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Establishment of Model Farms Linked with Improved Supply Chain & Value Addition


Agriculture Department Government of Punjab initiated a project titled “Establishment of Model Farms Linked with Improved Supply Chain & Value Addition” in 2017 which ended in 2023.  The project was segregated in four components;

1) Capacity building of Quality Improvement and Support Services

 2) Support for International Certifications

3) Development of Supply Chain Infrastructure and

4) Market Linkage Program.


The Project was aimed to enhance exports of Horticulture products from Punjab by addressing food safety issue and complying to Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary protocols. The Project also aimed at supporting the exporters, processors and farmers in developing market linkages both at national and International level for better returns.  The Project promoted compliance to SPS requirements, Good Agriculture Practices, Food safety & International Certifications as demanded by the high end Markets.

1.       Capacity building for Productivity Enhancement Quality Improvement & local Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)  


The project provided trainings to 8,136 Farmers at an area of 282,451 acres on production practices over the crop cycle.


§  The capacity of the farmers was built through adoption of Good Agriculture Practices to enhance production base for high quality, value addition and safe horticulture commodities.


ü  Extension services provided on an area of 282,451 acres for Mango, Citrus, Potato & Vegetables.

ü  Capacity building of 8,136 Farmers at their door step

ü  Conducted various capacity building trainings for other stakeholders i.e., processors, exporters, traders, extension workers, researchers, Academia, Private Allied Agriculture companies and capacity building firms


2.       International Certifications (30% Grant subsidy by GoPb)


§    Facilitated in acquiring international certification for products of famers, processors, exporters and processing facilities

ü  40 International certifications have been acquired by processors/ project farmers on an area of 10,381 acres.


3.       Development of supply Chain Infrastructure (50% subsidy by GoPb)

§  Provision of Farm Machinery / Implements @ Rs. 5,000 / acre

The registered farmers who participated in Project trainings were extended matching grants (50:50) for purchase of farm machinery and implements for performing various farm operations efficiently.


üUnder subsidy programs 3,064 farmers purchased 5,991 units of various farm machines and implements (Individuals: 1,413 farmers (43.12%) and 290 Groups with 1,651 member farmers (53.88%)).


§  Provision of Value Addition /processing machinery / Equipment's

The project facilitated and provided financial assistance (grant) to processors/exporters for purchasing of new & up scaling of existing machinery for processing & value addition.


ü07 Grants disbursed to processors (cold storages, grading unit etc)


4.       Market Linkage Program

§  Access to international markets through organizing international standard expos, participation in promotional campaign and international trade fairs.


ü  Project organized 08 Agriculture exhibitions of international standard that attracted US $27.2 million business deals.

ü  Participation in international agriculture promotional campaigns & exhibition in Malaysia