon1850017500 +1000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanStrawberry2800029000 -1000Rise in price
JalalPurJattanGreen Chilli82009000 -800Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)72509000 -1750Rise in price
JalalPurJattanLemon (China)1575016500 -750Rise in price
JalalPurJattanBottle Gourd (کدو)72007250 -50Rise in price
JalalPurJattanjujube(بیر)1550014000 +1500Rise in price
JalalPurJattanCocunut2450024000 +500Rise in price
DaskaPotato Fresh43504300 +50Rise in price
DaskaGarlic (China)3225032100 +150Rise in price
DaskaTomato93509600 -250Rise in price
DaskaSpinach39504350 -400Rise in price
DaskaLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2225022300 -50Rise in price
DaskaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1511017750 -2640Rise in price
DaskaCauliflower66507050 -400Rise in price
DaskaPeas1510016000 -900Rise in price
DaskaCarrot74507050 +400Rise in price
DaskaBanana(DOZEN)274276 -2Rise in price
DaskaGuava1550015600 -100Rise in price
DaskaMusambi(100Pcs)21251380 +745Rise in price
DaskaCabbage34503850 -400Rise in price
DaskaGinger (Thai)5925058750 +500Rise in price
DaskaGarlic (Local)2090021450 -550Rise in price
DaskaCucumber (Kheera)57506650 -900Rise in price
DaskaStrawberry1775017250 +500Rise in price
DaskaGreen Chilli90509700 -650Rise in price
DaskaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1120013250 -2050Rise in price
DaskaBottle Gourd (کدو)79508450 -500Rise in price
DaskaMongray1325014200 -950Rise in price
DaskaTindian70508050 -1000Rise in price
GojraPotato Fresh41334268 -135Rise in price
GojraOnion925510289 -1034Rise in price
GojraGarlic (China)3010229204 +898Rise in price
GojraTomato76808656 -976Rise in price
GojraSpinach20221570 +452Rise in price
GojraBrinjal40444943 -899Rise in price
GojraLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2348022014 +1466Rise in price
GojraBitter Gourd (کریلا)930010334 -1034Rise in price
GojraApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2788827030 +858Rise in price
GojraGuava1151011950 -440Rise in price
GojraMelon1405814936 -878Rise in price
GojraGreen Chilli47756381 -1606Rise in price
GojraBottle Gourd (کدو)49436740 -1797Rise in price
Gojragreen chickpeas(چھولیا)33704044 -674Rise in price
KamaliaPotato Fresh43004400 -100Rise in price
KamaliaOnion970010800 -1100Rise in price
KamaliaGarlic (China)3090032700 -1800Rise in price
KamaliaTomato84009500 -1100Rise in price
KamaliaSpinach19002000 -100Rise in price
KamaliaBrinjal61507150 -1000Rise in price
KamaliaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1170012500 -800Rise in price
KamaliaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2880029800 -1000Rise in price
KamaliaBanana(DOZEN)243248 -5Rise in price
KamaliaGuava1890017800 +1100Rise in price
KamaliaKinnow (100Pcs)37003600 +100Rise in price
KamaliaJaggery (گڑ)1287513125 -250Rise in price
KamaliaCucumber (Kheera)39004400 -500Rise in price
KamaliaMelon1170014900 -3200Rise in price
KamaliaStrawberry2190023400 -1500Rise in price
KamaliaLemon (China)2150019900 +1600Rise in price
KamaliaBottle Gourd (کدو)59005800 +100Rise in price
KamaliaPaddy Kainat1400014750 -750Rise in price
KamaliaCoriander (دھنیا)42504400 -150Rise in price
KamaliaTindian67006900 -200Rise in price
PirMahalPotato Fresh47004900 -200Rise in price
PirMahalOnion1070011900 -1200Rise in price
PirMahalGarlic (China)3530035900 -600Rise in price
PirMahalTomato950010700 -1200Rise in price
PirMahalSpinach29003300 -400Rise in price
PirMahalBrinjal54006400 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2490025900 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalCauliflower64006900 -500Rise in price
PirMahalPeas1490016900 -2000Rise in price
PirMahalTurnip24002700 -300Rise in price
PirMahalCarrot69007900 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalBanana(DOZEN)27627900 -27624Rise in price
PirMahalGuava1640016900 -500Rise in price
PirMahalCabbage24002900 -500Rise in price
PirMahalGarlic (Local)1590016900 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalCucumber (Kheera)54004900 +500Rise in price
PirMahalMelon1590016900 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalApple Kala Kullu (Madani)3290032800 +100Rise in price
PirMahalStrawberry2190022900 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalGreen Chilli64007900 -1500Rise in price
PirMahalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)79009875 -1975Rise in price
PirMahalLemon (China)1690021900 -5000Rise in price
PirMahalBottle Gourd (کدو)69007900 -1000Rise in price
PirMahalSweet Potato(شکر قندی)1190011300 +600Rise in price
JahanianOnion1150011100 +400Rise in price
JahanianGarlic (China)3490033900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianTomato1190011300 +600Rise in price
JahanianBrinjal69007900 -1000Rise in price
JahanianBitter Gourd (کریلا)1190012900 -1000Rise in price
JahanianCauliflower23005500 -3200Rise in price
JahanianPeas1590014900 +1000Rise in price
JahanianCarrot65008500 -2000Rise in price
JahanianGuava1990017900 +2000Rise in price
JahanianGinger (Thai)5890058500 +400Rise in price
JahanianStrawberry1990021900 -2000Rise in price
JahanianGreen Chilli85009500 -1000Rise in price
JahanianCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)85009500 -1000Rise in price
Jahanianjujube(بیر)69005900 +1000Rise in price
HasalPurBanana(DOZEN)210245 -35Rise in price
JamPurPotato Fresh39004300 -400Rise in price
JamPurOnion73008900 -1600Rise in price
JamPurTomato65008600 -2100Rise in price
JamPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1810023100 -5000Rise in price
JamPurCucumber (Kheera)39004900 -1000Rise in price
JamPurMelon1310015100 -2000Rise in price
JamPurStrawberry1750020100 -2600Rise in price
JamPurGreen Chilli61006900 -800Rise in price
JamPurLemon (China)2010027500 -7400Rise in price
JamPurSweet Musk Melon1310014100 -1000Rise in price
JamPurgreen chickpeas(چھولیا)49002900 +2000Rise in price
JamPurGreen Onion39002900 +1000Rise in price
SialkotPotato Fresh42504050 +200Rise in price
SialkotGarlic (China)3225031750 +500Rise in price
SialkotTomato87509050 -300Rise in price
SialkotSpinach32504000 -750Rise in price
SialkotBrinjal67507750 -1000Rise in price
SialkotCauliflower67507250 -500Rise in price
SialkotPeas1475015750 -1000Rise in price
SialkotApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2675028250 -1500Rise in price
SialkotBanana(DOZEN)15750158 +15592Rise in price
SialkotKinnow (100Pcs)18252675 -850Rise in price
SialkotPomegranate(Kandhari)2725028250 -1000Rise in price
SialkotMusambi(100Pcs)10250975 +9275Rise in price
SialkotGrapefruit(100Pcs)32503200 +50Rise in price
SialkotCabbage32003800 -600Rise in price
SialkotGinger (Thai)5825056750 +1500Rise in price
SialkotCucumber (Kheera)52506250 -1000Rise in price
SialkotGreen Chilli77509250 -1500Rise in price
SialkotCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1075013250 -2500Rise in price
SialkotLemon (China)1175012750 -1000Rise in price
SialkotMongray1275013750 -1000Rise in price
SialkotCarrot China62507250 -1000Rise in price
SialkotPapaya(پپیتا)1825017750 +500Rise in price
SialkotTindian72507750 -500Rise in price
NarowalSugar1025010000 +250Rise in price
NarowalPotato Fresh41004800 -700Rise in price
NarowalOnion1100012100 -1100Rise in price
NarowalGarlic (China)3450035500 -1000Rise in price
NarowalTomato975010350 -600Rise in price
NarowalBrinjal72507750 -500Rise in price
NarowalBitter Gourd (کریلا)1350014500 -1000Rise in price
NarowalPeas145005250 +9250Rise in price
NarowalApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3275031000 +1750Rise in price
NarowalBanana(DOZEN)160140 +20Rise in price
NarowalGuava1150012500 -1000Rise in price
NarowalGinger (Thai)6350064500 -1000Rise in price
NarowalCucumber (Kheera)52505750 -500Rise in price
NarowalStrawberry1950016500 +3000Rise in price
NarowalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1050011500 -1000Rise in price
NarowalLemon (China)2050021000 -500Rise in price
NarowalGram Flour (بیسن)2165021500 +150Rise in price
NarowalBottle Gourd (کدو)65007500 -1000Rise in price
ChakwalSugar103009900 +400Rise in price
ChakwalGram Pulse2125020750 +500Rise in price
ChakwalMash Pulse(Imported) washed4025039500 +750Rise in price
ChakwalOnion975010750 -1000Rise in price
ChakwalGarlic (China)3050029500 +1000Rise in price
ChakwalTomato980010750 -950Rise in price
ChakwalBrinjal55505150 +400Rise in price
ChakwalLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2075022250 -1500Rise in price
ChakwalBitter Gourd (کریلا)1155011500 +50Rise in price
ChakwalPeas1410013250 +850Rise in price
ChakwalApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2725027750 -500Rise in price
ChakwalApple (Golden)1875017750 +1000Rise in price
ChakwalBanana(DOZEN)230178 +52Rise in price
ChakwalMasoor Pulse (Imported)2425024100 +150Rise in price
ChakwalGreen Chilli69006950 -50Rise in price
ChakwalCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)86508750 -100Rise in price
ChakwalLemon (China)1625018750 -2500Rise in price
ChakwalBottle Gourd (کدو)69005550 +1350Rise in price
JhelumGram White(local)3240032250 +150Rise in price
JhelumGram Black1920019250 -50Rise in price
JhelumGram Pulse2045020500 -50Rise in price
JhelumPotato Fresh41004050 +50Rise in price
JhelumOnion96009800 -200Rise in price
JhelumGarlic (China)2820027750 +450Rise in price
JhelumTomato80509600 -1550Rise in price
JhelumSpinach24502900 -450Rise in price
JhelumBrinjal47505150 -400Rise in price
JhelumLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2000024250 -4250Rise in price
JhelumBitter Gourd (کریلا)1100012250 -1250Rise in price
JhelumCauliflower61505750 +400Rise in price
JhelumPeas1175014250 -2500Rise in price
JhelumTurnip25503350 -800Rise in price
JhelumApple (Golden)1580015100 +700Rise in price
JhelumGuava1800027250 -9250Rise in price
JhelumRice Basmati Super (Old)3150031250 +250Rise in price
JhelumCabbage29003350 -450Rise in price
JhelumMash Pulse(local)3945039750 -300Rise in price
JhelumCucumber (Kheera)40004250 -250Rise in price
JhelumMelon1375015750 -2000Rise in price
JhelumStrawberry2330024300 -1000Rise in price
JhelumGreen Chilli72508250 -1000Rise in price
JhelumCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)82509250 -1000Rise in price
JhelumLemon (China)1660017000 -400Rise in price
JhelumGram Flour (بیسن)2225022150 +100Rise in price
JhelumMongray77508250 -500Rise in price
JhelumCoriander (دھنیا)23503050 -700Rise in price
Jhelumjujube(بیر)77508250 -500Rise in price
Jhelumgreen chickpeas(چھولیا)32502750 +500Rise in price
MianwaliGram White(local)3240022400 +10000Rise in price
MianwaliOnion940010300 -900Rise in price
MianwaliTomato71008800 -1700Rise in price
MianwaliSpinach21003500 -1400Rise in price
MianwaliBrinjal51006900 -1800Rise in price
MianwaliLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1740019400 -2000Rise in price
MianwaliPeas1190011400 +500Rise in price
MianwaliApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2790028400 -500Rise in price
MianwaliApple (Golden)2090020300 +600Rise in price
MianwaliBanana(DOZEN)234236 -2Rise in price
MianwaliGuava1940023700 -4300Rise in price
MianwaliKinnow (100Pcs)25602710 -150Rise in price
MianwaliPomegranate(Kandhari)3140031700 -300Rise in price
MianwaliMusambi(100Pcs)11402020 -880Rise in price
MianwaliCabbage21003500 -1400Rise in price
MianwaliGinger (Thai)5430053400 +900Rise in price
MianwaliWatermelon940010200 -800Rise in price
MianwaliStrawberry2540025900 -500Rise in price
MianwaliGreen Chilli79007600 +300Rise in price
MianwaliLemon (China)1040017400 -7000Rise in price
MianwaliZucchini (گھیا توری)104008900 +1500Rise in price
Mianwalijujube(بیر)1390013700 +200Rise in price
JhangRice Basmati Super (New)2850028675 -175Rise in price
JhangGram Pulse2062520250 +375Rise in price
JhangMasoor Pulse(local)2375023700 +50Rise in price
JhangPotato Fresh43004500 -200Rise in price
JhangOnion1010011100 -1000Rise in price
JhangGarlic (China)3425031600 +2650Rise in price
JhangTomato850010000 -1500Rise in price
JhangSpinach40005000 -1000Rise in price
JhangBrinjal50006500 -1500Rise in price
JhangLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2275023000 -250Rise in price
JhangBitter Gourd (کریلا)1000011950 -1950Rise in price
JhangCauliflower55006000 -500Rise in price
JhangPeas1475015000 -250Rise in price
JhangTurnip20003000 -1000Rise in price
JhangCarrot40006000 -2000Rise in price
JhangApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3125031000 +250Rise in price
JhangBanana(DOZEN)2175019050 +2700Rise in price
JhangGuava1695017000 -50Rise in price
JhangKinnow (100Pcs)21002060 +40Rise in price
JhangPomegranate(Kandhari)4775048250 -500Rise in price
JhangJaggery (گڑ)1053010500 +30Rise in price
JhangGinger (Thai)5550055600 -100Rise in price
JhangGarlic (Local)1360014850 -1250Rise in price
JhangMelon1400015000 -1000Rise in price
JhangStrawberry2055022950 -2400Rise in price
JhangCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)80009000 -1000Rise in price
JhangLemon (China)1460021550 -6950Rise in price
JhangGram Flour (بیسن)2155021600 -50Rise in price
JhangCoriander (دھنیا)35004000 -500Rise in price
Jhanggreen chickpeas(چھولیا)40003000 +1000Rise in price
KhanpurOnion69757425 -450Rise in price
KhanpurSpinach18401700 +140Rise in price
KhanpurBrinjal32803120 +160Rise in price
KhanpurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1420015800 -1600Rise in price
KhanpurBitter Gourd (کریلا)58006960 -1160Rise in price
KhanpurPumpkin30003400 -400Rise in price
KhanpurTurnip18801680 +200Rise in price
KhanpurWatermelon54006200 -800Rise in price
KhanpurStrawberry1400016400 -2400Rise in price
KhanpurLemon (Desi)2280023600 -800Rise in price
KhanpurLemon (China)1380016400 -2600Rise in price
KhanpurZucchini (گھیا توری)86508600 +50Rise in price
KhanpurCocoyam(اروی)1220011800 +400Rise in price
Khanpurjujube(بیر)76007800 -200Rise in price
KhanpurPapaya(پپیتا)1400014600 -600Rise in price
Khanpurgreen chickpeas(چھولیا)1100010800 +200Rise in price
KotAduOnion72508500 -1250Rise in price
KotAduTomato60008900 -2900Rise in price
KotAduSpinach27503750 -1000Rise in price
KotAduBrinjal55006500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduCauliflower55004750 +750Rise in price
KotAduPeas1650015500 +1000Rise in price
KotAduCarrot65005500 +1000Rise in price
KotAduApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3100030500 +500Rise in price
KotAduBanana(DOZEN)175205 -30Rise in price
KotAduGuava1500017000 -2000Rise in price
KotAduGarlic (Local)1750019500 -2000Rise in price
KotAduWatermelon55006500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduStrawberry1950025500 -6000Rise in price
KotAduGreen Chilli75008500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduLemon (China)2550030500 -5000Rise in price
KotAduBottle Gourd (کدو)65007500 -1000Rise in price
KotAduCoriander (دھنیا)45006500 -2000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdMelon1680015800 +1000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdStrawberry1980022800 -3000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdLemon (China)1580017800 -2000Rise in price
RenalaKhurdjujube(بیر)1080011800 -1000Rise in price
NankanaOnion97509250 +500Rise in price
NankanaTomato88008100 +700Rise in price
NankanaBrinjal51405700 -560Rise in price
NankanaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1070011200 -500Rise in price
NankanaCauliflower37504000 -250Rise in price
NankanaApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1950020000 -500Rise in price
NankanaBanana(DOZEN)185175 +10Rise in price
NankanaGuava95009750 -250Rise in price
NankanaPomegranate(Badana)6640065400 +1000Rise in price
NankanaGreen Chilli110008600 +2400Rise in price
LiaqatPurOnion69757200 -225Rise in price
LiaqatPurGarlic (China)2700027450 -450Rise in price
LiaqatPurBrinjal36903825 -135Rise in price
LiaqatPurLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1575017550 -1800Rise in price
LiaqatPurBitter Gourd (کریلا)65257560 -1035Rise in price
LiaqatPurPumpkin33753825 -450Rise in price
LiaqatPurApple (Golden)2205023550 -1500Rise in price
LiaqatPurStrawberry1575018450 -2700Rise in price
LiaqatPurLemon (Desi)2565026550 -900Rise in price
LiaqatPurLemon (China)1530018450 -3150Rise in price
ChackJhumraPotato Fresh40504200 -150Rise in price
ChackJhumraOnion960011000 -1400Rise in price
ChackJhumraTomato83009600 -1300Rise in price
ChackJhumraSpinach39004600 -700Rise in price
ChackJhumraBrinjal49005900 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraBitter Gourd (کریلا)975012500 -2750Rise in price
ChackJhumraCauliflower49005500 -600Rise in price
ChackJhumraPeas1350014500 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3125031500 -250Rise in price
ChackJhumraBanana(DOZEN)265250 +15Rise in price
ChackJhumraGrapes (Other)2850029500 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraGinger (Thai)5950060500 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraCucumber (Kheera)49005900 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraMelon1650015500 +1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraApple Kala Kullu (Madani)2050018500 +2000Rise in price
ChackJhumraStrawberry2150022500 -1000Rise in price
ChackJhumraGreen Chilli59008200 -2300Rise in price
ChackJhumraCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)79008750 -850Rise in price
ChackJhumraLemon (China)1550023500 -8000Rise in price
ChackJhumraCocoyam(اروی)1750016500 +1000Rise in price
SummandriPotato Fresh44104590 -180Rise in price
SummandriOnion1012511385 -1260Rise in price
SummandriTomato922510125 -900Rise in price
SummandriSpinach42754725 -450Rise in price
SummandriBrinjal48755220 -345Rise in price
SummandriLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2092522050 -1125Rise in price
SummandriBitter Gourd (کریلا)967511475 -1800Rise in price
SummandriPumpkin36904050 -360Rise in price
SummandriPeas1215014625 -2475Rise in price
SummandriRadish28802835 +45Rise in price
SummandriBanana(DOZEN)203266 -63Rise in price
SummandriGuava1395014850 -900Rise in price
SummandriKinnow (100Pcs)20631988 +75Rise in price
SummandriCabbage22502430 -180Rise in price
SummandriCucumber (Kheera)45654320 +245Rise in price
SummandriMelon1395014850 -900Rise in price
SummandriWatermelon78758550 -675Rise in price
SummandriGreen Chilli60756525 -450Rise in price
SummandriCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)65257425 -900Rise in price
SummandriLemon (China)1485018450 -3600Rise in price
SummandriZucchini (گھیا توری)1125011925 -675Rise in price
SummandriFenugreek(میتھی)26102250 +360Rise in price
SummandriCoriander (دھنیا)47259450 -4725Rise in price
SummandriTindian60756975 -900Rise in price
TandlianwalaOnion1103012530 -1500Rise in price
TandlianwalaTomato1003011030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaBrinjal50306030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaBitter Gourd (کریلا)1003013030 -3000Rise in price
TandlianwalaPeas1303015030 -2000Rise in price
TandlianwalaTurnip25303030 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaRadish25303030 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaCarrot50306030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaBanana(DOZEN)325323 +2Rise in price
TandlianwalaGuava1653016030 +500Rise in price
TandlianwalaGrapefruit(100Pcs)2403025030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaCabbage20302530 -500Rise in price
TandlianwalaGinger (Thai)6003061030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaCucumber (Kheera)50306030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaMelon1803016030 +2000Rise in price
TandlianwalaApple Kala Kullu (Madani)3203031030 +1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaStrawberry2203023030 -1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaGreen Chilli60309030 -3000Rise in price
TandlianwalaCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)70309030 -2000Rise in price
TandlianwalaLemon (China)1653020030 -3500Rise in price
TandlianwalaCoriander (دھنیا)80309030 -1000Rise in price
Tandlianwalagreen chickpeas(چھولیا)40303030 +1000Rise in price
TandlianwalaTindian50307030 -2000Rise in price
MamunkanjanPotato Fresh44004600 -200Rise in price
MamunkanjanOnion1025010500 -250Rise in price
MamunkanjanTomato87509750 -1000Rise in price
MamunkanjanBrinjal47505750 -1000Rise in price
MamunkanjanPumpkin34004250 -850Rise in price
MamunkanjanPeas1250014250 -1750Rise in price
MamunkanjanTurnip24002750 -350Rise in price
MamunkanjanRadish26002900 -300Rise in price
MamunkanjanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3050029500 +1000Rise in price
MamunkanjanApple (Ammre)1725016500 +750Rise in price
MamunkanjanGuava1325013500 -250Rise in price
MamunkanjanCucumber (Kheera)42505250 -1000Rise in price
MamunkanjanMelon1625015500 +750Rise in price
MamunkanjanGreen Chilli65008500 -2000Rise in price
MamunkanjanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)72508500 -1250Rise in price
MamunkanjanLemon (China)1650021000 -4500Rise in price
MamunkanjanFenugreek(میتھی)24002200 +200Rise in price
MamunkanjanMongray72507500 -250Rise in price
MamunkanjanCocoyam(اروی)1625015500 +750Rise in price
MamunkanjanSweet Potato(شکر قندی)1050011000 -500Rise in price
Mamunkanjangreen chickpeas(چھولیا)27503100 -350Rise in price
FatehpurWheat110009800 +1200Rise in price
FatehpurPotato Fresh40004500 -500Rise in price
FatehpurOnion75009500 -2000Rise in price
FatehpurGinger(China)5300053500 -500Rise in price
FatehpurTomato61009000 -2900Rise in price
FatehpurCauliflower55006000 -500Rise in price
FatehpurCarrot28003000 -200Rise in price
FatehpurApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3300032000 +1000Rise in price
FatehpurBanana(DOZEN)215225 -10Rise in price
FatehpurGuava2000023000 -3000Rise in price
FatehpurCabbage20002800 -800Rise in price
FatehpurGreen Chilli55006200 -700Rise in price
FatehpurCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)60006200 -200Rise in price
ChiniotOnion975011150 -1400Rise in price
ChiniotTomato80009350 -1350Rise in price
ChiniotSpinach22002450 -250Rise in price
ChiniotBrinjal53005700 -400Rise in price
ChiniotBitter Gourd (کریلا)1070011600 -900Rise in price
ChiniotCauliflower42504550 -300Rise in price
ChiniotPeas1315014050 -900Rise in price
ChiniotTurnip23502550 -200Rise in price
ChiniotCarrot75007100 +400Rise in price
ChiniotApple (Ammre)1685015950 +900Rise in price
ChiniotGuava1160012500 -900Rise in price
ChiniotKinnow (100Pcs)28382688 +150Rise in price
ChiniotCabbage20002200 -200Rise in price
ChiniotGarlic (Local)1405015000 -950Rise in price
ChiniotCucumber (Kheera)45504850 -300Rise in price
ChiniotMelon1115014050 -2900Rise in price
ChiniotStrawberry1955020450 -900Rise in price
ChiniotGreen Chilli62006600 -400Rise in price
ChiniotCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75009750 -2250Rise in price
ChiniotLemon (China)1500021350 -6350Rise in price
ChiniotZucchini (گھیا توری)1115010450 +700Rise in price
ChiniotMongray57006200 -500Rise in price
ChiniotCocoyam(اروی)1685015950 +900Rise in price
ChiniotCoriander (دھنیا)23502950 -600Rise in price
Chiniotjujube(بیر)75006300 +1200Rise in price
ChiniotPapaya(پپیتا)2225020450 +1800Rise in price
Chiniotgreen chickpeas(چھولیا)32503300 -50Rise in price
ChiniotTindian57006600 -900Rise in price
ShorkotPotato Fresh44004600 -200Rise in price
ShorkotOnion1000011000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotGarlic (China)3400032000 +2000Rise in price
ShorkotTomato860010000 -1400Rise in price
ShorkotSpinach40005000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotBrinjal50006500 -1500Rise in price
ShorkotBitter Gourd (کریلا)1000012000 -2000Rise in price
ShorkotCauliflower55006000 -500Rise in price
ShorkotTurnip20003000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotCarrot40006000 -2000Rise in price
ShorkotApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3150031000 +500Rise in price
ShorkotBanana(DOZEN)220190 +30Rise in price
ShorkotGarlic (Local)1400015000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotMelon1400015000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotStrawberry2100023000 -2000Rise in price
ShorkotCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)80009000 -1000Rise in price
ShorkotLemon (China)1500022000 -7000Rise in price
ShorkotCoriander (دھنیا)35004000 -500Rise in price
MuridkeBottle Gourd (کدو)24007600 -5200Rise in price
KalurkotGram Black1550016500 -1000Rise in price
KalurkotPotato Fresh42004300 -100Rise in price
KalurkotOnion84009700 -1300Rise in price
KalurkotGarlic (China)2970032400 -2700Rise in price
KalurkotGinger(China)5420054500 -300Rise in price
KalurkotTomato840010200 -1800Rise in price
KalurkotSpinach43004500 -200Rise in price
KalurkotBrinjal43005400 -1100Rise in price
KalurkotLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2010021500 -1400Rise in price
KalurkotBitter Gourd (کریلا)1010010800 -700Rise in price
KalurkotCauliflower35003200 +300Rise in price
KalurkotPeas1270010800 +1900Rise in price
KalurkotCarrot26003900 -1300Rise in price
KalurkotApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2830027400 +900Rise in price
KalurkotApple (Golden)2270018100 +4600Rise in price
KalurkotGuava1400019000 -5000Rise in price
KalurkotKinnow (100Pcs)2040021700 -1300Rise in price
KalurkotPomegranate(Kandhari)3220031300 +900Rise in price
KalurkotGreen Fodder17501850 -100Rise in price
KalurkotCabbage34003100 +300Rise in price
KalurkotGarlic (Local)1490015400 -500Rise in price
KalurkotMelon1400013600 +400Rise in price
KalurkotStrawberry2950027700 +1800Rise in price
KalurkotGreen Chilli81007600 +500Rise in price
KalurkotCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)66007000 -400Rise in price
KalurkotLemon (China)1040017200 -6800Rise in price
KalurkotBottle Gourd (کدو)61005800 +300Rise in price
FortabasPotato Fresh43003850 +450Rise in price
FortabasOnion88008750 +50Rise in price
FortabasTomato77509750 -2000Rise in price
FortabasBrinjal45004650 -150Rise in price
FortabasLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1820020500 -2300Rise in price
FortabasBitter Gourd (کریلا)970011500 -1800Rise in price
FortabasTurnip31003500 -400Rise in price
FortabasApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2350030500 -7000Rise in price
FortabasApple (Golden)2750024500 +3000Rise in price
FortabasBanana(DOZEN)235195 +40Rise in price
FortabasGuava1450013800 +700Rise in price
FortabasGinger (Thai)5675053800 +2950Rise in price
FortabasCucumber (Kheera)43004100 +200Rise in price
FortabasWatermelon107509750 +1000Rise in price
FortabasStrawberry1925020500 -1250Rise in price
FortabasGreen Chilli47505400 -650Rise in price
FortabasCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)88007700 +1100Rise in price
FortabasZucchini (گھیا توری)1375014500 -750Rise in price
TALAGANGRice Basmati Super (New)3150024500 +7000Rise in price
TALAGANGSugar1350016500 -3000Rise in price
TALAGANGGram Black1850016500 +2000Rise in price
TALAGANGMoong Pulse2150023500 -2000Rise in price
TALAGANGMash Pulse(Imported) washed3650034500 +2000Rise in price
TALAGANGMasoor Pulse(local)1850021500 -3000Rise in price
TALAGANGPotato Fresh45004600 -100Rise in price
TALAGANGOnion1040011300 -900Rise in price
TALAGANGTomato1120012100 -900Rise in price
TALAGANGSpinach65006400 +100Rise in price
TALAGANGLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1930017300 +2000Rise in price
TALAGANGBitter Gourd (کریلا)94009200 +200Rise in price
TALAGANGTinda Desi65006600 -100Rise in price
TALAGANGCauliflower45004000 +500Rise in price
TALAGANGCarrot55005300 +200Rise in price
TALAGANGApple (Golden)2020019300 +900Rise in price
TALAGANGBanana(DOZEN)175185 -10Rise in price
TALAGANGGuava1720019300 -2100Rise in price
TALAGANGRice Basmati Super (Old)3350026500 +7000Rise in price
TALAGANGRice Basmati (385)2550024000 +1500Rise in price
TALAGANGJaggery (گڑ)1350016500 -3000Rise in price
TALAGANGMash Pulse(local)3150030500 +1000Rise in price
TALAGANGGinger (Thai)5990057900 +2000Rise in price
TALAGANGCucumber (Kheera)65005200 +1300Rise in price
TALAGANGMelon1140012300 -900Rise in price
TALAGANGApple Kala Kullu (Madani)2920029900 -700Rise in price
TALAGANGStrawberry2720028100 -900Rise in price
TALAGANGGreen Chilli95009400 +100Rise in price
TALAGANGCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1220011300 +900Rise in price
TALAGANGLemon (China)2010019300 +800Rise in price
TALAGANGGram Flour (بیسن)2250021500 +1000Rise in price
TALAGANGBottle Gourd (کدو)84006900 +1500Rise in price
TALAGANGCoriander (دھنیا)93009400 -100Rise in price
TALAGANGCocunut4920038900 +10300Rise in price
TALAGANGBrown Sugar(شکر)1450013500 +1000Rise in price
TALAGANGSuger Beet(چقندر)94009200 +200Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemPotato Fresh29002850 +50Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemTomato850010300 -1800Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemSpinach20501650 +400Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemBrinjal35503900 -350Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1870019700 -1000Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemBitter Gourd (کریلا)66508500 -1850Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCauliflower39003800 +100Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemTurnip16002850 -1250Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3000030750 -750Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemGuava1260012200 +400Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemPomegranate(Kandhari)4025040000 +250Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCabbage1100950 +150Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemGinger (Thai)5300052750 +250Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCucumber (Kheera)29002950 -50Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemMelon1480013900 +900Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemWatermelon75506600 +950Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemStrawberry1850021750 -3250Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemGreen Chilli35004800 -1300Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)35007600 -4100Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemLemon (China)1390015800 -1900Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemBottle Gourd (کدو)48004850 -50Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemCocoyam(اروی)1575015800 -50Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemjujube(بیر)950010300 -800Rise in price
HujraShahmuqeemsugarcane93008500 +800Rise in price
AbdulhakimOnion1040010000 +400Rise in price
AbdulhakimGarlic (China)3145030550 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimTomato1075010200 +550Rise in price
AbdulhakimSpinach18502650 -800Rise in price
AbdulhakimBrinjal62507150 -900Rise in price
AbdulhakimLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2155021200 +350Rise in price
AbdulhakimBitter Gourd (کریلا)1075011650 -900Rise in price
AbdulhakimPeas1435013450 +900Rise in price
AbdulhakimTurnip32003550 -350Rise in price
AbdulhakimCarrot59007700 -1800Rise in price
AbdulhakimApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3110030550 +550Rise in price
AbdulhakimGuava1795016150 +1800Rise in price
AbdulhakimGinger (Thai)5305052700 +350Rise in price
AbdulhakimCucumber (Kheera)39004100 -200Rise in price
AbdulhakimMelon805014350 -6300Rise in price
AbdulhakimStrawberry1795019750 -1800Rise in price
AbdulhakimGreen Chilli77008600 -900Rise in price
AbdulhakimLemon (China)2065021550 -900Rise in price
Abdulhakimjujube(بیر)62505350 +900Rise in price
PasroorGarlic (China)3575034750 +1000Rise in price
PasroorSpinach32504250 -1000Rise in price
PasroorBrinjal72507750 -500Rise in price
PasroorLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2375024250 -500Rise in price
PasroorBitter Gourd (کریلا)1475017750 -3000Rise in price
PasroorCauliflower67507250 -500Rise in price
PasroorPeas1625018250 -2000Rise in price
PasroorTurnip47504250 +500Rise in price
PasroorCarrot72507750 -500Rise in price
PasroorBanana(DOZEN)31831750 -31432Rise in price
PasroorGuava1725016750 +500Rise in price
PasroorCabbage32003400 -200Rise in price
PasroorGinger (Thai)6475063750 +1000Rise in price
PasroorCucumber (Kheera)52506250 -1000Rise in price
PasroorMelon1475015250 -500Rise in price
PasroorGreen Chilli82509250 -1000Rise in price
PasroorCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1125013750 -2500Rise in price
PasroorLemon (China)1925021750 -2500Rise in price
Pasroorjujube(بیر)92508750 +500Rise in price
SanglahillOnion102009350 +850Rise in price
SanglahillTomato81007750 +350Rise in price
SanglahillBrinjal44005100 -700Rise in price
SanglahillLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1940020250 -850Rise in price
SanglahillBitter Gourd (کریلا)100009950 +50Rise in price
SanglahillPumpkin34003800 -400Rise in price
SanglahillCauliflower46005100 -500Rise in price
SanglahillPeas1315012650 +500Rise in price
SanglahillRadish27002900 -200Rise in price
SanglahillCarrot69006000 +900Rise in price
SanglahillApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2840027800 +600Rise in price
SanglahillBanana(DOZEN)222225 -3Rise in price
SanglahillKinnow (100Pcs)26002700 -100Rise in price
SanglahillCucumber (Kheera)43004600 -300Rise in price
SanglahillMelon1405013150 +900Rise in price
SanglahillStrawberry1845017700 +750Rise in price
SanglahillGreen Chilli96009150 +450Rise in price
SanglahillCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)73008300 -1000Rise in price
SanglahillLemon (China)1345013550 -100Rise in price
SanglahillZucchini (گھیا توری)100009850 +150Rise in price
Sanglahilljujube(بیر)74006900 +500Rise in price
HafizabadPotato Fresh45004300 +200Rise in price
HafizabadOnion1025011250 -1000Rise in price
HafizabadSpinach24002700 -300Rise in price
HafizabadBrinjal47506250 -1500Rise in price
HafizabadCauliflower47506250 -1500Rise in price
HafizabadPeas1425013250 +1000Rise in price
HafizabadTurnip33003000 +300Rise in price
HafizabadRadish22502200 +50Rise in price
HafizabadCarrot72506750 +500Rise in price
HafizabadKinnow (100Pcs)380038500 -34700Rise in price
HafizabadMusambi(100Pcs)17001900 -200Rise in price
HafizabadCabbage72502700 +4550Rise in price
HafizabadGinger (Thai)6125057000 +4250Rise in price
HafizabadCucumber (Kheera)42504750 -500Rise in price
HafizabadMelon1225013750 -1500Rise in price
HafizabadApple Kala Kullu (Madani)2925029500 -250Rise in price
HafizabadStrawberry1875018250 +500Rise in price
HafizabadGreen Chilli72509250 -2000Rise in price
HafizabadCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)102509250 +1000Rise in price
HafizabadLemon (China)1425016250 -2000Rise in price
HafizabadBottle Gourd (کدو)82507250 +1000Rise in price
HafizabadFenugreek(میتھی)47505250 -500Rise in price
HafizabadCoriander (دھنیا)52506250 -1000Rise in price
HafizabadTindian62507250 -1000Rise in price
PindibhattianPotato Fresh49004850 +50Rise in price
PindibhattianOnion1160012150 -550Rise in price
PindibhattianTomato1030010600 -300Rise in price
PindibhattianSpinach29003200 -300Rise in price
PindibhattianCauliflower58007300 -1500Rise in price
PindibhattianCarrot83007800 +500Rise in price
PindibhattianBanana(DOZEN)245250 -5Rise in price
PindibhattianGuava86008300 +300Rise in price
PindibhattianCabbage34003200 +200Rise in price
PindibhattianCucumber (Kheera)53005800 -500Rise in price
PindibhattianMelon1360015100 -1500Rise in price
PindibhattianStrawberry1060019600 -9000Rise in price
PindibhattianLemon (China)1560017600 -2000Rise in price
PindibhattianBottle Gourd (کدو)96008300 +1300Rise in price
NarangmandiTomato105009250 +1250Rise in price
NarangmandiSpinach32502750 +500Rise in price
NarangmandiBrinjal42504750 -500Rise in price
NarangmandiPeas1325013500 -250Rise in price
NarangmandiTurnip37503100 +650Rise in price
NarangmandiCarrot67505750 +1000Rise in price
NarangmandiApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)3150031250 +250Rise in price
NarangmandiApple (Ammre)2050020750 -250Rise in price
NarangmandiBanana(DOZEN)185175 +10Rise in price
NarangmandiGuava1425013500 +750Rise in price
NarangmandiCucumber (Kheera)47505750 -1000Rise in price
NarangmandiStrawberry2050018500 +2000Rise in price
NarangmandiGreen Chilli105009250 +1250Rise in price
NarangmandiCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)105009750 +750Rise in price
NarangmandiLemon (China)1322514250 -1025Rise in price
NarangmandiBottle Gourd (کدو)31007750 -4650Rise in price
NarangmandiFenugreek(میتھی)42504500 -250Rise in price
Narangmandigreen chickpeas(چھولیا)42503650 +600Rise in price
NarangmandiTindian52005500 -300Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreSpinach32003700 -500Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreBrinjal49005600 -700Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreBitter Gourd (کریلا)1075011250 -500Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreTinda Desi2150020500 +1000Rise in price
MultanRoadLahorePumpkin37004700 -1000Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreCauliflower54006600 -1200Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreRadish29003200 -300Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreCabbage33003200 +100Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreGinger (Thai)6150062000 -500Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreCucumber (Kheera)47005400 -700Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreGreen Chilli112509850 +1400Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1075011250 -500Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreBottle Gourd (کدو)88007400 +1400Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreFenugreek(میتھی)58505600 +250Rise in price
MultanRoadLahoreCarrot China47005600 -900Rise in price
SafdarabadOnion1150010750 +750Rise in price
SafdarabadGarlic (China)3500034500 +500Rise in price
SafdarabadTomato115009250 +2250Rise in price
SafdarabadBrinjal47505750 -1000Rise in price
SafdarabadTurnip42503250 +1000Rise in price
SafdarabadRadish27503250 -500Rise in price
SafdarabadCarrot77506750 +1000Rise in price
SafdarabadGrapefruit(100Pcs)42502250 +2000Rise in price
SafdarabadCucumber (Kheera)42505750 -1500Rise in price
SafdarabadMelon1600013500 +2500Rise in price
SafdarabadWatermelon75008000 -500Rise in price
SafdarabadGreen Chilli1100010500 +500Rise in price
SafdarabadBottle Gourd (کدو)32508250 -5000Rise in price
SafdarabadCarrot China42505750 -1500Rise in price
Safdarabadgreen chickpeas(چھولیا)52504750 +500Rise in price
KotradhakishanGarlic (China)3270031200 +1500Rise in price
KotradhakishanSpinach25003700 -1200Rise in price
KotradhakishanBrinjal43006100 -1800Rise in price
KotradhakishanLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1850018200 +300Rise in price
KotradhakishanBitter Gourd (کریلا)102005800 +4400Rise in price
KotradhakishanTinda Desi2170020200 +1500Rise in price
KotradhakishanCauliflower31002700 +400Rise in price
KotradhakishanPeas1020011700 -1500Rise in price
KotradhakishanRadish25002100 +400Rise in price
KotradhakishanCarrot74007300 +100Rise in price
KotradhakishanApple (Ammre)2120020200 +1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanBanana(DOZEN)1820018700 -500Rise in price
KotradhakishanGuava1470011200 +3500Rise in price
KotradhakishanKinnow (100Pcs)18531811 +42Rise in price
KotradhakishanPomegranate(Kandhari)2720027700 -500Rise in price
KotradhakishanGrapes (Other)3270031700 +1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanPomegranate(Badana)6370063200 +500Rise in price
KotradhakishanMusambi(100Pcs)16531603 +50Rise in price
KotradhakishanGarlic (Local)2220022700 -500Rise in price
KotradhakishanWatermelon102009200 +1000Rise in price
KotradhakishanStrawberry1900019200 -200Rise in price
KotradhakishanGreen Chilli68008600 -1800Rise in price
KotradhakishanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1020011700 -1500Rise in price
KotradhakishanLemon (China)1470015200 -500Rise in price
KotradhakishanFenugreek(میتھی)51004500 +600Rise in price
KotradhakishanSweet Potato(شکر قندی)84008300 +100Rise in price
KotradhakishanCoriander (دھنیا)45003100 +1400Rise in price
Kotradhakishanjujube(بیر)76007300 +300Rise in price
KotradhakishanTurmeric Whole(ثابت ہلدی)64006500 -100Rise in price
KotradhakishanPapaya(پپیتا)2470021700 +3000Rise in price
Kotradhakishangreen chickpeas(چھولیا)37004400 -700Rise in price
KhudianGarlic (China)2300032000 -9000Rise in price
KhudianSpinach26503900 -1250Rise in price
KhudianBrinjal46006400 -1800Rise in price
KhudianCauliflower34002900 +500Rise in price
KhudianPeas1100012500 -1500Rise in price
KhudianRadish28002450 +350Rise in price
KhudianCarrot76507600 +50Rise in price
KhudianApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2915029500 -350Rise in price
KhudianGuava1550011500 +4000Rise in price
KhudianKinnow (100Pcs)3750037100 +400Rise in price
KhudianCucumber (Kheera)46504800 -150Rise in price
KhudianMelon1535015150 +200Rise in price
KhudianWatermelon100008900 +1100Rise in price
KhudianCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)1100012150 -1150Rise in price
KhudianFenugreek(میتھی)54004800 +600Rise in price
KhudianTindian56505600 +50Rise in price
SraialamgirPotato Fresh47004400 +300Rise in price
SraialamgirOnion1080011200 -400Rise in price
SraialamgirBrinjal50006200 -1200Rise in price
SraialamgirLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)2250020500 +2000Rise in price
SraialamgirBitter Gourd (کریلا)1000012000 -2000Rise in price
SraialamgirTinda Desi2050022500 -2000Rise in price
SraialamgirCauliflower83007200 +1100Rise in price
SraialamgirPeas1450011000 +3500Rise in price
SraialamgirCarrot62005000 +1200Rise in price
SraialamgirCucumber (Kheera)42005000 -800Rise in price
SraialamgirGreen Chilli62008300 -2100Rise in price
SraialamgirLemon (China)1300016000 -3000Rise in price
PhularwanOnion950010500 -1000Rise in price
PhularwanTomato72509500 -2250Rise in price
PhularwanSpinach32004000 -800Rise in price
PhularwanBrinjal52506250 -1000Rise in price
PhularwanCauliflower47505750 -1000Rise in price
PhularwanPeas1350014500 -1000Rise in price
PhularwanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2850029000 -500Rise in price
PhularwanGuava1440014500 -100Rise in price
PhularwanGinger (Thai)5800057500 +500Rise in price
PhularwanGarlic (Local)1450015000 -500Rise in price
PhularwanGreen Chilli57506750 -1000Rise in price
PhularwanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75008500 -1000Rise in price
JauharabadOnion1000010400 -400Rise in price
JauharabadTomato820010000 -1800Rise in price
JauharabadSpinach27003200 -500Rise in price
JauharabadCauliflower59005400 +500Rise in price
JauharabadCucumber (Kheera)47004100 +600Rise in price
JauharabadMelon1450013600 +900Rise in price
JauharabadStrawberry2540023600 +1800Rise in price
JauharabadTindian64005900 +500Rise in price
PiplanOnion945010350 -900Rise in price
PiplanSpinach22503150 -900Rise in price
PiplanBrinjal49506750 -1800Rise in price
PiplanLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)1755018900 -1350Rise in price
PiplanApple (Golden)2115020250 +900Rise in price
PiplanBanana(DOZEN)275278 -3Rise in price
PiplanGuava1530023850 -8550Rise in price
PiplanKinnow (100Pcs)3105032850 -1800Rise in price
PiplanMusambi(100Pcs)1395022050 -8100Rise in price
PiplanCabbage20253375 -1350Rise in price
PiplanGinger (Thai)5445053550 +900Rise in price
PiplanApple Kala Kullu (Madani)2790028350 -450Rise in price
PiplanGreen Chilli76507425 +225Rise in price
PiplanLemon (China)990017550 -7650Rise in price
kotmomanOnion950010500 -1000Rise in price
kotmomanTomato82509500 -1250Rise in price
kotmomanSpinach32004000 -800Rise in price
kotmomanBrinjal52506250 -1000Rise in price
kotmomanBitter Gourd (کریلا)1100011500 -500Rise in price
kotmomanCauliflower47505750 -1000Rise in price
kotmomanPeas1350014500 -1000Rise in price
kotmomanApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)2850029000 -500Rise in price
kotmomanGuava1440014500 -100Rise in price
kotmomanGinger (Thai)5800057500 +500Rise in price
kotmomanGarlic (Local)1450015000 -500Rise in price
kotmomanCucumber (Kheera)46005750 -1150Rise in price
kotmomanApple Kala Kullu (Madani)3200033000 -1000Rise in price
kotmomanStrawberry2050021000 -500Rise in price
kotmomanGreen Chilli57506750 -1000Rise in price
kotmomanCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)75008500 -1000Rise in price
kotmomanCocoyam(اروی)1700016500 +500Rise in price